Christmas Table Pointsettia Gift Box ~ Part 1


This workshop shows how to a poinsettia gift box using the Classic poinsettia die & stamps to die for poinsettia stamp set.The Creative Expressions large snowflake embossing folder is wonderful for a quick texture to the box. PVA glue has been added along with some distress rock candy for a shimmery feel to the piece.



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Christmas Poinsettia Box Part 1

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Shopping List

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Classic Poinsettia Die : CED3008

Creative Expressions Stamps to Die For ~ Elegant Poinsettia : UMS575

Creative Expressions Large Snowflake Embossing Folder : EF-020

Spellbinders Raspberry Adapter Plate : WIZGC-008

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR  &

True White Embossing Powder : CSEPWHITE

Grime Boss : GB30 & Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads ~ Crushed Olive :DPOLIVE &

Festive Berries : DPBERRIES

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Cosmic Shimmer Pearl PVA Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Rock Candy Dry Glitter : GLITROCKLG

Olive Ribbon :KN16   &   White Vintage Seam Ribbon : SEAMBIND

Pearl Spray Embellishments :PEARLSPRAY

Metallic Gold Card  : 40984 or Silver Shadow Foundations Card

or Vellum : 40024


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select the Creative Expressions large snowflake embossing folder along with the Sue Wilson classic poinsettia festive collection die & the Creative Expressions `stamps to die for ` Elegant Poinsettia stamp. The project also requires some vellum, shimmer card , Cosmic Shimmer pearl PVA glue & spray pearl embellishment. This project comes in 2 parts with part 1 being more about the box shape. These have been made to be small so they make wonderful table gift for the Christmas plate /table or they can be for everyday use with the change of the flower colours. There are also larger variations available on the Creative Expressions workshop site.


Step 2. Place the card or vellum into the Creative Expressions large snowflake embossing folder & emboss through the Grand Calibur machine using the base plate & the raspberry adapter plate.

2 2

Step 3. Put the card in a landscape position on a large score board or use the piercing ruler to measure from the left hand side at 1cm , 7cm , 13cm , 19cm & finally at 25cm point. Score down each measurement.


Step 4. Trim off the remaining card at this final 25cm mark.

4 4

Step 5. Turn the card around & fold the scored card in half along the scored line. There will also be the 1cm tab poking out of card which needs to be left in place. Now trim away about 1cm from this edge of the card. This is to remove the plain card which wasn`t embossed in the folder. Using this technique always you to trim card with a small guillotine rather than an A3 trimmer.

5 5

Step 6. Open up the card & place this just cut edge butt up against the edge of the scoring board. Now score or measure at 1.5cms , 5.5cms , 12.5cms & 18.5cms ( please note this photo shows 4.5cms & 11.5cms rather than the 5.5cms & 12.5cms needed. This is because the measurements needed adjusting to make the tops of the box work for this smaller version)

6 6

Step 7. Repeat the process where you fold the card along a scored line & trim away the excess at the 18.5cms point, which again is where the card hasn`t been embossed.

7 7

Step 8. Remove the lower left hand 1.5cms tab from the bottom section. Trim up the to the first embossed line on each of the scored lines. Now trim at a small angle up to the same point you have just cut to on the 2nd panel & the 4th panel only. This will give a nice finish when closing the box.

8 8

Step 9. Now score in 2 of the top long sections only at 3cms. Do this on the 1st & 3rd section only as these will create the score lines needed to close the boxes up later one.

9 9

Step 10. This step is optional now but I find it easier to do this whilst the box is flat. Add 2 smalls holes on the 2nd & 4th panel of the top 1.5cm top tabs. Make sure they are either side of the centre of the panel.

10 10

Step 11. Take a bone folder & fold & burnish each of the scored lines. Angle the bone folder so you don`t press to hard over the embossed snowflakes on the card. Continue until all the lines are creased are done, except for the small centre top tab .

11 11

Step 12. Nip this small embossed line in so it starts to form the pushed in feature of the box top. Repeat this on the other side.

12 12

Step 13. With the 4 panel sides placed so it looks like the finished box continue to ease the box top section into place. This just makes the finished shape nice and crisp when working with thick card or indeed equally with the vellum.

13 13

Step 14. Open the card back up & fold the 1cm tab back so that it folds away from the front embossed surface.

14 14

Step 15. Add a line of Cosmic Shimmer dries clear PVA glue.

15 15

Step 16. Take a piece of scrap card & use it to spread and flatten the PVA glue. This is just to elevate any glue seeping out once the card is stuck down.

16 16

Step 17. Lift the folded card panels over so that the card is in half & press the card down onto the glued flap. Make sure the top & bottom of the card are nice & flush with the edge of the card.

17 17

Step 18. Once the glue is set which will only be a few minutes you can open the box back up to reveal the core shape of the box.

18 18

Step 19. Tuck the flaps into shape & if you find they overlap slightly then just remove a small amount of card from the ends of the flaps ( this is all dependent on how the card handles when embossed ) Stand the box upright with the flaps of the box at the top. Fold the 1st flap with the angels cut in it down and add some of the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear PVA glue onto the first flap.

19 19

Step 20. Press the other opposite flap down onto the just glued flap. Turn the box the right way up & flare the other 2 flaps open. Use the piercing ruler to press down through the centre of the box to make sure the flaps are nicely stuck together as this will add pressure to the flaps. Turn the box back up the other way again.

20 20

Step 21. Keep folding each flap down & adding the more Cosmic Shimmer dries clear PVA glue to the next 2 layers and leave the last flap clear of glue on the upper area as this will be the base of the box.

21 21

Step 22. Press the final panel down & make sure the flap has glue up to the edges of the flap so that all the edges are glued nicely down. I tend to use my finger to smooth & rub the edges nicely together

22 22

Step 23. Now with the sides & bottom of the box done nip the top of the box together & poke the Spellbinders all in one tool trough the hole to allow the inner folded areas to be pierced. Doing it this way means the card doesn`t get creased when trying to pouch through many layers.

23 23

 Here are 2 finished boxes which have been made in traditional colours & the other is a delicate vellum box.


White on white tones with different textures of white for a wonderful soft feel to the piece.



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