Sue Wilson Frames & Tags Napkin Rings


This project shows how to make some lovely Christmas rose effect flowers using the Stamps to die for …….ribbon rose stamp and the co-ordinating Sue Wilson Molly die.


These napkin rings could be used a name place. The oval would make a perfect space for a handwritten or computer written name.


Here is the intricate version of the die adorned with a glossy accent deer for the Sue Wilson deer family die set.


Why not use a Creative Expressions dazzler setting & dazzler to complete the napkin ring. There are lots of different opportunities.


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Sue Wilson Frames Tags Napkin Rings


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZGC-200

 Sue Wilson Shadow Collection ~ Stitched Lattice Frame Die Set : CED9303

Creative Expressions Sue Wilson Tags & Frames Molly Die Set : CED4321

Creative Expressions Stamps to die For …. Ribbon Rose Frame : UMS759

All Graphmaster Pens  :



Pens Numbers Used : 26, 28, 37, 42, 43, 47 & 48  

Graphmaster Fine Line Pigment Ink Pen: GRAPHPIGMENT

 Spellbinders  Tool in One  : WIZTOOL

   Foundations Coconut Card : 40980

Cosmic Shimmer Iced Snow Glitter Jewels : CSGJICSNOW

    Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE,

 Cosmic Shimmer Pearl PVA White Glue : CSPEAWHGLU  

Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS & Silicone Glue

American Seam Ribbon ~ Blue White SEAMBLUE

or an off white can be used & coloured with the no. 42 Graphmaster Pen

For the Other 2 Napkin Rings the Following are Used

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Deer Family Die Set : CED3042

Tim Holtz Gathered Twigs : DPTWIGS

Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Dazzler Settings 4 : SETDAZZ4

Creative Expressions 18mm Clear Dazzler : DAZCIRCLE18


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to make these sturdy napkin rings which would be perfect for a Christmas table setting place. The main products needed are…… the Sue Wilson shadow collection ~ stitched lattice frame die set, the frames & tags Molly die set and the Creative Expressions stamps to die for …. Ribbon rose frame. The pens used are the Graphmaster no. 26, 28, 37, 42, 43, 47 & 48 and the glossy accents is used over the top of the flowers for a glazed finish. The Cosmic Shimmer iced snow glitter jewels are added to the edge of the die stamped shapes to create a lovely frosty feeling.


Step 2. Attach the rose ribbon die onto an acrylic block and ink it up with a black versafine ink pad – a pigment ink which will need to be fully dry before using or a Memento ink works well (this is used as a permanent alcohol ink pen is going to be used over the stamped image).

2 2-copy

Step 3. Stamp onto a scrap piece paper on the Creative Expressions stamping mat if this is the first use of the stamp & then stamp onto a piece of the Foundations coconut card.

3 3-copy

Step 4. Stamp the image 5 times on the A4 card making sure you leave enough plain card around the edge of the stamped image so they can be cut out using the co-ordinating Molly die. Also stamp the main flowers out and this can be done on an off cut as the ends of the image don`t need to be cut.

4 4-copy

Step 5. Secure the outer Molly die over the stamped image using low tack tape.

5 5-copy

Step 6. Here the card has been cut near to the die to remove it from the larger sheet and to allow each frame to be cut separately.

6 6-copy

Step 7. Run the piece through the Grand Calibur die cutting machine.

7 7-copy

Step 8. Use the adhesive rubber to remove any sticky left from the low tack tape.

8 8-copy

Step 9. Use a fine line Graphmaster pigment pen to touch up any slight blemishes if they occur during the stamping. I have to say only 2 minor ones happened in all the stamping.

9 9-copy

Step 10. Use the oval die in the Molly set to cut out the inner oval on the spare flower stamped images only, Keep the main stamped cut out shapes whole. Repeat this on all 4 of the pieces or ALTERNATIVELY use a thinner card than the 240gsm coconut card as this card does need to curve later on and it was tested to the full so a lighter card might be better.

10 10-copy

Step 11. Ink up just the inner flower section of the stamp with the versafine ink pad.

11 11-copy

Step 12. Now press a scrap piece of card onto the just inked area…..

12 12-copy

Step 13. ……. to reveal the 3 central flowers needed to be decoupaged.

13 13-copy

Step 14. For an alternative napkin ring you can use the 2nd largest intricate die in the Molly set to have a lovely detailed frame and examples / ideas will follow.

14 14-copy

Step 15. So back to the stamped image. Use a heat tool if you don`t think the inked image is dry before using the Graphmaster pens. I am working on the base layer which will be covered with the decoupaged glossy accent flowers later so it`s a great way to try out the colours. Place a dot of the yellow pen no.37 & then a circle of the no.48 pen going back round the outer ring of the centre of the flower with the yellow no.37. This will give the feeling of a Christmas rose.

15 15-copy

Step 16. Now just use the no28. pen on the outer leaves of the rose. Once happy with the colouring move to the extra stamped roses and colour all the flowers in the same way remembering just to colour the outer rose leaves with the pink leaving the rest of the flower clear.

16 16-copy

Step 17. Repeat the colouring in and then cut out all the flowers with a small pair of decoupage snips or small scissors. You will need 6 flowers for each napkin ring and remember each flower is a different shape on the stamped image.

17 17-copy

Step 18. Apply glossy accents over each of the flowers.

18 18-copy

Step 19. Set the flowers aside to dry. Don`t forget where they are and accidentally lean on one and get it stuck to your sleeve – not a great look !!!!

19 19-copy

Step 20. Use the Graphmaster no.42 & no.43 to colour the small leaves on the ribbon rose main cut out panel.

20 20-copy

Step 21. Colour all of the rose outline image with the no.28 pen and use a mix of the no.26 & no.28 pen on the daisy like flower towards to edge of the die shape. Use the no.47 & no.48 pen to colour the flower in next to the rose to lift the green within the project as you want a Christmassy feel to the piece.



Step 22. Add the dried glossy accent roses to the coloured in panel using a silicone glue for added dimension. Angle the roses lower towards the front inner oval and lift the rose towards to back.

22 22-copy

Step 23. Complete all 4 rose napkin rings with the roses that you prepared. Here are 2 alternatives ~ use a Creative Expression dazzler setting and dazzler to give a lovely elegant feel for a napkin ring or use one of Sue Wilson`s deer die cuts and ink it up and add glossy accents over the whole deer. Use either the Creative Expressions finishing touches ribbon or like I’ll be using the two tone moss ribbon & the vintage ribbon coloured using the Graphmaster no. 42 pen.

23 23-copy

Step 24. On either of the napkin rings take some of the Cosmic Shimmer pearl PVA glue and run a line of the glue around the edge of the Molly frame. ( Pearl PVA is used so it doesn`t go clear under the glitter jewels ).

24 24-copy

Step 25. With the piece in a plastic tub sprinkle the Cosmic Shimmer iced snow glitter jewels over the glue and tap off the excess.

25 25-copy

Step 26. Here is the glossy accent deer which has just had some Tim Holtz gathered twigs ink added with some areas having more ink on key areas like the front of the deer and the horns and legs. The glossy accents is applied over the ink which then highlights the inked areas when it`s dry.

26 26-copy

Step 27. Here I have used a scrap piece of the rose image to check the tone of ribbon and the Graphmaster no.42 works well with the 2 tone moss ribbon.

27 27-copy

Step 28. Gently curve the worked piece so you don`t crack the card in places. Cut 4 solid outer die shapes from the Molly die to use as backing for the napkin rings.

28 28-copy

Step 29. Attach a length ( I used 15inces of ribbon ) across the centre of the reverse of the piece. Turn it over to check the ribbon is lined up with the faux ribbon on the stamped image.

29 29-copy

Step 30. Use the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to stick the solid backing over the ribbon making sure the ribbon area has the glue right up to the end for a firm hold as this area will be curved later on.


Step 31. Use some of the Graphmaster no.42 pen to colour some vintage seam ribbon if you run out of the 2 tone ribbon !!!! And as you will have this ribbon on a napkin make sure it has been heat sealed by a heat tool or I laid mine on a radiator for 10 minutes !!!


Step 32. As the detailed filigree design needs to be seen on the Molly die cut then the back panel hasn`t been added on the deer & dazzler napkin ring. A length of vintage seam ribbon in doubled up though the end of the die piece.



Step 33. Going back to the Christmas rose ring tie the ribbon in a bow at the back of the piece before or after adding a linen napkin or a nice paper serviette.

33 33-copy

Step 34. Here is the finished sparkly look to the napkin ring with a lovely linen napkin inside.

34 34-copy

Step 35. The napkin ring can be made as a gift and sent in a box with or without the napkins. I`m thinking a nice set of 6 napkin rings would make a lovely set for a gift.

35 35-copy

Step 36. These napkins were only £5 for 4 and have a lovely detailed edging – they came from a major supermarket beginning with T and ending with S !!!!

36 36-copy

Step 37. Here is the lovely glossy deer which I think i`ll be making a set for my table as so many people have commented on the deer when I made them last year.

37 37-copy

Step 38. Here is the dazzler in the dazzler setting. There are so many different colours in the dazzler range so you can marry up you colour scheme perfectly.

38 38

Step 39. Just another single image of the Christmas rose napkin ring.



Step 40. Names can be added to the centre oval to make them as place settings too. The weight of the finished rings are wonderful and you would struggle to think they are made of card.


   Happy Crafting


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