Sue Wilson Striplet Easel Card ~ Part 2


This workshop shows how to make a easel card with the measurements created to fit Sue Wilson`s striplet dies.


Here is a close up of the faux verdigris effect Creative Expression vintage button embellishments complete with gold flowers made out of the flower from the striplet die.


Click on the link below for a Printable Version of the both part 1 & part 2 together as a Whole Workshop

Sue Wilson Striplet Easel Card Complete Worksheet


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Sue Wilson Frame & Tag Die Collection ~ Dainty Rectangular Frame : CED4301

Creative Expressions Stamps to Die for ….. Delicate Deco Square Stamp : UMS583

Sue Wilson Striplet Collection Floral Meadow Die  : CED1605

JustRite Vintage Labels 8 & 9 : JRCR02107

Foundations Teal A4 Card40985

Creative Expressions Patina Gilding Wax : CSGWPAT

Creative Expressions Black 3 Pearl Pins :PINBLACK

  Self Adhesive Sticky Sheet  : ADHA4

Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels ~ Iced Snow : CSGJICSNOW

   Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Silicone Glue

Creative Expressions Vintage Black Buttons : VINTBUTBLK

Champagne Wrinkled Ribbon : NK-5-02

Adirondack Gold dabber : DABGOLD

Comic Shimmer Iced Jade Mica Powder

or Graceful Mint  : CSPMMPGRACEMINT

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD &

   Cosmic Shimmer Bright Gold : CSEPBRGOLD

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. This workshop follows on from part 1 of the Striplet Easel Card workshop , so please check it out here I have combined the 2 workshop parts to make one printable workshop , please click the link towards the top of this post for that.

Trim the card close the sides and then on the top & bottom of the stamped image.



Step 2. Use a gold Adirondack dabber & add the gold paint around the edges of the card. Go back in & add more paint on the 4 cards as this will give it a real distressed feel to the piece.

2 26

Step 3. Place the detailed frame from the Sue Wilson frame & tag die collection ~ dainty rectangular frame set onto a scrap piece of teal card. It doesn`t matter if one long edge of the die doesn`t fall on the card as this would have been cut of later anyhow. Now cut another frame in the same way.

3 27

Step 4. Place the cut frame onto a scrap piece of paper. That way you can just throw it away after the card is painted. Dab the Adirondack gold paint up & down over the teal card. Make sure you leave some areas with not much paint on it as this will show the teal card below & it will also give the card a verdigris feel to it. Repeat the process on the 2nd frame. Allow the paint to dry which won`t take that long. You may which to add some of the Creative Expressions patina gilding wax to add to the effect.

4 28

Step 5. Take the plain panel that was made earlier for the easel part of the card. Run an embossed line or even a pierced row around the edge of the panel for added detail. Attach the 2 painted panels to the top & bottom of the easel panel using foam tape for dimension. You may wish to add a double row of foam for extra height. Place some more of the foam tape in the centre area in between the 2 cut off painted panels.

5 29

Step 6. Add foam tape onto the edge of the unpainted area of the gold panels. Add another row of foam tape to raise the level of foam tape so it is all the same height.

6 30

Step 7. Take a Creative Expressions black vintage button & add some of the gold Adirondack paint all over the button. Use some cut`n`dry foam to really get the paint into the small areas of the button. Once the paint is dry go in with some Creative Expressions patina gilding wax on your finger & dab it over some areas of the button. This will give an aged look to the button & tie it into the colour theme of the project.

7 31

Step 8. Take the `Love & Hugs` sentiment from the JustRite vintage labels 8&9 stamp set and place it onto an acrylic block. Mask off the `Love` part of the words using some low tack tape. Ink the stamp using some clear & resist ink pad.

8 32

Step 9. Remember to remove the low tack tape after inking the stamp up !!! ~ it`s easily forgotten.

9 33

Step 10. Stamp the image onto an off cut of the teal card & add some of the Cosmic Shimmer bright gold embossing powder over the ink before heat setting it with a heat tool. Repeat the process but this time mask off the `& Hugs` part of the stamp & then emboss it. Now take the rectangle die & place in so the `s `of the `Hugs` sentiment is right up to the right hand side of the die. Do the same with the `Love ` sentiment but using the smaller detailed tag & with the detailed edging on the left hand side of the tag. Secure in place using some low tack tape.

10 34

Step 11. Cut & emboss these pieces through the Grand Calibur machine. Add some foam tape to the back of the sentiments & add a 2nd layer behind the left hand side of the Love tag as this will over hang the `& hugs` panel. Edge the pieces using the gold Adirondack paint dabber. Adding the foam pad first stops any paint transferring onto the teal card & means you can place it on the card before it`s dry.

11 35

Step 12. Add 3 strips of foam tape to JUST THE BOTTOM FOLDED SECTION on the easel card. Place the worked panel onto the foam tape lining the 2 bottom edges together.

12 36

Step 13. Add a champagne bow to the bottom right hand side of the panel before adding the vertigris effect button to the knot of the bow. Place the `&Hugs` sentiment over to the right hand side of the mica stamped image panel before overlapping the `Love` sentiment into place.

13 37

Step 14. Cut & emboss another floral panel & this time cut out all the flowers from the striplet. Use a ball tool on a piece of foam mat to tease each petal out. Use a nice circular motion & you will be left with a lovely curved flower embellishments.


Step 15. Either use a gold pen to colour the flowers or use a perfect medium pen & add Cosmic Shimmer bright gold embossing powder over the top of the ink & heat set the powder with a heat gun. I have used a gold pen in this project. Add dots of Cosmic Shimmer pearl or white glue to the centre of the flowers & then add the Tim Holtz distress rock candy glitter over the top to add a glisten to the flowers.


Step 16. Cut & emboss 2 of the detailed labels in the teal card. Place one behind the other so that both sides have the detailed edging showing. Use some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to stick these together. Add some foam tape to the reverse before adding some of the gold dabber around the edges of the piece. Add 3 of the gold flowers to the centre of the tag. Raise the easel section of the card up & place the tag in the centre of the inside of the card and with the back of the tag about 2 inches from the edge of the base card.

16 40

Step 17 . Use the cut `n`dry foam to dab some of the gold paint onto the black 3 pearl pins. This will just take the edge off the black. Then add a gold prepared flower over the pearls on the pin.

17 41

Step 18. Once the pins & flower has set then add the 2 pins behind the knot in the ribbon to finish the bow off nicely.

18 42

Step 19. Go ahead and add some more of the gold flowers to the flowers in the striplet easel panel.

19 43

Step 20. Here is a close up of the bow , button & gold flower pins.

20 44

Step 21. This easel card will fold down nicely which is great when adding it to an envelope or wrapping it in tissue paper to send in a jiffy bag .

21 45

 Here is the completed project

The striplet die is perfect for making your own flowers out of. Have fun with the die and please check out the Creative Expressions weekly workshop site as there are lots of other card shapes and a box using the die.

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