Sue Wilson Vintage Bauble Selection


This workshop shows how to make a Christmas card using the new Sue Wilson vintage bauble dies from her festive collection range along with lots of techniques / ideas for different finishes to the baubles.


A close up of the micro beads captured under the vintage bauble die cut shape.


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Sue Wilson Vintage Bauble Card


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Vintage Bauble Die : CED3011

Sue Wilson Festive Collection Pine Bough Die : CED3015

Creative Expressions Mini Frames Scrollwork 2 Stamp Set : UMS154

Creative Expressions Festive Wreath Singles Stamp : UMS165

  Self Adhesive Sticky Sheet  : ADHA4   Micro Beads : MICROBEAD

Creative Expressions Floral Brocade PinPoint Embossing Folder  : EFPP-001

Coconut Card :40980  & Silver Shadow Double Sided Card : 40602

Foundations Rich Plum A4 Card Stock : 41021

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad ~Seedless Preserves : DPSEED

Cosmic Shimmer Purple Violet PVA Glue : CSGPUR

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Cosmic Shimmer Silver Shine Embossing Powder : CSDEPSILV

2 Tone Purple / Green Ribbon :KN07

Alternatively Products which can be used

Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels ~ Iced Snow :  CSGJICSNOW

Rock Candy Dry Glitter : GLITROCKLG


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select the Creative Expressions Sue Wilson festive collection vintage bauble die & the Sue Wilson festive collection pine bough die sets along with the Creative Expressions festive wreath stamp & Creative Expressions mini frames scrollwork stamp.

1 1

Step 2. For this project you`ll also need the following , Self Adhesive Sticky SheetMicro Beads, Creative Expressions floral brocade PinPoint embossing folder, coconut card, silver shadow double sided card & foundations rich plum A4 card stock.

2 2

Step 3. Stick a piece of parchment or (thin paper) to the back of a piece of self adhesive sheet leaving the top backing on the adhesive sheet. Now add the 2 vintage bauble dies sets onto the sheet securing in place with some low tack tape. The tape will only just hold the dies in place as the backing on the adhesive sheet is slippery but it will hold enough to cut the dies.

3 3

Step 4. Cut the die sheet through the Grand Calibur machine & TOP TIP

DO NOT emboss the adhesive sheet as it will crack when trying to remove the backing off.

4 4

Step 5. This is a photo of the bauble dies once they have been passed through the Grand Calibur twice. You`ll see the areas towards the middle of the piece have not cut straight through the sheet, this is because there is often less pressure in the middle section of the die cutting machine. To correct this just turn the dies around so the uncut areas are now near the edges of the cutting plates. Pass the sandwich through the machine 1 or 2 more times to create the even cut bauble.

5 5

Step 6 Once completed the die cut piece will look like this, fully cut through the self adhesive sheet.

6 6

Step 7. Although the piece is cut you might need to ease the cut areas out using a pokey tool or tips of some decoupage snips. The pieces will easily come out.

7 7

Step 8. Alternatively cut 2 piece of parchment out using the same dies.

8 8

Step 9. Use some of the sticky thumb tape runner to stick the pieces in place or even use some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear PVA glue.

9 9

Step 10. If using the adhesive sheet, remove the backing off the die cut piece & with the bauble in a plastic box lid tip some Clear micro beads over the sticky bauble.

10 10

Step 11. Press the beads into the sticky sheet to ensure a full coverage of the bauble piece.

11 11

Step 12. For a different look turn the beaded piece over & swipe a distress ink pad over the parchment. Here seedless preserves distress ink pad has been used to tone in with the rich plum card stock with will be used in the finished card.

12 12

Step 13. Take a piece of cut`n`dry foam and wipe away any excess ink from the parchment . This will just soften the look too.

13 13

Step 14. Turn the piece back over to reveal the beaded soft purple bauble piece.

14 14

Step 15. Another way to add texture to the bauble is to add the sticky thumb tape runner over the joined parchment bauble.

15 15

Step 16. Sprinkle over the Cosmic Shimmer iced snow glitter jewels.

16 16

Step 17. Alternatively sprinkle some Distress stickles dry glitter ~ clear rock candy over the sticky sheet or taped bauble. These are just some of the different ways to add texture to the bauble.

So you choose which effect you want for the project and maybe go with just one effect but in different ways as will be shown in the coming steps.

17 17

Step 18. If you used the sticky thumb tape runner and added the iced snow jewels you can go in and clear some of the webbed effect should you not want that look. There are no right and wrongs , just use what you feel happy with, these are just some suggestions to give you some ideas.

18 18

Step 19. Once you have cut some of the bauble hanging pieces in the rich purple card it`s best if you return the dies to the sticky area on the die packaging. Here I have placed the carrier sheet into a poly grip sealed bag to make sure the small dies are nice and safe.


Step 20. Cut and emboss 4 of the pine bough die pieces out using the coconut card. Lay the baubles out to get an idea on the shape you want the design to take. This is where I decided I wanted the purple micro bead bauble and then I am going to make 2 micro bead recessed baubles.

20 20

Step 21. For that you will need to add some of the self adhesive sticky sheets to a piece of Coconut card. Cut the solid baubles out using just the outside die only. I used a small off cut so that is why the tips of the white baubles are straight but they won`t be seen so all is well. Cut & emboss a large and medium bauble out of coconut card. Distress the baubles using the seedless preserve ink pad.

21 21

Step 22. Add some clear micro beads over the sticky sheet of card.

22 22

Step 23. Add the purple baubles over the top of the micro bead solid bases using some 3D glue for added dimension. This will give a lovely caged feel to the piece.

23 23

Step 24. Pass a piece of the 2 tone purple / green ribbon through the loop on the purple bauble topper. Secure the ribbon back down on itself by using some double sided tape. Glue can be used but it might show through the fibres of the ribbon so be careful if trying this. Cut the ribbon off in a point to neaten the edges off. Add a solid piece of silver shine card to the back of the purple micro bead bauble. When making the smaller shorter ribbons for 2 of the baubles then fold a piece of the ribbon down the centre and secure in place with some double sided tape, then loop it through the bauble topper & secure with some more tape as in the larger ribbon piece.

24 24

Step 25. Select a piece of foundations rich plum card & place it in the Creative Expressions floral brocade PinPoint embossing folder. Emboss the folder through the Grand Calibur machine but only go a quarter of the way down before reversing the folder back out of the GC. Turn the embossing folder and plate stack around ( not flipped over just around to the other end ) Now pass the embossing folder through the GC again and just go about half way before reversing the folder back out again. This is an optional step and it`s just been done to create a plain section on the embossed panel in the card . This will bring out the baubles more in the finished piece. Now lay the baubles onto the card to find out how long to leave the ribbon tips.

25 25

Step 26. Cut the plum card to 7” wide by 8” deep. Make sure the plain border strip in the card is more towards the top of the panel. Join 2 pieces of silver shine card together making the join / folded spine fall across the top . Cut the card to 8” wide x 9” deep. Mat the plum embossed card onto a piece of the silver shine card. Now arrange the white fir pieces starting from the left hand side of the card & attach them to the card using some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear PVA glue. Trim off any excess pine bough pieces that have fallen over the edge of the card. Once the glue is dry curve the edges of the fir up to add dimension to the fir. Attach the panel to the base card using foam tape.

26 26

Step 27. Stick the baubles onto the card using foam tape behind the baubles & using the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue on the ribbon to hold them down onto the white fir branches. Make 3 small bows using the same purple ribbon & add them to the tops of the ribbon to finish the baubles off nicely.

27 27

Step 28. Stamp the Creative Expressions festive wreath stamp & Creative Expressions mini frames scrollwork singles stamp out onto a piece of silver shine card using the Cosmic Shimmer silver shine embossing powder. Cut around the edges of the scrollwork frame & add the sentiment in the middle of the frame having cut that out around the edges of the sentiment. Add some foam tape to the reverse of the sentiment for added dimension.

28 28

Step 29. Add some faux pearls to the corner of the card using the Cosmic Shimmer purple violet PVA glue. Be careful when adding the glue directly over the embossed areas as it might make the dots of glue drag whilst settling. To eliminate this you can always make the glue pearls on a non stick craft mat & once the faux pearls are dry glue then add them to the card for a perfect finish.

29 29

Step 30. Add the sentiment to the corner space left in the bottom right hand corner of the card.

30 30

 Here is the completed project Lots of texture as well as different tones of purples to bring the project all together.

The dies are a STUNNING design and I’m sure they will be admired on my mantle piece this Christmas and for years to come.

Happy Crafting


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