Sue Wilson`s Magical Butterflies


This workshop shows how to make a UTEE butterfly card using the Creative Expressions  Sue Wilson collection dies.


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Sue Wilson Magical Butterflies


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Sue Wilson Granada Die Spanish Collection : CED1207

& Sue Wilson Galicia Spanish Collection Die : CED1205

Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Filigree 3D Itty Bitty Bows  : CED1411 

& Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Magical Butterflies : CED1415

Melt Art Melting Pot : MELTPOT

200ml Clear :CSUTEECLEAR  & 20ml Pots  Lapis JadeCSUTJADE

Black Gloss Card : GLOSCARDB , Kraft Card : KRAFTCARD

& Coconut Card :40980 Foundations A4 Card

Creative Expressions Teresa Collins 8” x 8” Paper Pad : CRE8X8

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET & Spellbinders Tool `n` One : WIZTOOL

     Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Ranger Adirondack Gold Dauber : DABGOLD

or Creative Expressions Gold Gilding Wax :CSGWGOLD

 Micro Beads : MICROBEAD & Self Adhesive Film : ADHA4


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select the Creative Expressions Sue Wilson Spanish Collection Granada die & Galicia die along with Sue Wilson Finishing Touches Filigree 3D Itty bitty bows & Magical butterflies.


Step 2. For the project you`ll also need a Melting Pot , Cosmic Shimmer Clear and Lapis Jade Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals. Black Card Stock , Kraft Card & Creative Expressions Teresa Collins Paper Collection Paper Pad. The black pattern & grey patterned papers are used as one has the words needed on the reverse.


Step 3. Trim off 4 rows of the words from the black patterned paper. Trim the remaining paper to 6½ “ x 6½” & trim the grey patterned paper to 7 & 7/8” x 7 & 7/8”


Step 4. To make the base card score a piece of kraft card or milk card at 3” in from the edge. Fold & crease the edge & stick a 2nd piece of card underneath the flap to make the base card. Trim the excess card away to make the card base 8 ¼ “ x 8 ¼ “. This is an easy way to get a base card to fit your project.


Step 5. Mat both panels onto a piece of black card. Now cut a piece of self adhesive film to the 6½ “ x 6½” the size of the black patterned paper.


Step 6 Cut a black frame using the Galicia die outer frame & a sentiment frame if you require one.


Step 7. Stick the adhesive film over the black patterned mat ready for micro beads. Remove the backing from the adhesive sheet.


Step 8. Apply the black die cut onto the centre of the patterned mat as this will cover the centre of the paper & it will save you wasting micro beads.


Step 9. Add the micro beads over the self adhesive film and press them firmly in place.


Step 10. Cut a large outer solid frame using the Granada die & also cut the detailed panel from the Galicia Die all in black card stock, try using a pearl black or gloss card as it will add to the piece.


Step 11. Add foam pads to the back of the solid frame. Here a double layer of pads have been used and as you are sticking them over micro beads then use some Cosmic Shimmer glue to make sure the frame stays put.


Step 12. Repeat the process and add the filigree frame in a landscape position over the top of the lower frame using the frame pads. Mat the strip of words onto a piece of black card and leave a small black border all around the edge of the piece. Place a single foam pad either end of the strip & then add 2 double foam pad stack towards the centre as this will give a wave effect to the sentiment. Just a small detail but it draws the eye to the piece.


Step 13. Lay the filigree detailed butterfly dies on a piece of cream or milk card along with the bow dies too. Cut & emboss them through the Grand Calibur machine. Cut 2 of the same butterflies & 2 of the half butterflies. Cut one of the open small butterflies & 2 of the very small open butterflies.


Step 14. Use a small amount of Cosmic Shimmer glue to secure the bow in place, here I have used a small peg to help hold the piece together whilst the glue sets, which won`t take long.


Step 15. Place the melting pot onto a non stick craft mat & set your melting pot up by switching the setting onto UTEE. Add some Cosmic Shimmer clear ultra thick embossing crystals along with a small amount of the lapis jade UTEE. Place the melting pot lid over the top and allow the liquid to melt.


Step 16. Once it`s melting I have added some gold UTEE to just add some depth to the UTEE.


Step 17. Take the spatula that comes with the melt pot & gently stir the molten liquid in a folding motion so it just drags the gold through the liquid.


Step 18. Take the half butterfly and hold it using a pair of long handled tweezers & dip it into the molten UTEE. Let the excess drip back into the melt pot & then set the butterfly down on the non stick craft mat. Make sure you DO NOT scratch the melt pot with the metal tweezers, you just need to be aware it will mark the pan but I haven`t ever done it ~ it`s just a nice to know.


Step 19. Repeat the process & dip the small open butterflies in the UTEE. Make sure the UTEE holds in the holes of the butterfly to give a stain glass window effect. Continue until you have all the butterflies and the filigree bow covered.


Step 20. To remove any excess UTEE that may be unwanted on the edge of the butterfly then swipe back the UTEE on the melting pot using the spatula so you have a clear surface with the heat element underneath.


Step 21. Lay the butterfly face down to remove any UTEE that isn`t wanted or you can use a heat tool. I find it very easy to use the melting pot. If to much is removed then just go back and add some more UTEE.


Step 22. Whilst the butterfly is still warm make sure you bend it up so it sets it this position. You need 2 flat butterfly bases of each butterfly and 2 slightly bent up butterflies to complete the set.


Step 23. Use some Creative Expressions gilding wax on the tip of your finger & apply to the edges of the cool down butterflies or add some of the Ranger gold dabber to colour the edges. Set the pieces aside to allow the paint to dry as this will come off onto the black when you are gluing it to the project.


Step 24. Stick the base butterflies onto the filigree panels. Add the 2nd curved butterflies over the top. A handy tip for the half butterfly is to add the glue and then lay small pair of decoupage snips or small scissors under the wing until the wings have set and hold themselves up more.


Step 25. Attach the small butterflies to the top right hand corner of the card & add the bow to the sentiment strip.


Step 26. Here is a close up of the wonderful filigree butterflies. This die set is very useful in the fact the die has an aperture die that can be cut so it leaves an embossed marking on the card making it a very decorative aperture.


Step 27. The stain glass effect doesn`t have to be 100% through every area of the butterfly as it adds to it`s charm.


  Here is the completed project which is a great excuse to get your melting pot out. It`s so relaxing creating different colours in the melt pot and as there are so many different Cosmic Shimmer ultra thick embossing crystals available a card can be themed to which ever colour you want to use.

Happy Crafting



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