Sue Wilson Vintage Bauble Gift Piece ~ Part 2


This workshop follows on from part 1 and shows how to make a Christmas gift piece or favours box using the  Sue Wilson vintage bauble dies from her festive collection range along with the snowny brook bauble stamp from the Stamps to Die for range at Creative Expressions.


The vellum & micro bead back goes a luxurious feel to the piece


Rich plum card has been use for a firmer shape to the piece & one of the baubles has micro beads completely over the whole design , the other has the oval image design cut out first & added back to the bauble once the micro beads have been added. This makes for a clearer image.


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Creative Expressions Bauble Gift or Favours Piece Part 2


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Vintage Bauble Die : CED3011

Creative Expressions Singles Stamp Set ~ Snowy Brook Bauble  : UMS580

Foundations Vellum : 40024

Metallic Vintage Gold Card  : VINTGOLD350

Foundations Snow White Pearl Paper : 40763

  Self Adhesive Sticky Sheet  : ADHA4   Micro Beads : MICROBEAD

Cosmic Shimmer Bright Gold : CSEPBRGOLD

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Creative Expressions Wrinkled Edge Champagne Ribbon : NK02

Creative Expressions Light Brown Dazzlers : DAZBRWN


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Now continuing on from part 1 of this project.

Top Tip Here`s a tip when adding the stamped vellum piece over the self adhesive bauble cut shape, marry up the bottom section of the what would be the top of the bauble and so the top sides lay onto the adhesive sheet and then the rest of the bauble with lay perfectly on over the sticky sheet as each die shape will always be the same.


Step 2. Turn the stamped bauble piece over & remove the sticky backing off the die shape but leave just the small tab along the top ( or now bottom ) area of the bauble.

2 21

Step 3. With the piece in a plastic lid box tip the Creative Expressions micro beads over the bauble. Press the beads into the sticky sheet for an all over coverage.

3 22

Step 4. Take the reverse side of the gold square card piece that was prepared earlier. Place your ruler over both edges & measure the centre of this piece. In this case you`ll find the middle will come out as 4cms. Repeat and mark this measurement on all sides of the square.

4 23

Step 5. This is optional as the small tab won`t be seen but this can help when placing the bauble in the centre of the card. Cut a small hole in the centre of the tab & also at the other end of the bauble as the top hole will be where the ribbon is added later on.

5 24

Step 6. Add some Cosmic Shimmer dries glue all around the outer edge of the worked bottom panel. Squiggle some glue over the centre too.

6 25

Step 7. Remove the backing off the bauble tab. Use the sticky to attach the bauble onto the glue marking sure you line the hole with the centre pencil mark on the panel.

7 26

Step 8. Now repeat this process on the other 3 baubles shapes. Use the points of a small pair of scissors to make sure the tab grabs the Cosmic Shimmer glue.

8 27

Step 9. Add some more Cosmic Shimmer glue over the bauble tab.

9 28

Step 10. Allow the glue to go off for a minute or so before placing

another square of old gold card over the top. This piece will need to be the same size as the 3 1/8” x 3 1/8 ” base panel but you may wish to take 1mm off the top and side of the card so it`s not seen underneath the panel.

10 29

Step 11. Now on the flip side you have the pretty corner centre piece with the inside micro bead pieces & the design of the outside of the bauble.

11 30

Step 12. If you haven`t already made a hole in the top of the bauble then do this now.

12 31

Step 13. Place some sweets on the base of the gift piece. If you are stacking the chocolates it`s a great idea to add a small piece of card on the 2nd layer to make the chocolates steady in the stack. The chocolates can have a small amount of tape runner or glue dot added underneath to stop them from moving about.

13 32

Step 14. Stack the chocolates as you desire , the taller the stack the difference in the shape of the finished gift piece.

14 33

Step 15. Be careful not to add a thick ribbon through the hole in the bauble as the vellum / micro beads can spilt. Ideally use a thin ribbon or even some bakers twine.

15 34

Step 16. Make a small bow to gather all the tips of the baubles up.

16 35

Step 17. Make a bow using the wrinkled edge ribbon & add a brown dazzler over the knot of the bow. Use a glue dot to attach the ribbon to the top of the bauble gift piece so that it can easily be removed later on & the gift can be opened and closed again.

17 36

Step 18. So here is the finished piece which I’m sure would make a lovely piece for a Christmas meal ~ it also means you can lift any theme by using everyday white plates but the gold can come in from these little gifts. Why not go to town and make a matching cracker using the Creative Expressions cracker template for a touch of elegance.

18 37

Step 19. Here you can see how the vellum / micro beads effect the strength of the piece. The oval piece added means the shape changes & gives this lovely dip in the piece.

19 38

Step 20. Here is a different look of a piece, it`s made using the rich plum card as the baubles will stand more upright . The tulle makes a wonderful soft feel to the embellishments of the piece.


The rich plum piece can either have the micro beads added all over the front of the bauble or just on the bauble & raise the uncovered panel on the oval for a clearer image.

 Happy Crafting


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