Sue Wilson Vintage Bauble Gift Piece ~ Part 1


This workshop shows how to make a Christmas gift piece or favours box using the  Sue Wilson vintage bauble dies from her festive collection range along with the snowny brook bauble stamp from the Stamps to Die for range at Creative Expressions.


The vellum & micro bead back goes a luxurious feel to the piece


Rich plum card has been use for a firmer shape to the piece & one of the baubles has micro beads completely over the whole design , the other has the oval image design cut out first & added back to the bauble once the micro beads have been added. This makes for a clearer image.


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Creative Expressions Bauble Gift or Favours Piece Part 1


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Vintage Bauble Die : CED3011

Creative Expressions Singles Stamp Set ~ Snowy Brook Bauble  : UMS580

Foundations Vellum : 40024

Metallic Vintage Gold Card  : VINTGOLD350

Foundations Snow White Pearl Paper : 40763

  Self Adhesive Sticky Sheet  : ADHA4   Micro Beads : MICROBEAD

Cosmic Shimmer Bright Gold : CSEPBRGOLD

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Creative Expressions Wrinkled Edge Champagne Ribbon : NK02

Creative Expressions Light Brown Dazzlers : DAZBRWN


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select the Creative Expressions snowy brook bauble stamp along with the Sue Wilson vintage bauble festive collection die. The project also requires some vellum, self adhesive sheets & some micro beads. This project comes in 2 part with part 1 starting the build up to the micro beads version or you can opt for a stronger card version. The whole project was designed as I wanted something 3d and I always like to try think of another use for a standard stamp and I think this ticks that box !!!


Step 2. Take a piece of the self adhesive sheet secure the largest solid bauble die shape over a sheet using some low tack tape. Cut another piece of adhesive sheet to go underneath this rectangle as you`ll be able to cut 2 baubles at a time.

2 2

Step 3. Cut out the bauble without embossing the piece as this can crack the adhesive backing and the embossing wouldn`t be seen either. Turn the bauble around & cut through both layers again. You`ll now have the 4 sticky sheet baubles for the project.

3 3

Step 4. This piece has been cut out in copier paper and just shows you how I planned the design. It`s a bit like making a pattern and you`ll find you start to see different uses for the die once you play around with waste pieces of paper.

4 4

Step 5. Cut a piece of the old vintage gold card to 3 1/8” x 3 1/8 ” & then cut a metallic vintage gold piece of card to 3” x 3” and emboss a line around all 4 edges of the darker gold piece. Use some foam tape to attach the 2 pieces together for added dimension.

5 5

Step 6. Cut 4 of the corner / bauble decorative hanging die shapes out of pearl white paper or card.

6 6

Step 7. In order to get the corner pieces to fit onto the gold base you`ll need to trim off some of the flourish pieces. This is fun to get the 4 pieces to fit like a jigsaw. Do this on all 4 corners.

7 7

Step 8. Set the pieces onto the gold base to make sure the pieces fit nicely together.

8 8

Step 9. Use some Cosmic Shimmer dries glue to stick to pieces into place.

9 9

Step 10. Place the snowy brook bauble stamp onto an acrylic block as it`s already mounted onto a foam backing. Ink the stamp using the clear and resist ink pad ( or Perfect Medium). Swipe a piece of vellum with an anti static bag before stamping the image onto the vellum.

10 10

Step 11. Tip the Cosmic Shimmer bright gold embossing powder over the clear ink & tap off the excess.

11 11

Step 12. Repeat the process until you have 4 baubles stamped & the embossing powder added. Now heat set the embossing powder using a heat tool.

12 12

Step 13. Place the solid bauble die over the stamped image & secure in place with some low tack tape.

13 13

Step 14. I find it best to remove the other stamped images from the prepared panel as it saves the other pieces being run through the die cutting machine. Sometimes you can get odd piece of card stuck to a embossing plate so this saves any small marks being transferred to the vellum or the embossed lines of the bauble being pressed over and over when passed through the die cutting machine.

14 14

Step 15. Cut all 4 stamped baubles pieces out.

15 15

Step 16. Take a pair of decoupage snips or small scissors and go in & cut the oval scenery shape out in one continues piece. Be careful when starting the cut as you want it kept neat as this is top layer and will be seem once the bauble has been assembled.

16 16

Step 17. Repeat this process on all 4 baubles. The reason for doing this is because the bauble is going to be turned upside down to create the unique shape on the finished piece. The oval will be turned around & added back into the bauble for different use to this stamp.

17 17

Step 18. Add the stamped vellum bauble onto bauble shape adhesive sheet. Make sure you leave the backing on the other side of the adhesive sheet. The bauble will fit perfectly onto the sheet and will leave a sticky oval centre ready for the oval to be added.

18 18

Step 19. Now go in and turn the oval stamped centres before adding them to the upside down bauble panels ( make sure you turn the baubles so they are placed in correctly )

19 19

This is the finished piece. I love the effect the vellum has on the finished bauble design as the oval help hold the shape & the micro beads added on the reverse allow the piece to be nice & soft. So check back next week and all will be revealed

             Happy Crafting x


& a side view revealing the corner die cut shapes inside the piece.


Step 20. Here is a different look of a piece, it`s made using the rich plum card as the baubles will stand more upright . The tulle makes a wonderful soft feel to the embellishments of the piece.


 Happy Crafting


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