A Friend is like a Rainbow Kite Card

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This workshop shows how to make this fun kite card using the Couture Creations vintage paper and some of Sue Wilson`s dies.

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A Friend is like a Rainbow Kite


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

 Couture Creations Vintage Rose 12″ x 12″ Paper Pad : CO723971

Sue Wilson Noble Collection Pierced Designs Die : CED5507

Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Camellia Complete Petals Die : CED1421

Creative Expressions Amazing Sentiments Stamps :CEC702

Phill Martin Cosmic Shimmer Chic Moss Gilding Wax : CSPMGWMOSS

Two Tone Olive Ribbon : KN16

  Creative Expressions Smoothies CESMOOTH or  Cut`n`Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Clear & Resist Ink Pad : CRPAD

Tim Holtz Shabby Shutters Ink Pad : DPSHABBYSHUTT

& Cosmic Shimmer True White Embossing Powder : CSDEPWHHITE

    Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE , Pearl PVA Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

 Silicone Glue


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to make a decorative kite which makes for a fun design for the summer months ahead. For the project you will need the Couture Creations vintage rose 12″ x 12“ paper pad, the Sue Wilson noble collection ~ pierced rectangle die set, the Sue Wilson finishing touches camellia complete petals die along the Creative Expressions amazing sentiments stamps.


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Step 2. This will be the basic shape of the finished design and it has been made to show how the finished measurements have been worked out. Often it`s fun just taking a scrap piece of paper and folding / cutting it and seeing what you can come up with.

2 2 (Copy)

Step 3. So the finished paper size required to be cut out of the Couture Creations vintage rose 12″ x 12“ paper pad is 7” x 7” and then place a pencil mark working from the top left hand corner at 4 1/8” along the top and then the same measurement down the left hand side again from the top left hand corner.

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Step 4. Place the 7”x 7” piece of chequered paper on a scoring board or you can just use an embossing tool and a ruler if not.

4 4 (Copy)

Step 5. Find the 4 1/8measurement.

5 5 (Copy)

Step 6. Place that marking on a score line on the score board and swivel the bottom right hand tip of the paper onto the same score line on the board. Score down this line & then repeat this using the other 4 1/8” marked point and score again onto the bottom corner which you have just scored the 1st line down to.

6 6 (Copy)

Step 7. Now you will have the main score lines to create the kite shape.

7 7 (Copy)

Step 8. Crease on the score lines and depending on your preference you may wish to trim a small amount off the central point where the folds meet. This will allow some of the ribbon to be seem later on and it makes for a nice feature.

8 8 (Copy)

Step 9. As the back of the green paper is a pink rose you may which to keep the project all green but this is easily sorted by cutting an additional piece of paper to cover the design.

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Step 10. Lay the folded kite shape onto a piece of chosen green paper and draw around the kite shape in pencil.

10 10 (Copy)

Step 11. Cut the shape out and lay it over the inside of the kite before sticking it done later on.

11 11 (Copy)

Step 12. Here you will see on the reverse of the kite a small excess of card shows over the edge of the kite point. Just cut the excess off.

12 12 (Copy)

Step 13. Distress the edges of the green inner kite panel using some Tim Holtz shabby shutters ink on a Creative Expression smoothie for a seamless distressing on the paper.

13 13 (Copy)

Step 14. Add some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue on the reverse of the panel before adding it on the inside of the kite to cover the rose design up.

14 14 (Copy)

Step 15. Here I’m using the off cut that is 5 inches wide from the main paper that was used for the kite. Place the filigree design at the top of the paper. Find the middle of the paper and draw a dot at where the bottom of the point of the kite is. Draw lines from each corner to the centre point and one line down the centre of the triangle to divide the piece into to sections. These will be used to mat onto the front of the kite. Alternatively use a different design which I have done on this project to pull in some white from the pattern and the embossing.

15 16 (Copy)

Step 16. Lay the panels onto the front of the card & trim away any excess to make them fit so there is a border around the edge. Mount the panels onto the kite using some foam tape on the reverse to add dimension to the piece.

16 17 (Copy)

Step 17 . Take the piercing ruler or a ruler & measure at 1 inch intervals starting from the top of the inner kite panels.

17 18 (Copy)

Step 18. Turn the kite so it`s tail is facing downwards and lay your ruler across the panels and mirror the pencil marks going down the opposite panel.

18 19 (Copy)

Step 19. Open the kite up so it lays flat onto a cutting mat and punch a small hole through each of the pencil marks. Here a Japanese screw punch has been used, or you can use a crop-o-dile or even a pokey tool as the holes will be covered with flowers. The only issue will be threading the ribbon will take extra work.

19 20 (Copy)

Step 20. Repeat on the other panel so now you`ll have 7 holes down edge side of the kite panel.

20 21 (Copy)

Step 21. Take some off cuts of the papers you have used and cut through both pieces together using 4 of the smallest and 4 of the 2nd smallest flowers from the Sue Wilson complete petals die set.

21 22 (Copy)

Step 22. For each side of the kite panels you`ll need 7 sets of the 2 flower heads. Go ahead and cut other sets of flowers as you`ll need 18 sets in total to embellish the sentiment panel and ribbon as well.

22 23 (Copy)

Step 23. Place the large and smaller flower heads together & punch a hole through the centre of the flower.

23 24 (Copy)

Step 24. Use some of the Phill Martin Cosmic Shimmer chic moss gilding wax over the top of the flowers to add a shimmer to the petals.

24 25 (Copy)

Step 25. Add a small amount to the Cosmic Shimmer dries glue around the kite holes. Don`t cover the hole at all as it needs to be glue free so the ribbon can feed through the hole later on.

25 26 (Copy)

Step 26. Attach the larger flower onto the glue and then add a small amount of the glue before adding the smallest flower over the top.

26 27 (Copy)

Step 27. Repeat the process and glue all the flowers pairs onto the kite panel.

27 28 (Copy)

Step 28. Here I have taken the pokey tool on the end of the Spellbinders all in one tool & used it to lift the smaller petals up from the larger flower below. This will just give the project a lift to the finished look later on and it will stop the petals from being glued together.

28 29 (Copy)

Step 29. Take a long length of the 2 tone ribbon & wrap a piece of cellotape around the end of the ribbon. Cut the end off at an angle as this will act as a needle effect. Repeat this on the other end of the ribbon.

29 30 (Copy)

Step 30. Pass the points of the ribbon through the bottom 2 holes of the kite. Make sure the kite point is facing downwards and the flaps are lifted upwards as you do this as this will set you off in the right way.

30 31 (Copy)

Step 31. Turn the kite around & crossover the ribbon before threading each end of the ribbon in the hole above.

31 32 (Copy)

Step 32. Repeat this process until you get to the top & then as the ribbon ends up on the inside of the kite, just tie a knot in the ribbon.

32 33 (Copy)

Step 33. Now make a bow in the ribbon.

33 34 (Copy)

Step 34. Fold a length of ribbon measuring 13 inches long in half. Wrap some cellotape around the folded end to shorten the width of the ribbon in half again.

34 35 (Copy)

Step 35. Stick the cellotape end onto the bottom tail of the kite using the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue.

35 36 (Copy)

Step 36. Stamp the `A Friend is like a Rainbow` sentiment from the Creative Expressions amazing sentiments stamp onto a piece of the green paper using the clear & resist ink pad before adding some of the Cosmic Shimmer true white embossing powder over the top. Now heat set the embossing powder.

36 37 (Copy)

Step .37 If you didn`t cut them earlier cut some more of the flowers and some small leaves from the die set. Also cut the sentiment out using the pierced rectangle die making sure the die is placed with the sentiment falling on the left hand side of the die, this will give space for the flowers to be added later on.

37 38 (Copy)

Step 38. Cut the solid die shape out of the pierced rectangle die & then use the embossed die from the pierced rectangle die set to give the finish on green paper. Lift the embossing by using the chic moss gilding wax over the area. Cut another solid die shape in some white card.

38 39 (Copy)

Step 39. Trim away a small border around the green paper to allow a small edge of the white to show through. Glue the panel into the top of the kite opening and add the green paper onto the white using some foam tape.

39 40 (Copy)

Step .40 Place 2 layers of foam tape on the sentiment end (on the reverse) and add some glue on the other end of the panel.

40 41 (Copy)

Step 41. Stick the sentiment over the embossed panel at a jaunty angle. Add 2 flowers and 3 leaves to the right hand edge of the sentiment.

41 42 (Copy)

Step 42. Place another flower to cover the knot of the ribbon and also add a flower on the cellotape end of the kite .

42 43 (Copy)

Step 43. Add some Cosmic Shimmer pearl PVA glue on the centre of the flower embellishments. Here is the completed kite project.

43 44 (Copy)

Step 44. The thin gap on the kite opening adds to overall feel to the kite finish.

44 45 (Copy)

Step 45. Choose whichever sentiment suits the theme you need the project for or add something different.

45 46 (Copy)

Step 46. You may want to just add it to a wall in a child’s bedroom or play room ???

46 47 (Copy)

 Happy Crafting

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