Woven Embossed Thank You Card

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This workshop shows how to make an extra woven stripe to work with the weave classic die set using the new floral stripes embossing folder as well as using it as a background layer.

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Here is a close up of the embossed weave and the pierced weave sections. They sit perfectly under the pierced rectangle frame and the decorative pins set an elegance to finish the piece.



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Woven Embossed Thank You Card


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Sue Wilson Weaving Collection Classic : CED5301

Sue Wilson Noble Collection ~ Pierced Rectangle Die Set : CED5502

Creative Expressions 5¾” 7½” Floral Stripes Embossing Folder : EF-033

JustRite Vintage Filigree Fancies Stamps JRAG-04020

JustRite Vintage Labels 3 & 7 Stamp Plate : JRCL02022

Sue Wilson Frame & Tag Die Collection ~ Dainty Rectangular Frame : CED4301

Coconut  Foundations A4 Card : 40980 & Kraft Card : KRAFTCARD

 Creative Expressions Smoothies CESMOOTH   & Cut`n`Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads: Dried Marigold : DPDRDMARIGOLD 

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Cosmic Shimmer Lapis Pearl Embossing Powder : CSEPLAPPEA

   Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Silicone Glue

Creative Expressions Satin Ribbon ~ Sideshow Rose : CESRSSROSE

Creative Expressions Finishing Touches Pearl Corners ~ White Design 2 : SASCW2

Creative Expressions Dazzler Setting Set 4 : SETDAZZ4

Creative Expressions Vintage Bronze Settings : VINTBUTBRZ2

Stick Pins Products :

Creative Expressions Pearl Topped Stick Pins ~ White : CEPINWHT

Creative Expressions Faceted Teardrop Beads ~ Blush  : CEPBEADBLSH

White Pearls : CEPPEARLWHT & Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS

Also available are spacer beads  Bead Spacers : CEPSPACERS


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to make a woven card using an embossing folder and the Sue Wilson weaving classic die. For the project you will need the Sue Wilson weaving classic die, the Sue Wilson noble collection ~ pierced rectangle die set, the Creative Expressions floral stripes emboss folder along with the JustRite vintage filigree fancies stamps .The JustRite Vintage Labels 3 & 7 Stamp Plate and the Sue Wilson frame & tag die collection ~ dainty rectangular frame are used for the `Thank You` sentiment.


1 (Copy)

Step 2. Place a piece of coconut card into the Creative Expressions floral stripes emboss folder & run the folder through the Grand Calibur machine using the base plate & the Spellbinders raspberry plate either side of the embossing folder.

2 2 (Copy)

Step 3. This will create the floral strips with the embossed lines either side of the floral pattern. It makes this folder prefect for working in conjunction with the Sue Wilson weaving classic die.

3 3 (Copy)

Step 4. Run the Sue Wilson weaving classic die through the Grand Calibur machine again with the coconut card. Ideally cut on a wider piece of card to allow for a wide edge after the weave sides. Not to worry if you don`t as there are steps to show how you can over come this issue later on.

4 4 (Copy)

Step 5. Trim off the bottom edge only on the weave panel.

5 5 (Copy)

Step 6. Now start to trim the embossed strips the same size as the weave widths from the floral embossed panel. Cutting the 1st one will show you where you need to cut the rest.

6 6 (Copy)

Step 7. Here the strip was cut just inside the embossed line of the floral panel.

7 7 (Copy)

Step 8. Depending on the finished look you may need to emboss 2 floral panels and cut 10 floral strips the width of the weave. 5 strips will using the embossed side and 5 will be the debossed side.

8 8 (Copy)

Step 9. Take the Tim Holtz dried marigold distress ink & add some on to one of the Creative Expressions new smoothies (or use cut`n`dry foam if you haven`t tried them yet, but be warned once used you won`t go back !!!) Ink on 5 of the embossed sides & 5 of the debossed sides of the strips.

9 9 (Copy)

Step 10. The great thing about using the 2 sides is the slight difference in pattern.

10 10 (Copy)

Step 11. Now ink up the weave panel again using the dried marigold ink with the smoothies. Once it`s all been inked go back in and dab in patches on the card to give some depth to different areas.

11 11 (Copy)

Step 12. Select the rose stamp from the JustRite vintage filigree fancies stamp set and stamp using the dried marigold ink over the weave pattern.

12 12 (Copy)

Step 13. This will create a lovely soft feel over the weave panel.

13 13 (Copy)

Step 14. Start to weave the embossed strip in and out of the weave panel. I like to lift the alternate strips up and place a strip underneath and then do the same with the other weave strip. This time place a debossed strip under weave.


14 (Copy)

Step 15. Continue to do this alternating the embossed and debossed strips as you go.

15 15 (Copy)

Step 16. Until you have completed the whole weave depth.

16 16 (Copy)

Step 17 . This is where the extra width would come in handy so the weave fits under the large pierced rectangle die as it`s just seen slightly under the intricate border design.

17 17 (Copy)

Step 18. Secure the frame dies using the solid cut rectangle frame, the inner intricate cut die and then the solid inner die on a piece of white card with some low tack tape.

18 18 (Copy)

Step 19. Place a thin piece of card so it fits just the same size as the largest die shape & use it as a shim as this will allow the intricate border to able to be cut in one pass in the centre of the machine.

19 19 (Copy)

Step 20. So a perfect cut first time. Because the die is large it will just give that added pressure where needed. It just depends on how worn your plates are and you`ll be used to how your die cutting machine works so just play around as needed.


20 (Copy)

Step 21. Place the cut border over the weave panel to see if it has all been woven enough.

21 21 (Copy)

Step 22. Take the frame and ink it with the dried marigold ink on a smoothie.

22 22 (Copy)

Step 23. Once it`s dry press a clear & resist ink pad over the whole of the frame.

23 23 (Copy)

Step 24. Before tipping over the Cosmic Shimmer lapis pearl lustre embossing powder over the ink. Now heat set the frame for a wonderful soft toned frame.

24 24 (Copy)

Step 25. If the panel wasn`t wide enough then snip off the plain thin edge either side of the weave panel.

25 25 (Copy)

Step 26. and weave a plain strip of card following the same pattern of the weave set beforehand.

26 26 (Copy)

Step 27. Secure the card in place on the reverse side using some double sided tape.

27 27 (Copy)

Step 28. Now the design flows perfectly underneath the detailed frame.

28 28 (Copy)

Step 29. Place the solid die which was used when cutting the frame out from the pierced rectangle die set over the weave panel & cut the panel out.

29 29 (Copy)

Step 30. You may need to pass the piece through twice to cut through the double sided tape courier sheet.

30 30 (Copy)

Step 31. Take the rose stamp & dried marigold ink and stamp over the plain weave card edges.

31 31 (Copy)

Step 32. Now you have the frame and weave panel complete, take the largest die & cut a solid piece of kraft card using this die as this will make a base to set the worked pieces on.

32 32 (Copy)

Step 33. Cut a piece of pearl card or white card so that you have enough to end up with a panel that measures 8” wide x 7¾” depth. It`s best to cut the card bigger and trim the card to size afterwards. This will mean you need to emboss the card in 2 passes but this stripped floral pattern is perfect for moving the card along and matching the strips up on the 2nd pass.

33 33 (Copy)

Step 34. Now you will have a perfect embossed panel. Just cut it to size as mentioned in the last step.

34 34 (Copy)

Step 35. Cut a piece of card a few millimetres bigger than the embossed panel & ink the edges by swiping the dried marigold ink pad directly over the edges.

35 35 (Copy)

Step 36. Once the ink is dry mount the embossed panel and then the kraft panel onto each other using foam tape for added dimension.

36 36 (Copy)

Step .37 Mount the weave panel again using foam tape. The wonders of Sue`s dies is the attention to detail and these dies produce the amazing pierced edges to each layer.

37 37 (Copy)

Step 38. Attach the embossed frame over the weave panel using some 3d silicone glue on the reverse solid areas of the frame so it is raised above the weave area.

38 38 (Copy)

Step 39. Place the panels onto a base card made by scoring a piece of kraft card at 1 inch in from the edge and attaching another card to the tab. Cut the card to 9 3/8thwide and retain the depth of the card as is. Either have the base card plain or ……..

39 39 (Copy)

Step .40 Stamp around the edges of the card using the rose stamp with some dried marigold ink on it and then quickly add the lapis pearl embossing powder over the top and then embossing the card.

40 40 (Copy)

Step 41. Make 2 decorative pins using the Creative Expressions pearl topped stick pins along with 2 faceted blush teardrop beads on each stick. Please use the glossy accents glue to secure each beads to each other and allow the beads to dry as this glue will not rust the stick pins in time.

41 41 (Copy)

Step 42. Glue a vintage button over the top ( or use a dazzler ) onto a dazzler setting. Make a bow using the Creative Expressions sideshow rose ribbon.

42 42 (Copy)

Step 43. Assemble the decorative pins behind the ribbon & dazzler setting. Now stamp the `Thank You` sentiment from the JustRite Vintage Labels 3 & 7 Stamp Plate and cut it using the Sue Wilson frame & tag die collection ~ dainty rectangular frame .

43 43 (Copy)

Step 44. Add some inverted pearl corners over the corners of the embossed frame. I would use some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to strengthen the hold as the pearls are sitting on an embossed surface.

44 44 (Copy)

Step 45. A close up of the different details in the weave design or why not use the striped weave die on top of the classic weave die for added detail to the project.

45 45 (Copy)

Step 46. A close up of the weave, the sentiment and the decorative pearl corners.

46 46

 Happy Crafting

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