Winter Wishes Waterfall Striplet Card


This workshop shows how to make this waterfall card using the Sue Wilson snowflake striplet die along with the let it snow die set. The project uses the snow fibre paper and Cosmic Shimmer iced snow glitter jewels for a wonderful shimmer.


Creative Expressions mdf pieces have been cover using

Cosmic Shimmer texture paste for added dimension.


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Winter Wishes Waterfall Striplet Card


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZGC-200

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Snowflake Mini Striplet DieCED3036

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Let it Snow Die : CED3004

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Deer Family Die Set : CED3042

Creative Expressions Snowflake Lattice Embossing Folder : EF-020

Foundations Pumice A4 Card Stock : 41003

Snow Fibre Paper : FIBRE SNOW

Clear & Resist Ink Pad : CRPAD

Cosmic Shimmer Lapis Pearl Lustre Embossing Powder : CSEPLAPPEA

Ranger Frosted Lace Stickles : STKFRLACE

Cosmic Shimmer Aurora Sparkle Texture Paste : CSPASTSPAUR

& Sea Green Sparkle Texture Paste : CSPASTSPSEA

Cosmic Shimmer Gesso Primer : CSGESWHI

Creative Expressions MDF Christmas Words Set : CEMDFXMASWORD

Creative Expressions Mega Grab Bag MDF Pieces : CEMDFXMASGRAB

Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Scarlet Ribbon : CESRSCARLET

Creative Expressions Pine Cone Embellishments : CEPINECONE

Creative Expressions Self Adhesive Sheet : ADHA4

 Scotch Removable Tape : 3MTAPEMAG &  Spellbinders All-in-One Tool : WIZTOOL

Spellbinders Junior Plate Full Set : WIZGC-011

Self Adhesive Sheet : ADHA4

 Creative Expressions Self Adhesive 3mm Pearls : SAP3WHITE

Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels ~ Iced Snow : CSGJICSNOW

& Tim Holtz Distress Glitter ~ Clear Rock Candy : DGROCK

     Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE &

Cosmic Shimmer Pearl PVA White Glue : CSPEAWHGLU  

Silicone Glue


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop shows how to make a waterfall card using the Sue Wilson mini striplet die set. For the project here are some of the products needed ~ the Sue Wilson festive collection snowflake mini striplet die, the let it snow die along with the deer family die set. The waterfall section is placed onto an embossed sheet of snow fibre paper using the Creative Expressions snowflake lattice embossing folder. Waterfall cards were trendy a few years before dies were popular, so this workshop has been created to showcase the striplet die as it`s perfect for making uniformed panels.

11 (Copy)

Step 2. Attach the Sue Wilson festive collection snowflake mini striplet die including the outer die section onto a piece of the snow fibre paper using some low tack tape. Place the die in this upright position on the junior cutting plates and base plate as the die will cut with just 2 passes through the Grand Calibur machine.

2 2 (Copy)

Step 3. The low tack tape will ensure the die doesn`t slip whilst being run through the Grand Calibur preventing the dies cutting themselves.

3 3 (Copy)

Step 4. Run the Spellbinders all in one tool over the back of the die to help release some of the intricate pieces in the die.

4 4 (Copy)

Step 5. As it`s snow fibre paper the pieces won`t just fall out straight away but they will easily be eased out with a pokey tool or your fingers.

5 5 (Copy)

Step 6. It`s completely worth it as the texture of the snow fibre paper is wonderful.

6 6 (Copy)

Step 7. Move the die up and cut off the remaining snow fibre paper waste ends.

7 7 (Copy)

Step 8. Repeat the process and cut 4 of the snowflake striplet shapes out.

8 8 (Copy)

Step 9. Place a piece of the self adhesive sheet onto a piece of white card stock and run it through the Grand Calibur with just the outer striplet solid die. Repeat this process until you have 4 solid sticky rectangles.

9 9 (Copy)

Step 10. Remove the backing off the just cut rectangle panel.

10 10 (Copy)

Step 11. Line the 2 bottom corners of the snowflake snow fibre paper panels onto the bottom edge of the sticky sheet. This will just help to align the striplet panel on perfectly.

11 11 (Copy)

Step 12. Press the intricate pieces of the snow fibre paper down onto the sticky sheet to ensure the glitter jewels won`t fall under the small pieces and prevent them from sticking down.

12 12 (Copy)

Step 13. You could use the sticky backing to press the pieces down to eliminate any fingers touching the sticky and making it lose some of the tack.

13 13 (Copy)

Step 14. As my Cosmic Shimmer iced snow glitter jewels were getting low I added some Tim Holtz distress clear rock candy glitter to the pot and gave it a shake (with the lid on!!!)

14 14 (Copy)

Step 15. Tip the Cosmic Shimmer iced snow glitter jewels / rock candy over the sticky panel and tap off the excess & place it back into the pot.

15 15 (Copy)

Step 16. Repeat this on all 4 snowflake panels.

16 16 (Copy)

Step 17. Cut & emboss the Sue Wilson `let it snow` die shape out on a piece of white card stock.

17 17 (Copy)

Step 18. Use a clear and resist ink or Perfect Medium ink pad to ink all over the sentiment piece.

18 18 (Copy)

Step 19. Then tip over the Cosmic Shimmer lapis pearl lustre embossing powder making sure the sentiment is placed over a piece of scrap paper.

19 19 (Copy)

Step 20. Hold the sentiment with a pokey tool before heat setting the embossing powder with a heat tool. Set aside until needed later on.

20 20 (Copy)

Step 21. Take a Christmas tree from the Creative Expressions Christmas mega mdf grab bag and the winter wishes from the Christmas wordy mdf piece set.

21 21 (Copy)

Step 22. Paint a layer of the Cosmic Shimmer Gesso over the top of the mdf pieces. This is optional depending on the product you are using over the top.

22 22 (Copy)

Step 23. Use a piece of cut`n`dry foam to tap some of the Cosmic Shimmer sparkle sea green texture paste over the Christmas tree and use your finger if more texture is needed.

23 23 (Copy)

Step 24. Repeat the process with the winter wishes but use the Cosmic Shimmer aurora sparkle texture paste over the Gesso.

24 24 (Copy)

Step 25. Take a pokey tool to remove any excess texture paste that has fallen into the small edges of the sentiment.

25 25 (Copy)

Step 26. Air dry the pieces or if impatient !!! use a heat tool to quicken the process. Please be aware not to over heat the product, it will bubble up and it`s at this point you need to stop.

26 26 (Copy)

Step 27. Once the sparkle paste is dry use some of the frosted lace stickles to add a line of snow like shimmer to the edges of the mdf.

27 27 (Copy)

Step 28. Use a Grime Boss to remove any texture paste mess from the craft mat before it dries on solidly.

28 28 (Copy)

Step 29. Place a piece of the snow fibre paper into the Creative Expressions snowflake lattice embossing folder. Then use the base plate and the Spellbinders raspberry plate to run the folder through the Grand Calibur machine. Set aside for later.

29 29 (Copy)

Step 30. Line the 4 snowflake panels up so the panel underneath falls half way up on the panel above. This will give you an idea of the depth of each of the waterfall sections / measurements needed on the waterfall mechanism. Here it was 2cms but slightly bigger when all 4 were added.

30 30 (Copy)

Step 31. Place the snowflake panel onto a piece of the Foundations pumice card in a portrait position and make a small snip at the end of the snowflake panel.

31 31 (Copy)

Step 32. Run a line up to the top of the card.

32 32 (Copy)

Step 33. In this case it is at the 13.5cms point.

33 33 (Copy)

Step 34. Turn the card around into a landscape position and score 4 lines at 2cms apart from the left hand edge of the card.

34 34 (Copy)

Step 35. Make sure the snowflake panel fits exactly onto the 13.5cms width that was made earlier.

35 35 (Copy)

Step 36. With the card folded over on the 4 score line, then trim off the excess card at the 13.5cms measurement. The fold is only needed if you are using a small guillotine.

36 36 (Copy)

Step 37. Crease all of the 4 score lines over so they are all in a mountain fold only.

37 37 (Copy)

Step 38. Place a line of double sided sticky tape onto each of the 2cm panels making sure the tape does not fall over the crease of the fold.

38 38 (Copy)

Step 39. Trim off the excess tape to neaten the edges of the panel.

39 39 (Copy)

Step 40. Remove the backing from the first 2cm tab and place the top edge of the snowflake panel just under the 1st scored area of the card. This will make sure the mechanism will work smoothly.

40  41 (Copy)

Step 41. Repeat the process on the 2nd sticky piece and work upwards placing each snowflake panel as you go until all 4 panels are stuck in place.

41 41 (Copy)

Step 42 Tuck the embossed `let it snow` piece under the 4 waterfall snowflake panels so you can see where the sentiment needs to be stuck later on. Cut a thin strip of pumice card to 17.5cms x 2cms. Emboss all around the edges of the thin strip. This will be the piece of card that makes the waterfall mechanism work.

Trim the main waterfall card to 17cms from the folded top of the snowflake panels and cut the card off the bottom at this measurement.

4242 (Copy)

Step 43. Open the waterfall panel out so it`s flat and with the snowflake panels facing upwards.

43 43 (Copy)

Step 44. Place the edge of the bottom plain section of the card over a scoring channel on a score board. Run a score line around all 4 edges of the bottom section.

44 44 (Copy)

Step 45 When flipped over the embossed line will be on the front and to be seen part of the card. This will add detail to the finished look.

45 45 (Copy)

Step 46. Take a piece of A4 pumice card in a landscape position and score a line from top to bottom 1 ¾” or 4.5cms in from the left hand side. This will create a folded area to add another piece of card in a few steps. This creates a larger blank card from 2 pieces of A4 card.

46 46 (Copy)

Step 47 This step is optional but continues the embossed look in the card and marries it all up nicely. The remaining large area will be 25cms x 21cms, so place the edge of the card on a score board and use the 2 thin channels to score around the edge making sure the inner corner doesn`t go off the edge of card to make a neat corner feature.

47 47 (Copy)

Step 48. Use some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue or some double sided tape to stick the 1 ¾” or 4.5cms tab onto another sheet of pumice card. Flip the card over and trim off the excess card that falls over the right hand side of the card.

48 48 (Copy)

Step 49. Cut the snow fibre snowflake embossed paper to 222mm x 183mm or 8 ¾” x 7 ¼” and mat that onto a piece of white card and trim so a very thin area is seen. This is just the strengthen the snow fibre paper as the waterfall mechanism will be attached to this panel.

49 49 (Copy)

Step 50. Add some foam tape under just the end small sections of the reverse thin strip as this will allow the `let it snow` piece to flow under the strip. Stick the remaining strip just a fraction up from the bottom of the lowest snowflake panel with the tape on the top side of the thin strip.

Lay the fold snowflake panel onto the card with the thin strip of card in place and punch a hole through the card, foam tape and the snowflake snow fibre panel. Make sure you have a craft mat underneath.

50 50 (Copy)

Step 51. Lift the just cut piece up.

51 51 (Copy)

Step 52. Mark the centre of the bottom edge of the snowflake waterfall card.

52 52 (Copy)

Step 53. Punch a hole ready for ribbon to be added.

53 53 (Copy)

Step 54. Use some brads to add the snowflake waterfall panel through the snow fibre panel and secure the brads on the back of the card. This is the only point the waterfall panel will be connected to the card to allow the waterfall feature to work.

Use some foam tape on the back of the snowflake / snow fibre panel and stick this onto the prepared pumice base card.

54 54 (Copy)

Step 55. Take a length of Creative Expressions scarlet ribbon and fold it in half before poking it through the back of the hole on the waterfall card.

55 55 (Copy)

Step 56. Flip the tails of the ribbon through the loop and then pull the ribbon tight. Hold on to the card as you do this so it doesn`t tear the hole and then trim the ribbon into points on the ends.

56 56 (Copy)

Step 57. Add the winter wishes sentiment onto the bottom section of the waterfall pull down piece and add a small amount of 3d glue to the centre of the ribbon.

57 57 (Copy)

Step 58. Add a Creative Expressions pine cone embellishment to the glue to complete the pulley section.

58 58 (Copy)

Step 59. Use one of the Creative Expressions 3mm flat back pearls to add to the brad to compliment the look.

59 59 (Copy)

Step 60. Apply some of the Cosmic Shimmer pearl white PVA glue to each of the snowflake centres on the snow fibre lattice background. If dropped down they will add a lovely faux pearl effect to the panel.

60 60 (Copy)

Step 61. Place the Christmas tree in the bottom left hand corner of the card and a deer has been cut and Cosmic Shimmer aurora sparkle texture paste has been applied for a lovely shimmery feel to the deer. When dry add the deer to the bottom right hand side of the card.

61 61

Step 62. Once completed the snowflake panels give a wonderful effect to the top of the card.

62 62 (Copy)

Step 63. The glitter jewels shimmer through the snowflake striplet panel.

63 63 (Copy)

Step 64. Here is a close up of the ribbon and pine cone effect which when pulled…….

64 64 (Copy)

Step 65. …… The let it snow sentiment appears.

65 65

Step 66. The lapis pearl lustre gives a lovely wintery feel to the finished project.

66 66

Step 67 Here is the finished project. The red & green Christmas colours enhancing the white soft tones of the card.

67 67

Happy Crafting


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