Sue Wilson Blue Parchment Magical Butterflies Card ~ Part 1


This workshop shows how to make a delicate card using the Creative Expressions garden frame stamp for a lovely border , the STUNNING floral brocade PinPoint embossing folder along with dies from the Sue Wilson new die collection.



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Blue Parchment Magical Butterflies – Part 1

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Shopping List

Sue Wilson Beverley Hills Die Californian Collection : CED1105

Creative Expressions Floral Brocade PinPoint Embossing Folder  : EFPP-001

Creative Expressions Singles Garden Frame Stamp Set : UMS150

Spellbinders All in One Tool : WIZTOOL

Limoges Blue Vintage Ribbon : VRLIM

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Sky Blue Foundations A4 Card :40081  & Metallic Vintage Gold Card  : 40984

                        Tim Holtz Distress Ink Marker Pen ~ Tumbled Glass : DMTUMB

Parchment : 40024

Creative Expressions Pearl Spray : PEARLSPRAY

Adirondack Lights Snow Cap Ink Pad: ADPIGSNOW

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR &

Bright Gold : CSEPBRGOLD

Rock Candy Dry Glitter : GLITROCKLG

Creative Expressions Clear Sparkle Embellishment : SPARKCLEAR

Ranger Gold Accent Pen


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select the Creative Expressions garden frame singles stamp along with the Sue Wilson Beverley Hills Californian die & the finishing touches magical butterflies die.


Step 2. Before starting the project I wanted to share why the Spellbinders `All in one Tool `will help eliminate those uncut areas when die cutting. Plus it`s fun too !!!

When using any die is it very important to remove all the little pieces of card or parchment left in the die. This is done using the Spellbinders `All in one Tool`. Angle the die so it`s not flat on a work surface and run the bristle end of the tool over the die. The pieces will easily fall out and should any of the dots remain in the die just take the pokey tool end & poke the pieces out.

2 2

Step 2a. The tool has also got a handy storage core to it to house the pokey tool & scoop attachment , just turn the centre to reveal the hollow centre section. ( I`m only showing this as like many crafters we don`t read the instructions when getting something new and wouldn`t know the compartment is even there !!! )

2a 2a

Step 2b. To remove the end attachment tool, just press the end back onto the next circular notch and it will release the attachment when it`s pulled out & place then in the storage area as this will keep them safe (all is explained on the reverse of the tool packaging too).


Step 3. Use low tack tape to secure the 2 outer dies from the Beverley hills die set to the parchment. This will make sure the die will stay evenly spaced when passing it through the die cutting machine.

3 3

Step 4. Here the left hand die shape was cut without the die being cleared of any pieces beforehand & pieces of the parchment are still left in the cut shape. These can be poked out afterwards but sometimes you will get the odd piece that isn`t cut & it might tear when it`s being taken out of the die. The right hand cut shape was cut with a clean die and it came out perfectly with the first cut & emboss. Using the tool just makes the job so quick and easy & you`ll find you will be cleaning your dies just for the fun of it . For the project you will need 3 parchment shapes.

4 4

Step 5. Add the Creative Expressions garden frame onto an acrylic block & ink it up using the Adirondack snow cap ink.


Step 6. Just ink half the stamp up as you`ll be stamping off the die cut going in from both edges.

6 6

Step 7. Turn the parchment die cut shape on an angle & stamp the image starting roughly from the centre of the parchment piece. Add some Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing powder over the top & either heat set now or after you have stamped the other edge.

7 7

Step 8. Turn the piece around and repeat the process on the other edge. It doesn`t matter if there is a small border left across the middle of the parchment as it adds to the effect of the design.

8 8

Step 9. Go ahead and repeat the process on the 2nd & 3rd parchment pieces. Try and get the stripes of stamped image going in the same direction as it will look uniformed.

9 9

Step 10. Emboss a piece of A4 parchment using the Sue Wilson floral brocade pinpoint embossing folder, the base place and the white embossing plate along with the embossing folder will be used to emboss the parchment. When embossing the blue card cut a small piece of sky blue card measuring 4¼” x 4 7/8”. This will be used to make the centre for the parchment wraps to be placed around.

10 10

Step 11. The parchment can also be embossed using clear ink & white embossing powder for a brighter effect but here I just wanted a light soft image on the parchment .Take the embossed panel & lay it on a scoring board. Score a line on the top side down the centre of the piece. Now crease the pieces backwards so the embossed design is on the outside of the panel.

11 11

Step 12. Prime the Ranger gold accent pen & then just go around the outside edge of the parchment. This is easily down by holding the parchment in the air & drawing around the edge. The photo will show this crisp edge to the piece. Make sure you don`t touch the gold once it`s laid on the parchment as it will dull the gold until a few minutes when it will be dry. The gold edging looks STUNNING on the edge of parchment as it adds a lovely luxury element to the piece.

12 12

Step 13. Take the folded parchment piece & glue the panel on the reverse side of the sky blue panel ,the debossed side.

13 13

Step 14. Do the same with the other panel so the 2 pieces line up nicely together.

14 14

Step 15. Turn the card over & now draw a gold line along the top & bottom edge of the sky blue embossed card.

15 15

Step 16. Take the 3rd embossed parchment panel which wasn`t scored down the centre & use some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to stick the centre panel under the embossed area.

16 16

Step 17. Place the parchment centre flap onto a cutting mat & punch 4 small holes around the single hole as this will make a nice pattern to the piece & also make a larger hole for the ribbon to go through.

17 17

Step 18. Take 2 long lengths of the Limoges blue ribbon & thread them half way through the holes just made.

18 18

Step 19. With the ribbon still folded in half grab the 2 lots of 2 ends & tie a knot in the ribbon.

19 19

Step 20. Tie the ends into a neat bow to secure the parchment wrap closed.


 Here is the completed project which will be completed next week in part 2 of the project.

Something delicate but so easily achieved using the

STUNNING new Sue Wilson floral brocade pinpoint embossing folder & the finishing touches magical butterfly dies



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