Distressed Butterfly Mothers Day Gift Box

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This workshop shows how upcycle an unwanted box using different Cosmic Shimmer mediums and chalk paints, also making your own stencil fro the sparkle medium to be added through

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Yummy fudges for a great treat & gift too ~ perfect for a Mother`s Day or Easter treat


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Distressed Butterfly Mothers Day Gift Box


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Sue Wilson Phoenix from the Gemini Collections Die : CED4401

 Sue Wilson Magical Butterfly Finishing Touches Die Set : CED1415

Cosmic Shimmer Aurora Sparkle Texture Paste : CSPASTSPAUR

   Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Silicone Glue

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Gloss Glaze : CSGLAZCLGLOS

Cosmic Shimmer Crackle Glaze : CSGLAZCRACK

Cosmic Shimmer Gesso White : CSGESWHI

Cosmic Shimmer Chalk Paint



Tim Holtz Fired Brick Ink Pad : DPFIREDRED

Vintage Ribbon  Moss Green :VRMOSS

Creative Expressions Pink Dazzler : DAZPINK

 Coconut  Foundations A4 Card : 40980 

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to cover / upcycle a box using a few of the different mediums from the Cosmic Shimmer range. For this project you`ll need the Cosmic Shimmer aurora sparkle texture paste, the Cosmic Shimmer clear gloss glaze, the Cosmic Shimmer crackle glaze, the Cosmic Shimmer Gesso white, some citron, pink dust & red velvet Cosmic Shimmer chalk paint. The Sue Wilson Phoenix Gemini collection die is used to decorate the edge of the box whilst the Sue Wilson magical butterfly finishing touches die is used to make a stencil for the Cosmic Shimmer aurora sparkle texture paste to be passed through.

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Step 2. This step is optional but it has been done to gage the area needed to make my stencil. I`m using an empty Turkish Delight box left over from Christmas. It`s made from a wood that is similar to the Camembert cheese boxes you can also get. So keep your eye out for different boxes as you can always upcycle them. Simply draw around the lid area onto a piece of 240gsm card. It doesn’t have to be your best card as this will be thrown away afterwards but it needs to be thick enough to hold the wetness of the texture paste.

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Step 3. Place the inner butterfly dies without the outer die cut edges into the circle space from the Sue Wilson magical butterfly finishing touches die set . Secure them down with some low tack tape. You can use the butterfly with the outside cut edge on and I’ll show you on the next step how. Now cut the prepared piece through the Grand Calibur or other die cutting machines.

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Step 4. The inner butterfly dies just leave a pretty cut area on the card whilst the other die has come out as a whole butterfly leaving a large solid butterfly shape wish isn`t wanted for this stencil.

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Step 5. So place the butterfly back into the card & on the reverse of the card tape the fine edges down with some cellotape so the intricate design isn`t masked.

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Step 6. Go back in and balance the design out with some more butterflies. I have made the butterflies go off the edge of the circle for a design effect.

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Step 7. Now cut 5 whole butterflies & 2 of the half butterflies from the Sue Wilson Phoenix Gemini collection die set. You`ll see later on why I had 6 in this photo !!! Just cut various different butterflies from the magical butterfly set in the coconut card.

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Step 8. Take your box you want to cover and upcycle. Now to prime the box using the Cosmic Shimmer Gesso as the base coat.

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Step 9. Take the wooden box as in this case & add some of the Cosmic Shimmer Gesso onto a small trawl or use a large flat paint brush. I just swished the Gesso back and forth to leave a thin layer of the product. It went on so smoothly I didn`t even need the paint brush. Repeat this process on the side and base of the box. I have left the insides of the box as it nice and clean with the wooden effect.

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Step 10. Add a small amount of the citron Cosmic Shimmer chalk paint onto the blending mat. Take a small piece of cut`n`dry foam …….

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Step 11. …… And pick up a small amount of the paint. Now tap the foam up and down to work the paint more evenly over the foam. This will give you a much better coverage when working on the box.

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Step 12. Tap the loaded paint cut`n`dry foam over the Gesso until all the primed surface is covered. This again goes on so smoothly.

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Step 13. As only a small amount of paint was used I tend to clear up as I go to avoid placing my arm or my project into the unwanted paint !!! So just use a grime boss cloth to wipe up the paint before it dries on mat.

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Step 14. Now repeat the process of loading a new piece of cut`n`dry foam with some pink dust Cosmic Shimmer chalk paint. Dab the foam over the Sue Wilson Phoenix die shapes from the Gemini collection die set.

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Step 15. The paint will dry quickly as long as it`s applied in a fine layer, so now go back over random parts of the border shape with the excess ink which is still on the cut`n`dry foam. For a another lift a small amount of the red velvet Cosmic Shimmer chalk paint has been dabbed onto the border. Be careful to only use a small dot of the red paint on the foam as a little goes a long way.

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Step 16. Whilst the borders dry the box is going to have some Cosmic Shimmer crackle effect glaze added over the green chalk paint. Add a thin layer of the glaze making sure the glaze is pulled in the same direction ~ either left to right or up and down, just never a mixture of diagonal etc. Set the lid aside to dry.

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Step 17 . Now to measure the base where the borders are going to be placed. Take a long length of the ribbon & wrap it around the circumference of the base box. Make a small mark on the ribbon where the end point lays.

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Step 18. Lay the ribbon flat on the work surface & place the 3 borders side by side. Using this technique will allow you to see how much spacing is needed between each border and so you get evenly spaced borders on the finished piece. If these didn`t fit as well you can decide where the border is needed to cut for a uniformed look.

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Step 19. Use a small amount of the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue behind the flowery border and add the borders to the lower part of the box base. This will allow the lid to fit back nicely later on.

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Step 20. Add some of the Cosmic Shimmer clear gloss finish glaze onto a piece of cut`n`dry foam & dab it all over the border and paint on the bottom base portion of the box. This will give a nice seal to the paint.

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Step 21. Repeat the building up of colour as you did on the borders on the butterflies. Firstly you may want to colour a small amount on the reverse side of the butterflies as they might be seem when the butterflies are added in an in flight position.

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Step 22. Now the Cosmic Shimmer crackle glaze is dry, make sure you have the brush strokes facing upwards ready for adding the top layer in a horizontal position.

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Step 23. Add some of the pink dusk Cosmic Shimmer chalk paint onto the blending mat before picking up the paint on a flat paint brush. Brush the paint in a smooth long stroke, trying to just add the paint in a single swipe. DO NOT work the paint on to heavily as you won`t see much of a crackle.

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Step 24. Once the whole of the lid is covered take a heat tool & gently dry the paint using a sweeping motion so you don`t burn any of the thin wood. Alternatively place near a radiator or warm place & you`ll see the lovely crackle appearing as the paint dries. This effect won`t crack is placed in a cold place to dry.

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Step 25. Take a small amount of Tim Holtz fired brick distress ink on a piece of foam pad or use some of the deep red Creative Expressions gilding wax. Add the ink onto the edges of the worked box to just list the colours together.

2525 (Copy)

Step 26. Lay the prepared butterfly stencil over the lid securing it lightly in place with some low tack tape on the sides.

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Step 27. Pick up some of the Cosmic Shimmer aurora sparkle texture paste on the small trowel & sweep it across the stencil. Try not to over work so you don`t lift the stencil as you work back and forth. This could cause some of the texture paste to seep under the stencil and distraught the pattern.

2727 (Copy)

Step 28. Lift the mask up and off the lid to reveal the lovely sparkle butterflies. There may be odd areas / gaps around the edges of the lid you wish to cover so scrap off any excess paste and just work with a small area of mask and paste. Alternatively you can make a few new single butterfly masks. LEAVE THE PASTE TO DRY before touching it.

2828 (Copy)

Step 29. Use some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to add behind the bodies of the butterfly and then attach them to the centre of the sparkle texture butterflies. It doesn`t matter if they are not the same butterfly as below as it`s just a shadow effect. Here you can see I have made 6 butterflies but somehow it looks unbalanced. So I have cut the small half butterfly and flipped the butterfly before colouring the back of the design. Once coloured I have glued on onto the box. Using this technique always the butterfly to flow off the box in the opposite direction and it also makes an odd number of butterflies which in a craft project it often looks better as it`s more balanced.

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Step 30. Make a nice size shabby chic bow by wrapping 4 loops and a length of tails in the vintage moss green ribbon. Cut one of the loops so that you get another set of ribbon tails. Use some silicon glue to add the bow to the lid, make sure you position it where the butterflies falls nicely from the front view. Stand the lid upwards so the glue on the bow has a chance to dry in place.

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Step 31. Add a Creative Expressions pink dazzler over the knot of the bow to compliment the design colours. Add some stamped tissue pattern into the box & fill with some love fudge or other sweets.

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Step 32. Here is another close up of the crackle paint effect on the lid with the colours being pulled through into the butterflies. The texture sparkle paste just lifts the design.

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Here is the completed upcycled box perfect for a Mothers Day gift. Why not add a few messages hand written on small pieces of card or add them on a die cut tag, we don`t always express are true feelings to the ones we love dearly so make them feel extra special with these extra touches.

This project could have been ,add with yellow tones add instead of the pink and it could be used for an Easter surprise, I have someone in my family who can`t have chocolate so adding some marshmallows or other treats makes a perfect gift.

Just have fun with the Cosmic Shimmer paint range and paint mediums, I know I had a relaxing day making this project.

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Happy Crafting


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