Waste Wax Paper Flower Teal Card

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This workshop shows how to make a delicate card using the waste wax paper from the Victorian border die.

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Waste Wax Paper Teal Card


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Spellbinders Elizabeth Strip Border Die : WIZS4-439

Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Petite Vinery Die : CED1418

JustRite Vintage Labels 8 & 9 : JRCR02107

Foundations Teal A4 Card40985 & Foundations Baby Blue A4 Card : 41012

Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

   Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE& Silicone Glue

Tim Holtz Peacock Feathers Distress Ink Pad : DPPEACOCK

Ranger Mini Blending Tool : BLENDMINI

Sue Wilson Large Rambling Blossom Embossing Folder : EF-026

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMAT

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD &

Cosmic Shimmer Blue Watercress Embossing Powder :CSEPBLUWA

Creative Expressions Dazzler :DAZPINK

or for ease BUY

Creative Expressions Teal Dazzler : DAZTEAL

Cosmic Shimmer Summer Blue Pearl PVA Glue :CSGSUMM

Creative Expressions Silver Tulle : CETULLESIV


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop will show you how to make a lovely filigree wax flower made using the waste of the die cut piece. For it you`ll need some Cut Rite wax paper, the Sue Wilson Striplet collection floral meadow die (optional) for the rectangle die, Sue Wilson finishing touches petite vinery die , JustRite vintage labels 8 & 9 stamp plate, Spellbinders Elizabeth strip border die, some Foundations teal & baby blue A4 card along with the Cosmic Shimmer summer blue pearl PVA glue & a Tim Holtz peacock feathers distress ink pad.

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Step 2. Take a piece of the Foundations baby blue A4 card and lay it in the Sue Wilson large rambling blossom embossing folder. Place the Grand Calibur base plate underneath the prepared embossing folder & add the Spellbinder raspberry adapter plate over the top of the embossing folder. Run this sandwich through the Grand Calibur machine to emboss it.


2 (Copy)

Step 3. Once the card is embossed there are 2 options on how you ink it here. Firstly for a softer look , some Tim Holtz peacock feathers distress ink has been added to a mini blending tool & the ink is applied to the raised areas of the card. You can also use a piece of cut`n`dry foam for a similar effect. This techniques will give a softer feel as the ink often hits the back of the card as well as the embossed areas. Alternatively ……..


3 (Copy)

Step 4. …..take the Tim Holtz peacock feathers distress ink and with it flat on the embossed card swipe it back and forth across the raised area.


4 (Copy)

Step 5 . This techniques gives a darker contrast feel to a lighter blue card background and it`s this card I will be using for this project.


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Step 6. To plan the project the rectangle from a Sue Wilson striplet set & the Spellbinders Elizabeth strip border die are laid onto the embossed background to see if these are the correct dies needed for the project.


6 (Copy)

Step 7. Take a piece baby blue card and a piece of the Cut Rite wax paper & lay it in between the Spellbinders Elizabeth strip border die. Make sure some low tack tape is used to secure the outer frame die to the middle die so that the dies don`t move during the cutting process in the die cutting machine. If not and the die moves it could cut and damage you die.


7 (Copy)

Step 8. Add a Sue Wilson finishing touches petite vinery die onto a piece of baby blue card & add a rectangle solid die from the Sue Wilson striplet die set onto a piece of teal card. Make sure the Victorian border is placed down one side of the cutting board as this is where there is most pressure & then cut all 3 die shapes in one pass.


8 (Copy)

Step 9. Here you can see that the intricate design has cut on just the one pass. Now emboss the pieces.


9 (Copy)

Step 10 . Here you can see how well the teal rectangle border sets off the Victorian die panel with the rambling roses in the background.

10 10 (Copy)

Step 11. Go on and cut 2 more sets of the same dies using fresh wax paper as you go. Make sure you retain the wax paper from each border cut.

11 11 (Copy)

Step 12. To make the wax paper flower you`ll need a circle of card for the centre of the flower. As I didn`t have a die close to hand I used the mini blending tool to draw a circle around on the teal card. Cut the circle out.

12 12 (Copy)

Step 13. Add some sticky from a sticky thumb tape runner or add some dries clear Cosmic Shimmer glue to the circle disc. Add the tip of one of the points of the Victorian border wax paper strips right up to the centre of the circle. Continue to work around the circle repeating the process off each of the 3 tips on each strip of the border. Add each one to the centre and add more glue if it`s needed. You will need to use all 3 wax paper strips to complete the circle and to make the flower.

13 13 (Copy)

Step 14. The border will curve up giving a lovely feel to the flower. Not bad from what would be the waste thrown away.

14 14 (Copy)

Step 15. Cut 3 small pieces with the full width of the Creative Expressions silver tulle & tie one piece over the centre of another piece.

15 15 (Copy)

Step 16. Now tie another piece over the just made pieces & trim away the excess from the ends of the tulle so it will fit nicely in the wax paper flower.

16 16 (Copy)

Step 17 . Use some silicone glue to fix the tulle over the centre of the wax flower or use Cosmic Shimmer glue making sure you hold it down whilst the glue takes. Either use a Creative Expressions teal dazzler to cover the centre of the tulle or ….

17 17 (Copy)

Step 18. …… take a different colour Creative Expressions Dazzler & press it into a clear & resist ink pad & then sprinkle the Cosmic Shimmer blue watercress embossing powder over the top of the ink.

18 18 (Copy)

Step 19. Heat set the dazzler using a heat tool.

19 19 (Copy)

Step 20. Add the dazzler over the middle of the flower as this will cover the knots of the tulle.

20 20 (Copy)

Step 21. To make up a card you sometimes work down from a base card size or as in this case you need the elements to fit onto the embossing card so you work outwards. So lay the rectangles onto the embossed card leaving a small gap around the edges of the teal rectangles. Mark with a pen where the card needs to be cut to make a nice border all around the edge. My card measured 9” x 7¾”.

21 21 (Copy)

Step 22. To make the base card place the embossed card onto a piece of teal card which is in a landscape position measure ½cm in from the right hand side of the card and lay down the embossed panel.

22 22 (Copy)

Step 23. Repeat the process and measure the same ½cm down the left hand side of the embossed panel. Fold the excess card back & attach a piece of card and trim away the excess from the right hand side. This will make the complete base card.

23 23 (Copy)

Step 24. You will them have the correct size base card perfect to fit the rectangles and embossing panel.

24 24 (Copy)

Step 25. Add some foam tape to the backs of the teal rectangles & then add the right hand & left hand side panels to the card. This will make it easier when adding the centre panel as you will get the spacing correct. Go ahead and add the centre panel.

25 25 (Copy)

Step 26. Decide which way you want the borders to be added to the card. By accident as the borders were laying on the card I thought they looked nice so I have changed my mind and will be adding them to the panels in a horizontal direction.

26 26 (Copy)

Step 27. Or you can still add them down the teal panels as originally planned. That`s the joy of crafting !!!!

27 27 (Copy)

Step 28. Add the Victorian borders onto the blending mat & add some of the peacock feathers distress ink on the mini blending tool. Don`t go all around the edges of each piece, just hit different areas to give a more faded ombre feel to the piece.

28 28 (Copy)

Step 29. Place some of the dries clear Cosmic Shimmer glue onto the blending mat.

29 29 (Copy)

Step 30. Dab a small piece of cut`n`dry foam over the glue & keep dabbing it as you go so it works the glue across the surface of the foam rather than to deeply into the foam.

30 30 (Copy)

Step 31. Add the glue to the reverse of the border shapes making sure you don`t move the die shape around to much as the glue will seep through the intricate holes & pick up on the front of the border.

31 31 (Copy)

Step 32. Lay the borders onto the card to give you an idea of where each border will be placed. Once all of the complete border has been glued then add it to the top layer of the card. Repeat the process on the middle row but off set the border to fall into a diamond shape & finish by adding the 3rd border. Make sure you do each border separately so the glue doesn`t dry out to quickly.

32 32 (Copy)

Step 33. Lay the leaves behind the wax flower, lift off the flower & stick the leaves in places using the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue. Add the flower back over the top and secure it in place.

33 33 (Copy)

Step 34. Add the floral frame & the `Love & Care` sentiment from the JustRite vintage labels 8 & 9 stamp plate onto an acrylic block & add some clear & resist ink over the images and use some Cosmic Shimmer blue watercress embossing powder over the top of the ink & heat set the pieces.

34 34 (Copy)

Step 35. Add some peacock feathers distress ink onto a floral oval from the stamp set & stamp at random over the sentiment as this will take away some of the plainness of the piece.

35 35 (Copy)

Step 36. Cut the image out by hand or use a die. Cut out & add the sentiment using some foam tape for added dimension and place it in the top left hand corner of the card.

36 36 (Copy)

Step 37. Here is a close up of the wax flower & the different tones of the card.

37 37 (Copy)

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