Creative Expressions Beaded Feather Bauble


This workshop shows how to decorate a plain glass bauble from a £1 shop using the Creative Expressions various beads and spacers.

26 (Copy)

The finishing touches pearl spray works perfectly when adding beads onto the wire.


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Jewelled Feather Bauble


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Shopping List

Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Scarlet Ribbon : CESRSCARLET

& Off White Ribbon : CESROFFWHT

Creative Expressions Pearl Spray : PEARLSPRAY

Creative Expressions 12mm Clear Dazzler : DAZCIRCLE12

Creative Expressions Faceted Teardrop Beads ~ Spring Green : CEPBEADSPRING

Creative Expressions Faceted Teardrop Beads Section   STICK PIN ELEMENTS

 White Pearls : CEPPEARLWHT & Bead Spacers : CEPSPACERS

Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Pearl Corners ~ White Design 2 : SASCW2

 Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS

 Feather Bauble & Suction Cups from £1 shop !!!

 Plain Clear Bauble and place your own feathers inside

 Thin Wire


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to decorate an ornament to make a special gift or decoration for yourself using baubles from a £1 shop. The Creative Expressions pearl spray embellishment and the faceted teardrop beads , white pearls & bead spacers are used to adorn the clear glass ornament. The Creative Expressions finishing touches pearl corners , 12mm clear dazzler & finishing touches scarlet ribbon & off white ribbon are also used to complete the ornament. The project could be placed in a handmade box to give as a give. The idea came about when I saw a glass bauble with feathers in for sale at £15 for 1 bauble. White feathers mean a lot to people who believe in them ~ so when I saw a plain one I thought I could decorate it and make it a special personal piece.

1 1 (Copy)

Step 2. Take the Creative Expressions pearl spray embellishment as a single spray and straighten the wire end up.

2 2 (Copy)

Step 3. Place one of the thin white pearls onto the wire.

3 3 (Copy)

Step 4. Then place a small bead spacer next to the pearl bead.

4 4 (Copy)

Step 5. Now add a small pearl then a bead spacer, now a spring green faceted bead, a bead spacer, a small pearl, a bead spacer followed by a thin pearl and bead spacer to complete the row of beads. Once the beads are all tight up against each other place some of the glossy accents around the bottom of the last bead spacer. This will secure all the beads onto the pearl spray.

5 5 (Copy)

Step 6. Cut a length of wire and curve the end of it. Place a small pearl bead on the end so it passes the hook end.

6 6 (Copy)

Step 7. Twist the end of the wire around the bead and leave the end so it falls up the length of the single wire. Cover the end with a spacer bead and a thin pearl bead. This will give a wonderful end to the wire and allow you to make a small beaded piece to match the pearl spray piece you have just made.


7 (Copy)

Step 8. Continue to work the piece by adding a small spring green faceted bead next and then a spacer, small pearl, spacer, a larger spring green faceted bead followed by a spacer and small pearl bead. Finish the piece again with some glossy accents to hold the bead in place.

8 8 (Copy)

Step 9. Make another length of beads to match the one that has just been made. Embellishments often look best in odd numbers.

9 9 (Copy)

Step 10. This step is optional but I just wanted the feathers to lay differently. Remove the end of the bauble to open the bauble up. Glittered jewels or iced snow could be added if you wanted a shakeable effect to the finished bauble.

10 10 (Copy)

Step 11. Shake the feathers until they fall just how you want them too. Repeat on the 2nd bauble and then place the lid back over the glass bauble.

1111 (Copy)

Step 12. Remove the short organza ribbon from the baubles and add longer lengths of the Creative Expressions satin off white ribbon. Tie a knot towards the top of the ribbon on one of the ribbons.

12 12 (Copy)

Step 13. Tie the 2nd ribbon around the other just tied ribbon so it`s about 2cms lower than the other knot.

13 13 (Copy)

Step 14. Pull the ribbon down so that one bauble falls lower than the other.

1414 (Copy)

Step 15. This will give a nice staggered feel to the finished look of the decoration.

15 15 (Copy)

Step 16. Loop the knots of the ribbon onto the hook of a suction hook.

16 16 (Copy)

Step 17. Add a small amount of the glossy accents over the knot to secure it in place. Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue could also be used but the glossy accents was at hand as this is best when gluing the faceted beads.

17 17 (Copy)

Step 18. Wrap and twist the end of the beaded pearl spray so it attached to the suction hook.

18 18 (Copy)

Step 19. Twist the 2 ends of wire on the made up bead pieces…..

19 19 (Copy)

Step 20. …. And then make a loop around the Spellbinders all in one tool (best with the pokey tool and not the ball tool) , once the other side of the tool twist the wire a few times to create the loop.

20 20 (Copy)

Step 21. Add the loop onto the suction hook before finishing off the wire on the back of the suction piece. Cut the ends off the wire and fold them down to make sure there are no sharp edges and this will complete the beaded embellishments onto the suction hook. You could omit the suction hook if you want to style your own hooked area and hang the baubles onto a hook on the wall or just use the ribbon and add the decoration on a Christmas tree.

21 21 (Copy)

Step 22. Make a bow using the Creative expressions scarlet finishing touches satin ribbon.

22 22 (Copy)

Step 23. Use some 3d glue to add the bow over all the knotted wires. Use either the centre flower like pearls from the pearl corner embellishment …..

23 23 (Copy)

Step 24. …. or use a 12mm clear dazzler to add over the centre of the bow.

24 24 (Copy)

Step 25. Place the beaded sprays how you want them to fall on the design.

25 25 (Copy)

Step 26. As they are wire they can be manipulated into place.

26 26 (Copy)

Step 27. Add a small white ribbon bow made using the thin Creative Expressions off white finishing touches satin ribbon. Add the centre of the pearl flower from the pearl corner embellishment to cover the small knot of the bow. Alternatively use a Creative Expressions flat back pearl.

27 27 (Copy)

Step 28. Add the finished bauble piece onto a window for a drawing pin free decoration.


Step 29. They look STUNNING in the evening when the lights are low and the beads glisten with the lighting around it.

Have fun creating something special from a £1 shop knowing you had brought the piece to life with you Creative Expression bead stash and a bit of creativity.



Happy Crafting x


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