Studio 490 – Hels Sheridan`s Samples

This section showcases some of the STUNNING samples made by Hels Sheridan to share some of her work that has been on Creat & Craft for Creative Expressions

Thank you Hels for this stunning photos of your wonderful creations – they will inspire so many people


Here are 2 workshops using the Studio 490 Moulding Film


Studio 490 Moulded Flower


Studio 490 Meets Grungeboad Notepad


12 Responses to Studio 490 – Hels Sheridan`s Samples

  1. anne house says:

    Beautiful so talented.

  2. Gina Bell says:

    Fantastic work, so inspiational. Do you have any plans for a dvd?

  3. Jean Hood says:

    Amazing, inspirational, talented art work, we need to see more, a DVD would be excellent and I would buy, huggles.

  4. Jo Kinzett says:

    I love your work, please make a tutorial DVD!

  5. Jan Allen says:

    Such a talent and inspirational to all of us who want to try this for a new hobby. A DVD would be so useful please.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I will make sure Hels knows you are all asking for a DVD – thanks for the comments

  7. margaret davis says:

    mdavis says
    it would be great if hells made a dvd it would be a best seller go to it hells (0)

  8. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the messages about hels doing a dvd . I have sent her a message

  9. Linda Brackenridge says:

    me 2,i’d buy a dvd.I’ve just ordered the melt pot after watching Hels on create and craft,bit worried about how to use it,so a dvd would be amazing,fingers crossed,cheers,Linda.

  10. Jacqui O'Brien says:

    DVD would be excellent. You think you will remember everything Hel’s shows you, but …….. You don’t and it would be good to refer back. Thanks for excellent show on C&C yesterday. Jacqui x

  11. Rosemarie Fishlock says:

    I love all Hels work, and agree a DVD would be great, you can’t take it all in at once and if you cannot record the shows, it is hard to remember. Would love to see a picture of her birdhouse that she did several shows back, it was amazing and I ordered the blank and want to make it for my daughter’s wedding, but need a refresher. Rosemarie x

  12. Suzanne says:

    I have mentioned to Hels the comments about the DVD but that is a very big project to sort so I`m not raising any hopes ~ here is a link to Hel`s blog and a bird house project ~ I hope this helps ~ Suzanne

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