Sue Wilson Belgian Collection Gift Card


This project will show you how to make this gift card holder, for money to be added as a gift, or why not a piece of  jewellery or its the perfect size to hold ATC`s.


The flap is opened to reveal the top of the gift card.


The flowers are created the sunlit daisy frame stamp but as you can see by the daisy on the gift card it has been made into a whole daisy from the half stamped daisies.


The project is perfect for presenting a gift card in.


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Sue Wilson Belgian Collection Gift Card


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZGC-200

Sue Wilson Belgian Collection ~ Tags :CED9202

 Creative Expressions Stamps to Die for … Sunlit Daisies : UMS747

 Graphmaster Pens

Graphmaster CG1 & CG2 in Cool Grey 12pk : GRAPHSETCGREY

 Spellbinders  Tool in One  : WIZTOOL

Foundations Pearl Icicle CardPC001 ,

Foundations Antique Copper Card :PC008,

Foundations Coconut Card : 40980 & Foundations Antique Gold Card : PC009

      Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish ~ Copper Shine : CSMGCOPPER

Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish ~ Chocolate Bronze : CSMGCHOC

Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish ~ Pearl Lustre : CSMGPEARL

London fog Memento Ink Pad & Silicone Glue


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to make this useful flip up gift card holder or it can be used for ATC`s (Artist Trading Cards). The main feature is the intricate panel which is created using the Sue Wilson Belgian collection ~ Tags with the Creative Expressions stamps to die for … Sunlit daisies stamped flowers.


Step 2. Select off cuts that you may have hanging around or use an A4 sheet of the Foundations pearl antique copper card and the antique gold card. I had a piece of Cosmic Shimmer gilding polish worked card left over so i`m using that, but the next few steps will show you how it was created.


Step 2a. Remove the lid of the Cosmic Shimmer metallic gilding polish in prime the sponge and then add a few lines of the Cosmic Shimmer metallic gilding polish chocolate bronze onto a piece of the Foundations coconut card or white card. Now add few lines of the copper shine going slightly over the edge of the chocolate bronze.


Step 2b. Continue to work the polish down the card so you have wide stripes of the separate colours. It may look wrong at this stage but keep with it as the next step with tie it all together.


Step 2c. Once the piece is dry / nearly dry select the Cosmic Shimmer metallic gilding polish pearl lustre and apply this by sweeping it over the join areas. Go lightly over the chocolate and bronze borders too. This will give a lovely soft feel to the card. Allow the card to dry fully before die cut it.


Step 3. Place the outer and the next size down intricate die onto a piece of the polished card and secure in place with some low tack tape.


Step 4. Place this through the Grand Calibur and then once cut emboss the piece using a base plate the die / card , the tan mat & then the pink embossing plate.


Step 5. Run the Spellbinders tool in one over the card with the die still in place but the low tack tape removed.


Step 6. Select a piece of the Foundations pearl antique copper card and trim it to 21cms x 12 ½cms. Lay the card on a score board and score at the A5 gate fold mark which is 52mm if doing this by ruler. This is enough to house the depth of the die cut panel if you wanted to have this placed in this space.


Step 7. Now move the last scored line to the DL line no.5 line on the Eazi score board & score down line no.6 the A5 half fold line. This will be 6mms from the last score line.


Step 8. Turn the card 180 degrees and with the card right up to the side edge score at the box no.1 and then box no.2 points. By a ruler that is 18mm & at 25mm.


Step 9. Turn the card 90 degrees and measure in 12mms and score, and then measure 6mms and score down this side edge. Turn the card around to the other side edge and repeat the measurements down this side.


Step 10. Now you have all the score lines in place for the basic shape of the project.


Step 11. From the bottom of the card cut up to the 2nd score line and in from the 2nd score line on the side. Remove the excess card to create the corner needed for the gift card holder, do this on the other bottom side. Remove the card from the corner on the top of the card, again use the 2nd in box from the top and sides.


Step 12. Crease the bottom score line up and burnish this well. Then do the 2nd line which will make the depth of the gift card project.


Step 13. Continue to crease all the scored lines in place folding the card inwards as you work on the score lines. Cut a front panel to 88mm x 90mm or to the width of the box you have just created.


Step 14. With the bottom flap folded over just for now, lay the front of the just cut panel onto the front of the case and………


Step 15. ……. draw a pencil mark where the side inner flaps need to be trimmed at an angle.


Step 16. Cut away that excess card and cut the tab area on the diagonal and across the depth tab of the project.


Step 17. There will be a raw embossed edge where the embossed line was made when scoring earlier.


Step 18. Run an embossed line around the edge on the reverse of the case to neaten this effect.


Step 19. Also score a double line around the back of the front panel for added detail.


Step 20. Repeat this on the top flap of the project to tie every section together.


Step 21. Go back in a crease the side tabs back over again before they are glued in place.


Step 22. Use a small amount of the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue on the inner edge of the bottom flap. This will be needed on both sides of the piece.


Step 23. Stick the bottom flap onto the side tabs making sure the depth of the box areas are all nice and straight when the glue is added.


Step 24. Now run some of the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue down the sides and the front bottom area of the piece. REMEMBER not to glue the diagonal area at the top of the side piece.


Step 25. Stick the prepared front panel onto the glued tabs to create the basic shape of the case.


Step 26. Cut a solid die shape using the outer die from the Sue Wilson Belgian collection ~ Tags die set on a piece of coconut card / white card.


Step 27. Add foam pads behind the solid area of the gilding polish piece and attach this to the solid white frame. Then cut the small rectangle die from the tags set in an off cut of pearl icicle card. Add this to the frames using foam pads behind the piece.


Step 28. Apply some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to the top area only on the reverse of the worked piece as it`s going to overhang the gift card flap. It`s best to lay the panel over the flap first to gain an idea of where the glue is needed.


Step 29. Now add the panel to the flap of card to make the feature and closure part of the card.


Step 30. Take the stamps to die for…  sunlit daisies stamp and place it on an acrylic block. Ink the stamp with some London fog memento ink pad as the Graphmaster pens are going to be used. Stamp the image onto a piece of coconut or white card. Make sure it is a smooth card.


Step 31. Use the Graphmaster CG1 & CG2 to shade the petals of the flowers in. The flower works well with the darker CG2 in the centre. Cut 2 of the daisies out using a small pair of decoupage snips ( or whatever you are used to).


Step 32. To make a full flower cut 2 of the daises out of the frame. Also cut the round centre of the daisy which can be found on a few of the flowers. As one of the flowers is larger add a small amount of Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue onto the central edge of that daisy and lay the small daisy over the top. Marry up the petals of the flowers to make a seamless whole daisy. Make 3 whole flowers in total and cut out 3 leaves.


Step 33. Add a gift card on a glue dot and place it onto a folded card which measures 11 ½ cms x 8cms. This has had a double embossed line run around the back of the card to continue the detail throughout the project. Here an old gift card has been used with the company name hidden but you can leave the new one open with the gift card wording.


Step 34. Tuck the gift card into the pouch or use the piece for ATC`s.


Step 35. Add the remaining 2 daisies and the leaves to the front panel to finish the project off nicely.


Step 36. Often embossed lines can add a layered look to a project yet it`s just a single layer of card. This works well on the Foundations pearl card.


Step 37.Here is the finished project with the ombre effect on the gilding polish frame. So remember to keep all your off cuts as they come in handy for small projects.


37-copy                          ______________________

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