Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish Reindeer Card


This project is will show you how to make this very textured card using the Creative Expressions stag mini stencil along with the 3 Cosmic Shimmer gilding polishes. The Sue Wilson pierced rectangle frame, tree dies and the deer dies along with the Glossy Accents are also used.


The torn vellum section have the textured stags on them and these slightly cover the shimmered trees behind.


The glossy accent deers showcase the card perfectly and are so easy to make.


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Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish Reindeer Card


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZGC-200

Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish ~ Copper Shine : CSMGCOPPER

Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish ~ Chocolate Bronze : CSMGCHOC

Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish ~ Pearl Lustre : CSMGPEARL

Creative Expressions Mini Stencils Stags : CEMSSTAG

Sue Wilson Noble Double Pierced Rectangle Die Set  : CED5508

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Winter Trees Die Set  : CED3041

Sue Wilson Festive Collection  Deer Family Die Set :   CED3042

Tim Holtz Gathered Twigs Ink Pad DPTWIGS

 Spellbinders  Tool in One  : WIZTOOL

Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels Glacier Ice :  CSGJGLAC  &


Creative Expressions Self Adhesive Sheet : ADHA4

Foundations  Vellum : 40024, Foundations Antique Copper Card :PC008,

Foundations Coconut Card : 40980 & Foundations Antique Gold Card : PC009

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Creative Expressions Adhesive Eraser : CEADERASER

    Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Ranger Glossy Accents :  ACCENTGLOS


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to make this deer / stag card full of shimmer using these main products. Cosmic Shimmer metallic gilding polish in copper shine, chocolate bronze & pearl lustre. The Creative Expressions mini stencils stags along with the Sue Wilson Noble double pierced rectangle die set, the winter trees die set and the deer family die set are also needed for the project.

Secure the Creative Expressions stag mini stencils in the bottom left hand corner of a piece of Foundations vellum measuring 8 ¼” x 8 ¼“ square beforehand using some low tack tape all the way round the edge so the vellum is protected when the polish is added.


Step 2. Remove the lid of the Cosmic Shimmer metallic gilding polish in the copper shine. There will often be a little amount of the gilding polish in the lid so take a piece of the cut`n`dry felt (this is used as it`s not absorbed as much as the cut`n`dry foam would do).

2 2-copy

Step 3. Dab the pad up and down onto sections of the stag making sure you get into the antlers of the stag. This will give a nice rough texture to the end result. Leave areas of the vellum clear and don`t overload the vellum with the polish.

3 3-copy

Step 4. Now go ahead and fill in the blank vellum areas with the chocolate bronze gilding polish. Again using the dabbing technique to add texture. Don`t over work the colours as the can get muddied together.

4 4-copy

Step 5. Now add some of the pearl lustre gilding polish just down the front body area of the stencil to add shade and detail to the piece.

5 5-copy

Step 6. Remove the stencil carefully to reveal the coloured stags. The polish did not bleed at all under the stencil when dabbing it on so made it work perfectly on the vellum. Please be aware the vellum will crinkle a little with the liquid but it will be used to an advantage later on in the project.

6 6-copy

Step 7. Now clean the stencil by washing it or using a grime boss to remove the excess gilding polish. Once the stencil is completely dry tape the stencil back onto the top right hand side of the vellum. Repeat the process and colour in the stags using the same method. Once done set to one side to dry the vellum piece.

7 7-copy

Step 8. Now load the top handle dabber on the copper shine metallic gilding polish pot. Wipe away the excess on the side of the pot.

8 8-copy

Step 9. Cut the largest die from the Sue Wilson Noble double pierced rectangle die set on a piece of Foundations coconut card. It`s best to do this first rather than when the polish is on encase the card is to wet when it`s die cut !!!! ~ I learnt the hard way. Now swipe the loaded dabber across the top of the card to lay down the colour. PLEASE RETAIN THE OFF CUT FROM THE PIERCED RECTANGLE PANEL FOT LATER !!! You will also need to colour in the off cut so bare this in mind when you have the polish out.

9 9-copy

Step 10. Lay another line further down and then repeat the process using the chocolate bronze polish. It doesn`t matter that there are odd areas of the polish as …….

10 10-copy

Step 11. …. some pearl lustre polish is added over the join areas to soften the lines. Set aside the card to dry which doesn`t take long at all. You may wish to buff the card up with a dry wet wipe to enhance the shine but it hasn`t been done on this project.

11 11-copy

Step 12. Because of the size of the largest pierced rectangle die isn`t large enough to sit under the 8 ¼“ square worked vellum piece then you can either make a 2nd pierced panel and tuck it under the bottom of the other panel and add the vellum over the top of the piece or you could ……

12 12-copy

Step 13. ….. use the following steps to tear the vellum and create a nice feature so the whole piece fits onto the original pierced panel. For this you will just need the off cut from the pierced panel. 2 of the edges were thin like this as the die was placed near the edge of the card when die cutting it out earlier on.

13 13-copy

Step 14. Take the other 2 edges and trim the card to the same width as the step before.

14 14-copy

Step 15. Now cut the card so you have 2 `L` shaped polish pierced strips.

15 15-copy

Step 16. Here one has been laid onto the vellum to show you how the idea came about as it`s useful for adding vellum onto a card so it hides any glue.

16 16-copy

Step 17. So that both stag pieces get onto the small pierced frames tear down the vellum above the stags to the bottom of the vellum.

17 17-copy

Step 18. Lay the torn piece onto the frame to see if it`s right ?

18 18-copy

Step 19. So that more of the underneath gilding polish tear a small amount of vellum at the top of the piece.

19 19-copy

Step 20. Repeat this on the top corner stag piece so you are happy with how the 2 stag pieces will lay on the base frame.

20 20-copy

Step 21. Use a tape runner to add some adhesive to the thin frame. This works better than glue so any moisture doesn`t effect the vellum. A 3mm tape could be used if not.

21 21-copy

Step 22. Ease the vellum with your fingers to shape the piece. There will be a slight distortion on the vellum because of the polish is wet when applied but this adds to the charm of the piece.

22 22-copy

Step 23. Repeat this on the top corner piece and set a side for a bit.

23 23-copy

Step 24. Add some self adhesive sheet onto a white off cut of card and attach the winter trees dies onto the carrier sheet using some low tack tape. Now place the largest deer and smallest one from the deer family die set onto a piece of coconut card. Cut all the pieces out and then emboss just the deer to get the detailed effect. Don`t emboss the adhesive sheet as that can cause cracking on the carrier sheet.

24 24-copy

Step 25. Remove the backing from 3 of the tree pieces. Place them in a plastic tub and sprinkle the Cosmic Shimmer glitter jewels ~ glacier ice over the sticky.

25 25-copy

Step 26. Press the glitter into the piece to burnish it into the sticky sheet. Return the excess to the pot.

26 26-copy

Step 27. Repeat the process but this time use the Cosmic Shimmer glitter jewels ~ iced snow again burnish it into the sticky. Now you have some lovely textures and shimmer on the trees.

27 27-copy

Step 28. Also add a line of stickles at the top of the deer and allow to dry.

Alternatively distress the reindeers with some gathered twigs distress ink or some vintage photo ink on a Creative Expressions smoothie. Go back in and add more ink on the neck and hoof area of the deer as this will give a lovely tone later on.

28 28-copy

Step 29. Add some of the glossy accents over the whole of the deer. It`s best to add a line of the glossy accents around the outline before filling in the middle of the die cut as it will act as a barrier. Repeat this on the smaller deer.

29 29-copy

Step 30. The colour really pops and changes once the glossy accents is added. So it`s important to add the 2nd layer of ink down the front of the deer and the hoofs etc as this really shines through on the finished look.

30 30-copy

Step 31. Cut a larger panel in the Foundations antique copper card and then a larger mat in the Foundations antique gold card and then a final panel in the Foundations coconut card. Mat all layers on top of each other using foam tape as you go for added dimension. Attach some double sided tape to the reverse of the gilded polish panel (this works better than glue as it`s not wet and will flatten the card down nicely). Turn the edges of the tape carrier sheet over.

31 31-copy

Step 32. Line the panel onto the base mats pressing down on the 4 corners once you have the card in place correctly. Now pull the tabs to ensure a perfectly lied up panel. If it wasn`t stuck correctly you can lift the panel and line it up again as it is not stuck down 100%.



Step 33. Now just lay the corner stag vellum pieces onto the card.

33 33-copy

Step 34. Lay the worked trees and deer onto and behind the vellum.

34 34-copy

Step 35. Add some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue behind the trees to stick them to the panel. Make sure the smaller ones are towards the back for scale wise. Use a 3d glue for the top 2 trees for dimension and then to add the 2 deer on the bottom right again using the 3d glue.

35 35-copy

Step 36. Now attach the bottom corner stag vellum so it sits inside the other pierced frame.

36 36-copy

Step 37. Do the same with the top corner and pull the glossy accent deer over the top of the vellum to highlight them further.

37 37-copy

Step 38. The vellum torn edges could of had some of the gilding polish or wax added to them but I liked how the vellum blended into trees and deer.

38 38-copy

Step 39. The shimmer from the polished background and the trees work well together.

39 39-copy

Step 40. The crinkle of the vellum adds to the charm of the piece I feel.

40 40-copy

Step 41.Here is the finished project which i`m sure would get some wow`s from people if it was given to them. I know last year I made 30 odd glossy accent deer’s and friends were amazed it was originally white card.


Happy Crafting x


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