Sue Wilson Delicate Lattice Frame Tall Gift Box

45 (Copy)

This tube box has been designed to co-ordinate with the dusky pink rose & fronds card.


The delicate fronds have a couple of peonies added to the centre of the cluster tie in the 2 projects together.


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Dusky Pink Rose & Fronds Tube Gift Box


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZGC-200

Sue Wilson Noble Double Pierced Rectangle Dies : CED5508

Sue Wilson Striplet Collection Lattice Window Die : CED1615

Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Wild Rose Die : CED1439

Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Petite Peony Cluster Die : CED1451

Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Delicate Fronds Die : CED1426

Creative Expressions Large Rambling Blossom Embossing Folder : EF-026

Cosmic Shimmer Marshmallow Mica Flakes : CSMFMARSH

Tim Holtz Milled Lavender Distress Ink Pad : DPMILLDLAVENDER

Creative Expressions Smoothies Mini`s 4 per pack : CESMOOTHMINI or

Standard 2 per pack : CESMOOTH

Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Off White Satin Ribbon : CESROFFWHT

    Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE,

Cosmic Shimmer Pearl PVA White Glue : CSPEAWHGLU  & Silicone Glue

Foundations Coconut Card : 40980 & Kraft Card  : KRAFTCARD

 Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to make a tall tube box to co-ordinate with the dusky pink rose & fronds card made in a previous workshop.. For the project you will need the Sue Wilson lattice window striplet die, along with the wild rose, petite peony cluster die & delicate fronds finishing touches dies. Cosmic Shimmer marshmallow mica flakes, Tim Holtz milled lavender distress ink pad and the Creative Expressions smoothies mini`s are used to create the soft pastel tones in the project.

11 (Copy)

Step 2. The tube box has been designed to co-ordinate with the dusky pink rose & fronds card and you can find the full workshop and printable sheet on the Creative Expressions weekly workshop blog. Click here for the link.

2 2 (Copy)

Step 3. This workshop will show you how to create the 4 sided tube box and as the design works so well with the Sue Wilson striplet dies I will be creating details for a triangle box and a 6 sided box too. It will just show the basics of how the die works so well for multiple projects.

3 3

Step 4. For this project you`ll need 4 of the frames in white card and 4 solid frames cut with white card with self adhesive sheet over the top to add the Cosmic Shimmer marshmallow mica flakes onto. Cut 4 Sue Wilson Finishing Touches roses & use the small petite peony cluster dies on some white card and pass all the die shapes through the Grand Calibur machine so you fill the cutting mat up. Also needed are the Sue Wilson fronds leaves in white card.

4 4 (Copy)

Step 5. To create the frames place the Sue Wilson lattice window striplet die onto some Foundations coconut card securing the dies in place with some low tack tape so the 2 dies do not move whilst they are being cut. These dies can cut into each other through the pressure of the machine so using the tape is very important. Cut 4 frames and set aside the lattice inner piece for another project.

5 5 (Copy)

Step 6. Remove the carrier sheet off the solid frame card and place some of the Cosmic Shimmer marshmallow mica flakes over the sticky piece. Make sure you have the frames in a box lid or something to catch the mica flakes in.

6 6 (Copy)

Step 7. Be sure to press the mica flakes firmly into the sticky sheet and rub away any excess flakes.

7 7 (Copy)

Step 8. Place a piece of Foundations coconut card onto a score board in a landscape position and score down at 6.5cms, 13cms, 19.5cms & 26cms.

8 (Copy)

Step 9. Turn the card and then score down the full length of the portrait card at 4cms in from the left hand side of the card.

9 9 (Copy)

Step 10. Now lay a piece of kraft card onto the score board in a landscape position and move the card slightly in from the left hand side of the board by 2mm and score at 6.5cms. Repeat the process on each of the 6.5cms so each measurement will be 6.3cms each time, carry on until all 4 score lines are complete and finish the card with a 0.5cm tab measurement down the side. Trim away the excess card.

10 10 (Copy)

Step 11. Turn the card and score a 4cms line along the bottom edge but make sure this line is not creased. Crease all the 6.3cms score lines. This card is the inner card piece for the tube box and will act to line and strengthen the box and will give the box the important rim for the lid to sit on.

11 11 (Copy)

Step 12. Emboss a piece of card so you have 3 squares of 6.5cms along the top and down the side. Cut off the excess card as this square will make the lid for the tube box. The great thing about the tube box is that the lid and the box are the same measurements and the inner section just needs to be 2mms smaller to create the rim of the box.

12 12 (Copy)

Step 13. Cut the bottom corner off on the white main box piece of card. This will be in the tab side area of the card.

13 13 (Copy)

Step 14. Cut a straight line up on each of the 4cm deep base sections. Trim at an angle on the 2nd and 4th panel to allow the box base to have a nice finish on the finished piece.

14 14 (Copy)

Step 15. Here is the finished look of the tube box outer card. Crease up all the score lines.

15 15 (Copy)

Step 16. Cut up on each of the bottom right hand boxes on the lid corner sections of the lid and make a `V` cut on edge tab. The easiest way to do this is to turn the card as each section is done. This will insure the card is folded with 2 pieces of card on each edge.

16 16 (Copy)

Step 17. Run a line of the 3mm red line tape along the thin 5mm edge of the kraft card tab.

17 17 (Copy)

Step 18. Stick the other end of the card onto the tab to create the inner box shape for the tube box.

18 18 (Copy)

Step 19. It creates a lovely effect to the end result and this could be done in the vintage gold card or even a dusky pink coloured card to match the finished look.

19 19 (Copy)

Step 20. Take the kraft card tube and lay it on the inside of the white card open box card.

20 20 (Copy)

Step 21. Make sure the tube stops at the 4cm box base flaps and the top of the box will fall on the 4cm scored line. That marking was just put in place to aid this process.

21 21 (Copy)

Step 22. Add some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue on the inner small tab area of the white card.


22 (Copy)

Step 23. Glue this firmly onto one side of the kraft card tube.

23 23 (Copy)

Step 24. Now add some more of the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue onto the other 3 panels.

24 24 (Copy)

Step 25. Roll the card around the kraft card making sure the card stays in the correct line.

25 25 (Copy)

Step 26. Stick the final side down to complete the tube effect.

26 26 (Copy)

Step 27. Now stick the 2 end bases together with some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue . Make sure it`s the 2 pieces with the notches cut out are glued on just the ends of the tabs else the glue would be sticky on the inside of the tube box. Then add glue to the other tabs and stick them onto the just glued tabs.

27 27 (Copy)

Step 28. Place the cut out lid into a Creative Expressions rambling blossom embossing folder and run it through the Grand Calibur using the base plate and the Spellbinders raspberry plate sandwich. Please check which embossing plates are needed in your selected machines.

28 28 (Copy)

Step 29. Now you will have a wonderful textured lid for the box. Crease each of the score lines back in place.

29 29 (Copy)

Step 30. Fold the sides of the lid up onto the next flap to see how the finished lid will look before the gluing starts.

30 30 (Copy)

Step 31. Add some of the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue onto each of the corner outside sections.

31 31 (Copy)

Step 32. Start to lift up each glued piece and place it onto the next inside solid square and continue until all 4 tabs are completed .

32 32 (Copy)

Step 33. Place the lid onto the base of the tube box to see how great the lid fits onto the base. This allows long bottles to be added to a box. Here a coulis is used so it can be given as a thank you gift.


33 (Copy)

Step 34. The kraft card can be seen more if the lid is required to be lifted up within the 4cm height.

34 34 (Copy)

Step 35. Once the white frames are added to the mica flake panels then add some foam tape the reverse of the panels.

35 35 (Copy)

Step 36. Add the frames onto each of the 4 sides of the box.

36 36 (Copy)

Step 37. Now glue 2 of the white roses onto the bottom of the mica flake panel.

37 37 (Copy)

Step 38. Add some of the fronds over the stems. Trim some of the leaves to create a soft feel to the foliage spray.

38 38 (Copy)

Step 39. Use the solid peony flowers which were coloured using some of the Tim Holtz milled lavender distress ink and a faux pearl in the centre is created by using some of the Cosmic Shimmer pearl PVA glue.

39 39 (Copy)

Step 40. Add a small cluster of flowers to the top corner of the lid on the box. Also add a glossy accent coloured rose to decoupage the flower head using the same technique as in the dusky pink rose and fronds card workshop.

40 40 (Copy)

Step 41. Just one side of the box needs to be decorated and would make a lovely addition when given as a gift along with the card for a special occasion.

41 41 (Copy)

Step 42. The bottle fits perfectly in the box and you could add a lovely bottle of olive oil as a gift or other thin items.

42 42 (Copy)

Step 43. Here is a close up of the delicate roses and fronds / peony design.

43 43 (Copy)

Step 44. Please check out the Creative Expressions weekly workshops for the matching card workshop.

44 44 (Copy)

Step 45. Here is the finished project.


45 (Copy)


 Happy Crafting x


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