Sue Wilson Austrian Background ~ Strictly Dancing Tri Fold Box


This workshop shows how tri fold box using Sue Wilsons Background die from the Austrian range. It makes a great base for the Creative Expressions dancing singles stamps too


A close up of the Let it Snow panel on acetate



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Strictly Dancing Tri Fold Box


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Sue Wilson Austrian Collection Background Die ( Collection 2 ) : CED2201

Creative Expressions Singles Stamps ~ Salsa : UMS186 , American Smooth : UMS183 & Paso Doble : UMS184

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Wrinkled Edged Champagne Ribbon :NK02

Foundations A4 Teal Card : 40985

A3 Card or Coconut A4 Card : 40980

   Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Silicone Glue

               Grime Boss : GB30 & Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Creative Expressions Cameo Embellishment : CAMEO9

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Cosmic Shimmer Viola Black Embossing Powder : CSEPVIOBLK


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select the Creative Expressions Sue Wilson Austrian background die & along with Creative Expressions Salsa , American Smooth & Paso Doble singles stamps .


Step 2. Place the Creative Expressions Sue Wilson Austrian background die on the edge of a piece of A3 white card ( A4 card can be used but this would need to be joined for one long panel). With the card in a portrait position measure 18cms in from the side edge and draw a line the full length up the card. Trim along the 18am line and remove the excess card.

2 b

Step 3. Secure the background die onto the card with some low tack tape. Leave a 1cm border up from the bottom edge & 2 to 3 mm`s in from the left hand edge of the card.

3 c

Step 4. Place the card and die ( cut face into the cut mat ) in between the cut & base plates of the Grand Calibur machine. Run the sandwich through the Grand Calibur machine.

4 d

Step 5. Run the die back and forth a few times. This project needs you to work with a long strip of card and you won`t be able to rotate the die & card so you might find the die doesn`t cut 100% through the card. Please note I have used 300gsm card for this project so I’m tasting it to the limit, maybe use a 240gsm card for a crisp cut first / 2nd pass.



Step 6 Remove the die from the card & flick out the pieces of card that are still in the die itself. Place the die back over the cut card ( you will find the card clicks back neatly in place ) once this is done secure back with the low tack tape before running it back through the Grand Calibur.

6 f

Step 7. Once the piece has been cut then make sure all the small pieces are away from the card & cutting mats as these can emboss the card if caught up in the plates. Secure the die next to the just cut piece again using the low tack tape. Just leave a 1 or 2mm gap in-between the just cut out panel & the die.



Step 8. Repeat this process until you have all 3 panels cut. Now score in-between the panels to make the fold point of the tri fold card. Also score a 1cm tab at the end of the last panel.

8 8

Step 9. Cut the excess card off at the edge of the tab measurement.

9 9

Step 10. Now you will have the 3 panels along with the right hand side and bottom edge tabs.

10 10

Step 11. Lay the just cut card back on the cutting mat & secure the die panel over the 1cm tab making sure you don`t have the die over the in-between score line. This will give the tab the same cut out markings so that the tab won`t be seem after it has been glued in place. Now cut the panel through the Grand Calibur.

11 11

Step 12. Crease the tab along the score line .


Step 13. Also crease the other tri fold score lines in place & ease the panel over the cut out tab.


Step 14. As you will see the design matches perfectly once in place allowing you to glue this part later on.

14 14

Step 15. Cut `V` notches into the base tabs & remove the corner box that would be just under the filigree tab .

15 15

Step 16. Use a piece of low tack tape to gently stick the tri fold design in place & ease the bottom tabs in place so you get a feel for the shape of the box.

16 16

Step 17. It`s at this point you would measure the width of the die panel to get the figure to work the size of the lid out. In this case I’m working with 11.5 cms as this will give me a 2 mm difference needed for the lid.

17 17

Step 18. Place the tri fold box onto a piece of teal card & just use a pencil to draw each tip points of the box. This measurement can change if you made a larger gap in between each die cut panel. Please leave enough space around the triangle to add the tab and side edges of the box.

18 18

Step 19. Make sure you have the 11.5cms measurement need in between the triangle points. Repeat this on all 3 points of the triangle until the whole shape is made up.

19 19

Step 20. From each triangle point draw a start line directly outwards of that point so you have a right angle. Do this on each side of the triangle as shown here.

20 20

Step 21. Decide the depth of the lid needed, here just a 1.5cms depth is used but showing you this technique will allow you to make a deeper lid. Now make a small tab on the top & bottom of one of the side edges. & then on just one tab on the opposite top side of the piece so that all 3 sides of the box will have a tab once this has been cut out.

21 21

Step 22. Cut around the outer pencil lines creating the tabs. Now score all the inner pencil lines & crease the card back on the score lines so the pencil lines will remain on the inside of the triangular lid.

22 22

Step 23. Place the folded up lid onto the triangular box to make sure you have the lid measured correctly. I made the lid fit perfectly first time so I’m hoping you can do the same. It all comes down to the gap made in between the panels but marking the box base when plotting the lid shape all should work out ok.

23 23

Step 24. Cut 3 of the Austrian background panels and cut the piece out with just a small 3mm border around the edge. Also cut out 3 oval shapes & 2 triangles which will form the base and inner base of the box. This shape will be the triangle shape but without the tabs on.

24 24

Step 25. Test the triangle shapes out by easing them into position.

25 25

Step 26. Remove the low tack tape from the tri fold white panel and place one of the teal background panels on the inside. It is nice to off set the die shape so that the teal will add a shadow effect from the front of the card. Glue the 1st & 2nd panel in place leaving the 3rd panel off the card ( the end panel without the side tab on it ) as will be added once the box is glued shut.

26 26

Step 27. Add some Cosmic Shimmer glue along the outside of the filigree tab.

27 27

Step 28. Stick the tab to the inside of the last panel so it shuts the tri fold shape up. Now add some glue to the reverse of the teal last panel & now offset that panel on the inside of the card and so it covers the just glued tab. This will create a wonderful finish to the box as you won`t see any of the joins. If you don`t use the A3 card the you can make this project by joining 2 pieces of card together by making a filigree tab either side of a single panel.

28 28

Step 29. Now glue the corner crossover areas on the base of the box.

29 29

Step 30. Take the triangle shape you prepared earlier and trim a small amount of card off the edge if needed. Make sure you have just a small white border around the edge as it will look better.

30 30

Step 31. Glue the other triangle on the inside of the box.

31 31

Step 32. Now glue the tabs on the top side & stick them the reverse of lid edge to complete the lid.

32 32

Step 33. Add some foam tape on the backs of the oval shapes & stick them to the centre of each of the box sides.

33 33

Step 34. Place a dancing stamp onto your acrylic block & ink it up using the clear & resist ink pad. Now stamp the image onto the coconut card before adding the viola black Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder over the top. Heat set the image before repeating the process with the other 2 different dancing images. Use the peacock feathers ink on a piece of cut`n`dry foam to colour in the dresses. Make sure you add more ink in one area to give a shaded feel to the piece.

34 34

Step 35. Take a length of the champagne wrinkled edge ribbon & ink it up using the peacock feathers ink pad. Tie this into a bow & allow to dry.

35 35

Step 36. Cut each of the dancing pieces out around the outer line of the image. Just follow the line out where the stamp doesn`t have a line as this will help create the overall shape to the piece. Glue the dances onto the oval using a 3d silicone for dimension. Add the bow on the lid & attach the cameo embellishment to cover the knot of the bow up.

36 36

Step 37. Hear is just a side view of the box.

37 37

Step 38. The Paso Doble image on one of the box panels.

38 38

Step 39. Here is the Salsa side to the box.

39 39

Step 40. Here is a close up of the Creative Expressions cameo embellishment & the coloured bow.

40 40

 Here is the completed project

Something different to send a lovely gift in. Just wrap the gift in tissue paper to conceal it.


you could add a BATTERY ONLY tea light ~ no naked flame ones to make the box into a light ????

Happy Crafting



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