Sue Wilson has produced these amazing workshops

which have been made into printable PDF worksheet


Please also click on Sue Wilson`s Blog for the workshops

as she has all the workshops now listed at the top of her blog

The latest one being the Paved Pearl Technique


Sue`s Flower Bud

Click here for Sue`s Flower Bud


Sue`s Flower Card

Click here for Sue`s Flower Card


Sue`s Easel Stand

Click here for Sue`s Easel Stand


Sue`s Rose Workshop

Click  for the Worksheet


Sue`s Ribbon Technique

Click here for the Ribbon Technique How To Guide


Sue`s  Ribbon Flower Tutorial

 Click here for the Ribbon Flower


Sue`s Nesty Card Workshop

Click here for Sue`s Nesty Workshop


  1. Mabe Hardman says:

    Hi, when Sue was on a C&C show with Debbie I emailed to ask if Sue would be bringing DVD’s out for ALL the millions (it seems to me ) fans of Sue’s work.
    I see there have been a few requests for the same lately. There is a message here Sue.!!!! Go on it will be worth it I’m sure…..Can you do it soon ……I’m 68 in February so” Time Is Of The Essence ” as the phrase goes. Thanks a lot In Anticipation!!!! Mabex

  2. Suzanne says:

    I have passed on this message but you might like to keep an eye out on the Creative Expressions website – there is a new section that will have some more videos added soon

  3. Mabe Hardman says:

    Hi again, watching Sue Wilson on Create and Craft this week I really feel it would be a good idea for Sue to make a DVD she is such a genius in the cardmaking world and we need to see her tips and techniques whenever we want to. Let’s get a petition going !!! I’m number one, come on Sue PLEEEEEASE. Mabe

  4. margie wilson says:

    I love your website. It is the bees knees. I am a big fan and collector of the Creative Expressions dies (to my husbands dismay). I would love to attend a workshop given by Sue Wilson – us Wilsons have to stick together!! Hopefully one of these days … Does Sue have her own blog?

    hugs Margie xx

  5. Suzanne says:

    Many thanks for the kind comments – Yes Sue does have a blog – click here for that link

    It`s a wonderful site with so much information and inspiration too – have fun

  6. hi sue ,i would just like to ask you please if you could ask the spellbinders people if they could bring out new dies for–LARGE NUMBERS AND LARGE ALPHABETS. as i have got all the dies that are out at the moment. i,m not on my own wanting these ,there is a lot of us crafters who would like them too. Thankyou i look forward to your reply . bye now Regards Denise.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Hi Denise – Just to let you know I have passed on your message to Sue Wilson
    Kind Regards


    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get the stamps to make the rose with the spots on thanks kinfd regards Tracey

  9. Suzanne says:

    Hi Tracey the Stamps are designed by Sam Poole and are Creative Expression stamps – click here for a retail list of the shops that stock the stamps or i`m sure Particraft would stock then are Create &Craft as they have been on their shows

    The plain stamp has been used and then the dotted circle stamp used over the top to create another option to the petals

    I hope you get sorted
    Suzanne x

  10. Mabe Hardman says:

    Hoorah!!! I see Sue is bringing out a DVD on August 26th. HOW do I get one please? I live in South Cumbria soI think I’ll have to send for one off t’ ‘net
    From a really pleased fan of Sue’s work. Mabe

  11. Suzanne says:

    I`m so pleased for you as I know you have wanted this product from your previous comments – It has been released and there is a list of suppliers on the Creative Expressions website –

    I hope this helps

  12. Mabe Hardman says:

    Who needs to win the lottery? I’ve just bought Sue’s new DVD, Please pass on to Sue how great it is I couldn’t be more pleased……….I thought it wasn’t going to happen!!! The making of the DVD that is. More Please!!!

  13. Suzanne says:

    Just thought i`d mention there is now a large letters die out -details

  14. mrs jan pay says:

    HI Sue,
    watched you on c&c and my tip for your spellbinders to get them out at easy is to dust them with talc. they come out asw easy as pie.

  15. Denise Smithard says:



  16. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sam
    Sue doesn`t see this section so i`ll forward the message to Ryan at Creative Expressions to insure she gets it and i`m sure she`ll get in touch
    Suzanne x

  17. Annie says:

    Totally agree, please, please, please Sue, we are waiting for a DVD of your fantastic cardmaking. We are all in awe of you and want to have your ideas and tips available 52 weeks a year!!!!

  18. mrs jan pay says:

    Hi Sue, i save all your e-mails of your beauitful cards you send me each day and try them out at a later time . i to would like a dvd of all your great cards no presher lol.x

  19. Suzanne says:

    Seeing the replies about Sue doing a dvd – Sue does have a newish one out – it`s a wonderful dvd – here is a link to the places to buy it
    Suzanne x

  20. Sally Aldis says:

    Does anyone know how to make the fantastic flower Sue demonstrated on create and craft sometime ago using curly ribbon. I have the ribbon and spent a night wasting it because I could not remember how she did it!! Thank you in anticipation. Sally

  21. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sally

    It`s always worth checking out Sue`s blog as she often post information there – I can`t say i`ve seem this flower demo`d on her blog that was on the show but Sue does have this resent workshop

    I think if you were using the wrinkled ribbon then it might have been taped down the centre and folded in half and then used the same process as in the workshop – why not hop over to Sue`s blog if still can`t find what you are looking for and i`m sure Sue will help you out

    Kind Regrds
    Suzanne x

  22. chris harper says:

    Could anyone tell me what ink pads to use with aquamarkers? i know its Adirondack,memento & Archival with promarkers, but can never recall what ink pads with Aquamarker, so would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction please.Chris

  23. Suzanne says:

    Hi Chris
    Aquamarkers aren`t a product Creative Expressions stock but I can tell you you need a a solvent based ink pad. Archival Ink pad , Versafine & Stazon on all work well with the pens
    I hope this helps a little

  24. Debra says:

    Good Morning,
    I have been told by a friend that Sue has bought out a lattice die that she designed for Spellbinders. If this is correct could you please tell me when and where I could purchase this die as it does not appear to be on Spellbinders website.Thanking you in advance.

  25. Suzanne says:

    Sue is currently on Create & Craft with the pick of the day – her dies are featured there – click here for the link

    The dies will be available through different stockist shortly
    I hope this helps a little

  26. susan hardy says:

    Hi sue , could you tell me what low tack tape you use, the one i`m using is difficult to get off what ran through my big shot.


  27. Suzanne says:

    Sue uses a low tack Scotch tape – it`s a clear tape that i`m sure she gets in the states – not sure if it`s available in the UK
    I hope that helps a little

  28. craftyjan says:

    Hi Susan, you could try “de-tacking” the tape by dabbing it on some cloth. I usually dab it on my cardigan sleeve or trousers and it works for me. I hope this helps

  29. Hi Sue I puchased a raspberry plate at the NEC but no one told me that as my calibur is over 12 months old there is a new one out. This one is too big, fortunately I remembered where I had purchased it from and they have very kindly told me what to do. No one has mentioned this on C and C. Love your shows, Betty

  30. Suzanne says:

    Hi Betty

    I will forward this message onto to Sue & Creative Expressions so they can see the issue here
    Thank you for taking the time to write and i`m pleased you are all sorted with your plate
    Kind regards

  31. Jean A Smith says:

    Hi everyone, can anybody help please? Sue used a couple of accessories on her C & C shows this week, and I have been unable to locate them. One was used to make ‘squaring up card’ easy, and the other was a ruler with small measurments to make matting and layering easy. Don’t seem able to email Sue directly, so any help would be gratefully received.

  32. Suzanne says:

    Hi Jean

    I could send over a e-mail to Creative Expressions and then they could e-mail Sue for the answer – Have you tried this e-mail address for Sue – it`s from her blog – so please try Sue as i`m not sure of the items you are referring too

    Please come back if you don`t get an answer and i`ll try for you
    Kind regards

  33. Jean A Smith says:

    Thank you so much for your reply, I will certainly try to use the email address you have given me. Jean

  34. lyn batty says:

    I was given your site to look at and love your work thanks lyn

  35. Just love watching your shows but wonder if you can help me. Now whether I am being stupid or not I purchaws the Bitty Blossoms Shapeabilities but however hard I try I cannot make it look like a flower. do I work outside in or inside out, whichever way I do it it looks wrong, HELP please. Betty

  36. Suzanne says:

    I hope you don`t mind me answering this – the blossom dies need to be rolled from the outside in – there is a workshop on a larger die if that helps but I will also be doing a workshop using the bitty blossoms for the 27/04 – so please have a look then – I hope this helps
    Suzanne x

  37. Christine says:

    Wow wow wow! Sue your tutorials are amazing, I’ve just got my mojo back but after seeing your website I don’t think I’ll lose it again, there is so much inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, you’re an amazingly talented young lady.

    Christine xx

  38. Alice Eaton says:

    Sue, what fantastic tutorials. I have just discovered your blog and I am awe struck. Thank you for your inspirations.

  39. Gillian Grimes says:

    Hi Sue I think your cards and ideas are fantastic but I would like to know how to tie a bow so that they look like yours. Also where do we get the ribbon and seed beads from?
    Gill x

  40. Suzanne says:

    Hi Gill

    I will try and answer for Sue as she might see this post – the seed beads are available from various retailers and the list will be on the C/Expressions site Expressions Micro Beads & Self Adhesive Film as will the ribbon – just click on the bead photo and a list will come up and the same on the ribbon sections

    As for the bows i`m not sure if Sue covers this on her DVD but often Sue shows how she does them on the Create & Craft shows – I hope that helps – please shout if you need any more help
    Kind Regards

  41. Gillian Grimes says:

    Thank you Suzanne I will keep a look out for C & C shows.

  42. Gillian Grimes says:

    Hi Sue, Another wonderful card, your ideas are fabulous. I have a question, can I use thin sizzix alphabet dies in my Grand Calibur? If so what order do I use the plates?
    Kind Regards

  43. Suzanne says:

    Hi Gillian – I have just contacted Sue Wilson regarding your question as I don`t know the answer and i`m affaid Sue has never used the dies you have mentioned either and she suggested it might be an idea for you to contact / e-mail either Spellbinders directly or Sizzix as she is sure they would know the answer – i`m sorry I can`t help any further
    Kind Regards

  44. Gillian Grimes says:

    Thanks very much will try that

  45. Carol Ayrton says:

    I bought this on ebay from the uk. I was having terrible problems with low tack tape, I’ve bought loads of different types, all pulling the card when I tried to get it off. I did a search on ebay and although it is expensive I’m sure the card it saves is worth it. It’s brilliant. Carol

  46. mrs jan pay says:

    you can get the tape that sue uses in tesco’s or staples.

  47. Beryl says:

    maybe we could propose a “masterclass/lesson” like Barbara Gray’s Clarity lessons on Create & Craft……………….?

  48. mrs jan pay says:

    thats a great idia for sue to do lessons and tips like barbara gray on c&c.

  49. susan hardy says:

    Thanks everyone, i did manage to get some scoych low tack tape from joanna sheene`s web site, it does the job really well,

  50. i enjoy looking at ur cards every day that’s the first thing i check when i switch my phone on in the morning.

  51. Jan Nutton says:

    Hi Sue, could you tell me if and where I can purchase the Embossing Folder LATICE I’ve tried my local craft shop but no luck yet.

  52. Suzanne says:

    Hi Jan – I hope you don`t mind me replying on behalf of Sue as she is doing the Spellbiner shows at the moment – here is a link for the shops that stock the Lattic Embossing Folder – I hope that helps

  53. Jan says:

    Hi Suzanne, thanks for your reply. I have asked EMERALD CRAFTS in Lymington about 6-9 months ago if he could get this folder for me but he has had no luck. I’ve also looked on other various site and again no luck. Is it now discontinued?

  54. Suzanne says:

    I have just had a look through 15 odd stores and can`t find it – I`ll e-mail ryan at Creative expressions and see if he has any there or know any more information – i`ll get back to you
    Kind Regards

  55. Jean A Smith says:

    Hi – think I’m going mad!! have just received two emails re. Sue Wilson, this being one of them, and the first time I scrolled through there were pics of two cards made with botanical background dies – I can’t find this item now. Please tell me someone else has seen it and if possible where to obtain these dies. The blue card cut out showing brown background was particularly attractive. Please help!!

  56. Suzanne says:

    Not sure how you would have got an e-mail from this site but I have found the card you are talking about on Sue`s site – this is the die you are after but as yet there is no listings on the retailer which i`m sure will change soon – I know the die was on Create & Craft POTD show and sold out very quickly – I have looked and it`s not listed on the C&C site – so just worth looking out for more Spellbinder shows and looking at the retailer list – maybe contact Creative Expressions for more information and see if the die is available – I hope that helps – Suzanne

  57. Jean A Smith says:

    Thanks so much for the reply – not sure what I did but glad I wasn’t seeing things!! Must have missed that show, but thought I had seen them all or recorded them! I’ll keep an eye out for future references and on Creative Expressions. Thanks again

  58. Suzanne says:

    Hi Jan – I have spoken with ryan at CE and he says they are due in more stock of this folder in mid-September. So if you can’t find it before then they can sell you one directly as soon as they’re back in stock if that helps.

  59. Jan says:

    Hi Suzanne, thanks for the info. I’ll contact Emerald Crafts and let them know that more stock should be available by mid-September and they can order from Ryan at CE.
    Thanks again

  60. Emma says:

    Can any one tell me what the difference is between the raspberry embossing spacer plate and the white CE embossing plate. I already have the raspberry plate and wondered if i needed to purchase the white one as well. I have embossing folders from cuttlebug as wella s spellbinder m-bossabilites. Many thanks Emma

  61. Suzanne says:

    Hi Emma – I have taken the product details from the Creative Expressions site so you can see what the white plate is for – the white plate is a thinner plate as the embossing folders from Ce are thicker than standard folders – please see below

    White CE embossing folder
    This embossing plate is made from, durable plastic and is designed to use with Creative Expressions Embossing Folders and the Spellbinders Grand Calibur machine. The sandwich for using Creative Expressions Embossing Folders with the Spellbinders Grand Calibur is (from the bottom up): Base Plate (A), Embossing Folder & cardstock, Tan Mat, Creative Expressions Embossing Plate.

    Spellbinder Grand Raspberry Plate
    Spacer plate to be used with Spellbinders M-Bossabilities (or Cuttlebug embossing folders) and the Spellbinder Grand Calibur embossing & die cutting machine. Plate measures 8.25×11.75″

    I hope that helps you – have fun

  62. Ginny Bedwell says:

    I would really like a DVD because I have a short term memory and I cannot record all the programs when she is on C&C

  63. Jan says:

    Hi Sue, have watched you on C&C during the Tool Shed and was wondering if you have given any thought to producing a DVD showing how to produce some of the cards as not all of us have the facilities to record your demos. I know that new dies are being produced al the time but surely something can be done even with the very basics.
    I know I’m not the only person to ask this question so how about it Sue can you do a DVD for us ?

  64. susan hardy says:

    sue,sue.sue, we are in need so much in need of your experteese in a new dvd, it`s got to be worth considering for us ! no pressure lol. hope to see you on c&c soon.

  65. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sue – I e-mailed Sue Wilson with your comments about the show and thought you might like to see the reply
    Quote :
    We had planned on doing another DVD this year, but since I have been
    away so much, there just hasn’t been time to get it done, but soon

    I hope that helps answer your query
    Kind Regards

  66. Suzanne says:

    Hi Susan – I e-mailed Sue Wilson with your comments about the dvd and thought you might like to see the reply
    Quote :
    We had planned on doing another DVD this year, but since I have been
    away so much, there just hasn’t been time to get it done, but soon

    I hope that helps answer your query
    Kind Regards

  67. Sonja says:

    Hi Suzanne – Please cant you tell me what plate I use with my Raspberry Plate when I’m useing my
    M-bossabilitie and cuttle bug folders with my grand caliba thanks Sonja.xx

  68. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sonja you use the base plate and the m-bossabilities folders and raspberry plate or if you want to use the cuttlebug folders then use the base plate the cuttlebug folder , the tan mat and then the white Creative Expressions plate – this allows all the other embossing folders to be used in the Grand Calibur machine
    I hope that helps
    Kind regards

  69. Sonja says:

    Thank you for your help Suzanne, I will try that.
    Best Wishes

  70. Maggie Gilham says:

    I agree with you Ginny, I can’t remember every thing and I am not always in when the programs are on. A DVD would be great so that e can watch it at our leisure

  71. Sonja says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you for your help with the Raspberry plate
    and the Creative Expressions plate, went to my friend today and we
    tried it and it works thank you so very much.
    Kind regards,

  72. Mabe Hardman says:

    Whatever Sue does I WANT!! lol but true Mabe

  73. louise howard says:

    Hi sue, thank you for being so talented and inspirational you really do make some beautiful creations. Please can
    you tell me what order of plates to use for the grand calibre, i have a rasberry plate for the embossibilities but not sure what order they go, also which plates do i use for the embossilicious embossing folders .and others on the market.

    Thank you and lind regards

    Lou howard

  74. Suzanne says:

    Hi Lou – Sue is in America at the moment so i`m hoping it`s ok if I answer for her.The order for the m- Bossibilities is to use the Grand Calibur base plate then the M- Bossibilities folder with the card inside and then the raspberry mat over the top – place through the GC to emboss

    Other embossing folders are often done using the base plate the embossing folder and sometimes the tan mat and then the white Creative Expressions plate. – The key when using the tan mat is to make sure the sandwich is never forced as this could break the machine.
    The embossilicious folders are new on the market so I know I haven`t tried them in the machine as i`m sure Sue wouldn`t have.

    I hope that helps – please shout if you need anything else
    Suzanne x

  75. Linda Britton says:

    Hi Sue …. I stumbled on your cards by accident and have been blown away by them! They are awesome… love them! I look at the new card every single day. The instructions you give are so clear and easy to follow, especially with the close up of the card. It makes it easy to study all the details. One thing that I cannot work out how to do is the piercing. Do you use a special tool to do this? … it looks so even … or do you do it freehand? It looks most attractive and and I have never seen it done before … really finishes the card off!

    Thank you for making an old lady really happy … I love making cards and yours are truly an inspiration!


  76. Suzanne says:

    Hi Linda

    I`m affriad this section is just added to the weekly workshop site and Sue doesn`t always see the comments – she is in America at the moment but I can answer the question for you

    Sue uses the Tim Holtz Design Ruler – click here for the stockists

    I hope that helps – I will forward these comments onto Sue so she can see the wonderful comments when she returns
    Kind Regards
    Suzanne x

  77. Linda Britton says:

    Linda here …. thanks so much Suzanne for your reply … and so prompt too! You answered my question in ten minutes. How’s that for service! I will be sourcing the Ruler and looking forward to using it. So glad I don’t have to do all that piercing freehand … I would never end up with straight lines.

    Thanks again for your help.


  78. Suzanne says:

    Just so pleased the infomation helped – didn`t really say how to do the holes – but it`s simply but laying the ruler along the card and using a fine pokey tool and piercing into the set holes – perfect results every time
    I`m sure you knew that though – just writing encase you needed more information
    Take care – Suzanne

  79. Elizabeth Ann Turnbull says:

    I love Sue’s cards and love the piercing she does, I bought a ruler by Dovecraft but for the life of me I cannot get a piercing tool that fits the holes, I’m waiting for a retractable pokey tool from my local craft shop, [ don’t know if I can survive the 2 week wait, meantime I will check out the Tim Holtz ruler in case it is a bit different to the one I have.Thanks for all your hints and tips Sue
    Regards Liz

  80. isobella says:

    I have the Tim Holtz ruler, and 6 pricking tools, none of them give me the effect that Sue gets, as I do parchment craft, and am quiet good at it, why cant I do this, which is so simple?

  81. Suzanne says:

    I will e-mail Sue tomorrow and ask which pricking tool she uses as I know she doesn`t have any problems getting the effect with the ruler – i`ll post the reply as and when I hear from Sue
    Suzanne x

  82. Suzanne says:

    Sue has kindly replied saying she uses a `Joy Crafts gold handled pricking tool` with a 1.0mm diameter on the needle. So it`s more the width of the pricking tool that would help – I hope this helps – Kind regards Suzanne

  83. Jean (A Smith) says:

    Hi – Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to get Sue’s card/paper, particularly the milk and blush from anywhere other than Create & Craft? Would be so grateful if someone could tell me of a supplier, preferably on-line. Thank you Jean

  84. Suzanne says:

    Hi Jean

    I have just had a look on the Creative Expressions website and can`t see the card listed – there is a section of items listed on the tool shed show and the only item not there is the card – click here for the link I know it`s a very new item and as soon as it`s released to retailers I will add a link on here
    I hope this helps a little
    Kind regards

  85. Jean (A Smith) says:

    Hi – thanks for the reply. The card was on the show but sold out very quickly, it was also combined with the teal card which I didn’t need. It’s such a shame that we can’t buy direct from Creative Expressions, I have to admit that while I watch the different shows on C & C I try to buy direct from the suppliers as it seems better to give them the profit, and can actually be cheaper because one can buy just what one wants instead of it being a ‘bundle’. Thank you for offering to let me know when the retailers have stock, I would be very grateful if you could tell me which ones, as I know Once Upon a Time in Cricklade for example, have very little stock (having been there several times), but they are on the list. Thanks again for your efforts. Jean

  86. Suzanne says:

    I will let you know asap – I would say it won`t be before the new year but will keep an eye out – Suzanne

  87. Jean (A Smith) says:

    Thanks again, Jean

  88. Jean (A Smith) says:

    Hi – me again – another supply query! On Sue’s Christmas Day posting, she mentions the new ‘metallic distress stains’, and I am wondering where to get these, they sound great. Happy New Year to you and everyone else that looks at these emails/blogs. Jean

  89. Suzanne says:

    Happy New Year to you to Jean when it arrives – the stains are listed here with the supplier listings Ranger Products – they are wonder to use – I hope that helps
    Kind Regards

  90. Jean (A Smith) says:

    Thank you for your reply – you must spend the whole of your time on the computer replying to people like me! I trust that Creative Expressions are appreciative. I have found these inks at The Stamp Attic, so can’t wait to receive them. Thank you again, Jean

  91. Suzanne says:

    Not at all – I get an e-mail so I can just reply and help out when asked – it`s lovely to do this so never worry about asking a question – if I don`t know i`ll sure ask someone that does – take care and enjoy the stains when they arrive – Suzanne

  92. Jean (A Smith) says:

    Hi is there anywhere we can buy Sue’s Blush card and milk card apart from C & C please? Can’t find it anywhere! Thanks Jean

  93. Suzanne says:

    Hi Jean – I have found out the 2 links for the blush & milk A4 card – i`m affraid there are no retailer names next to the blush card but there is the code. But the milk card has retailers who stock the card. Maybe it`s worth contacting Creative Expressions to see if it available in there shop
    Creative Expressions
    Vernon Court, Henson Way
    Telford Way Industrial Estate
    Kettering, Northants NN16 8PX
    Tel: 01536 481 778

    Here is the Blush Code / List

    & here is the milk Card List / Code

    I have just clicked on Sam Poole`s site as she is often on C&C with card too and to see if she has the milk card and there are 5 different cards there – Click for site
    I hope you get sorted and sorry it`s taken a while what with Christmas being in the middle of it all – Kind Regards

  94. Jean (A Smith) says:

    Hi – thank you so much for all your help. Have been on the phone to Linda at Creative Expressions, and she is supplying the card to me. So thanks again Jean

  95. Suzanne says:

    Glad you are sorted – happy crafting

  96. Marjie Os says:

    Sue I notice that you seldom use the raspberry plate. Is this plate OK to use with creative excpressions embossing folders?

  97. Suzanne says:

    I hope you don`t mind me answering this as I think Sue is on her way to America – I know the Creative Expressions embossing folders as thicker than standard embossing folders and this is why the white Creative Expressions embossing plate was made. The raspberry plate is used for the Spellbinder embossing folders. The white plate is thinner than the rapsberry plate and i`m sure that`s why uses the white plate
    I hope that answers your query ok
    Suzanne x

  98. Danella Hull says:

    Just found Sue Wilson blog and your links from it. I would like to say that the sheer talent Sue has is utterly inspiring and if I could possess a fraction of it to produce cards and projects that look a bit like hers, I would be a very contented woman. I am a quilter usually but dabbled in the past with card making( but at the time) I was uninspired by what I saw. Have watched Create and Craft for three years,love it especially ‘cos its on 24 hrs and I’m an insomniac ! Also love Julia Watts, they both are great gals!

  99. Jan says:

    Quite agree with you Danella, I also am a quilter, but got into card making about 5-6 years ago and saw Sue at The Big Stamp & Scrapbooking Show at Alexandra Palace in London about 3 years ago and have been following her ever since especially her blog – get a lot of ideas from there.

  100. Roberta Stemp & Lucy Bush... says:

    Hello Sue…..My friend Lucy and I craft together which she collects spellbinders that’s her passion…..mine is collecting embossing boards of which we work well together……could you answer a question for us both please…..Grand Calliber…..we bought a new 1 a year ago we use it most days well the inside fell about which we sent beck to C & C which they sent us 1 that had been used to demonstrate as the boards was well used 3 month on the handle sheered off…..we sent it back they rembursted our money back……so we were wondering have you had any problems with the G C…..or anyone else had problems like us……would love a reply….email……Roberta Stemp and |Lucy Bush……..

  101. Suzanne says:

    Hi – Sue doesn`t always see this section of the workshops so i`ll forward her the message
    I hope you get sorted
    Kind Regards

  102. Ruth Corrigan says:

    I recently purchased the Cordoba die from the Spanish collection and would like someone to explain what I am doing wrong. The large outside die does not cut with the outside edge cut, the holes from this die are left on the scrap paper left. Only the inside of the die is cut, the other two dies are o.k.

  103. Suzanne says:

    Hi Ruth
    Thanks for the question ~ I have just e-mailed Sue to get the information from her, she said

    That particular die was designed to leave the circles on the aperture so that it could be used and also have a pretty edge. The lines on the inside of that die are designed to stay with the cut out piece. I purposefully designed it that way so that I could have one of the dies in the set that could be used for making pretty aperture cards. She isn’t doing anything wrong.( which I know you wouldn`t be doing ) The cutting edge is in the centre of the outside die in that set on purpose like that.

    I hope that helps and Sue has kindly sent over a sample so you can see the die as Sue it designed for.
    Kind Regards

    <img src="???????????????????????????????” alt=”null” />

  104. Thanks for your speedy reply. I understand now what to do.

  105. Suzanne says:

    Pleased it`s helped ~ I think it`s a lovely feature to be able to have the detail on an aperture. It does give a wow factor to a card .
    Best Wishes

  106. Karen brass says:

    Hi, I wonder if it’s possible if you could ask Sue where she purchased the pricking mat she uses when pricking the holes using the piercing ruler please? Also, I tend to make rather large cards like Sue, but I’m having difficulty buying envelopes that will fit. I have bought a couple of envelope makers, without much success, so I was wondering where Sue buys or how she makes envelopes this big? Thank you, much appreciated, Karen x

  107. Suzanne says:

    Hi Karen ~ I have just spoken to Sue & she said she bought my mat from Coleman’s in Rushden, they do have an online shop too.

    She just uses padded envelopes to post my larger cards, mainly because they are usually rather 3D and need the extra space.

    I hope that helps
    Kind Regards

  108. Karen Brass says:

    Thank you, Suzanne, for taking time out of your day to find out the answer for me, I appreciate it. Please could you also pass on my thanks to Sue, she’s my crafty hero!
    Thanks, Karen Brass x

  109. Suzanne says:

    No problems at all ~ I will indeed pass on your thanks. Check out Sues blog as Sue has her e-mail address there and often says she welcomes questions by e-mail as she can reply rather than a question being lost on the many comments. Take care

  110. I would like to know where to purchase the Victorian Edge border that was used in Sue’s Flower Card? Thank you.

  111. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sandra ???
    I`ve added the link for the retailers list for this die ~ click here for that
    I checked a couple and see country view crafts have it in stock , best way to find it is add vintage lace die in the search bar
    I hope you get sorted ~ Suzanne

  112. Carol Leader says:

    I live in the USA and REALLY want Sue’s 3D filigree bow die, but the shipping to the states is too high for me. Does she have a representative over here? Thanks very much. Carol L.

  113. Suzanne says:

    Hi Carol ~ Sue works closely with Joanna Sheen, When Sue posts her videos Joanna has the products in stock on her online store. Joanna also offers free post and packaging worldwide ( although not on some card or some heavy items ) Here is a link for the filigree bow ( which sadly it`s out of stock at the moment, but I`m sure it won`t be long before it`s back in, there is an e-mail address to click for notification for that too )

    Here`s the link for all Sue`s other dies as the lattice & plain die are in stock, the plain die works perfectly with the matching stamps which are also listed

    There is also a retailers list of places that also stock Sue`s dies on the Creative Expressions website by Sue Wilson , sadly I can`t tell you if any offer free postage to USA

    I hope this helps

  114. Hilary says:

    Hi There
    You often demonstrate using the Spellbinders Grand Nestabilities Large Labels – which I cannot find anywhere Does anyone know where I can get a set or do you have any influence to get them back in production

  115. Suzanne says:

    Hi Hilary
    I`m adding the retail list of places that have bought the Grand large labels here but having clicked on many , most don`t have stock and a couple say discontinued. Once the bank holiday is over I will e-mail Creative Expressions and find out more for you.
    I have just clicked on e.bay and there is one listed as used and has 2 days left and is already at £59 !!!! so I think it looks like it`s a design being phased out
    I hope that helps for a while , till I can help further.
    Kind Regards

  116. Hilary says:

    Hi Suzanne – It helps in that I’m not going mad but it doesn’t solve the problem – This is the perfect die for creating frames, so as I’m sure you will have far more influence perhaps you could persuade Spellbinders to bring it back. Their official site is not listing it at all any more
    Thanks for your prompt response
    Kind Regards

  117. Suzanne says:

    Hi Hilary if the die isn`t listed on their website, then this does imply that the product has been discontinued. Sorry nothing more I can do to help ~ maybe just keep looking in outlets or in online shops and you might see it ~ I will certainly look out for you and post on here if I do find one ~ Suzanne

  118. Maria says:

    Hi Suzanne,I wonder if you can help me out….. I bought Sue’s Mosaic Poinsettia die and it’s gorgeous however when I tried a few times now to cut it out with my Cuttlebug I have a terrible problem to manage to cut it out at all. I have taken it through 10/15 times and still some bits is not cut. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  119. Suzanne says:

    Hi Maria, sounds like there isn’t enough pressure in your die cutting sandeich. I have only cut the filigree poinsettia out in 250gsm card and it cut 1st time in the grand calibur. I haven’t got the cuttlebug to try the die, if you are cutting with a paper then maybe a card shim is needed. Or if you are cutting with a 300gsm card then try something thinner,also cut near the edge of the pkate for added pressure I hope that helps and you get the criso cut. I have a workshop this Friday using the poinsettia die , the filigree one.
    kind regards

  120. Hi Sue, is it correct that the middle Valencia die does not cut out along the outside edge? I love your dies.
    Rene from OZ xo

  121. Suzanne says:

    Hi Rene, I hope you don’t mind me answering this query, you are correct and the outer largest die cuts the die as a solid. It makes the die multi functional. Why not add the word valencia in the search box on Sue’s blog and you’ll see some samples.

    take care and I hope this helps
    Suzanne x

  122. Sheryl Carman says:

    Hi. I own a brother scan n cut machine and would love to know if Sue would consider putting some of her beautiful dies onto a USB as svg cutting files. Tattered lace are now realeasing their dies in the same format, which is fantastic. There are so many of us now with electronic cutting machines, it seems to be the way things are going. I am positive there would be a huge take up if they were released in this format. I know for a fact many other companies are now doing the same thing. Please please consider this idea, I’m sure it’s commercially viable. Many thanks. Sheryl Carman.

  123. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sheryl. Thanks for the question. Sue Wilson probably wouldn’t see this message but if you were able to copy it and send a message to Sue Wilson. Her email address can be found on her blog site. Please shout if you can’t get her email address and I’ll post it her. There is a link for Sue’s blog on the side bar on this workshop site
    Kind Regards

  124. Lori Ritchie says:

    I’ve tried the link to Sue Wilson’s DVD and twice it has done no where. Are they all sold out and will she be producing more?

  125. Suzanne says:

    Hi Lori, I would have to say it would be a case of googling the dvd or finding it in craft shops etc. I know way back it was discussed whether it was going to be reprinted as it sold so quickly. I hope that helps a little. Maybe phone Creative Expressions after the weekend as it’s the Ally Pally show this weekend. They might be able to advise you further. Kind regards Suzanne

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