Creative Expressions Black Lace & Coral Card ~ Part 1


This workshop shows how to make a black lace with coral tone card using the Creative Expressions stamps to die for range with the Sue Wilson die collection.


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Black Lace & Coral Card Part 1

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Shopping List

Sue Wilson Beverley Hills Die Californian Collection : CED1105

Sue Wilson Granada Die Spanish Collection : CED1207

Creative Expressions Stamps to Die For ….. Delicate Lace Stamp :UMS563

Creative Expressions Singles Stamp Set Crystal Cut Perfume Bottle : UMS095

Creative Expressions Singles Garden Frame Stamp Set : UMS150

Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Garden Lattice Embossing Folder : WIZEG-003

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Coconut Card :40980 Foundations A4 Card

                        Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad ~ Tattered Rose : DPTATTROSE

Grime Boss : GB30 & Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Black String / Burlap  : SM08

Parchment : 40024

Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR

Sheer & Ruffle Edge Black Ribbon : 350-15-10

Creative Expressions Pink Dazzlers : DAZPINK

Rock Candy Dry Glitter : GLITROCKLG

Creative Expressions Vintage Black Buttons : VINTBUTBLK

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Frosted Film : TH93048

Silver Mirri Card or Silver Shadow Foundations Card : 40602


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Select the Creative Expressions crystal cut perfume bottle stamp , the Sue Wilson Beverley Hills Die from the Californian Collection & Granada Die from the Spanish Collection also the Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Garden Lattice Embossing Folder. Also needed is a Creative Expressions  pink dazzler & a black vintage button. To complete the project the Creative Expressions Stamps to Die For ….. Garden Frame Pre Cut Stamp will be used for the small flowers to embellish and finish the card in part 2 .


Step 2. Take a piece of the Tim Holtz frosted film and cut a piece large enough to stamp the perfume bottle onto it.


Step 3. Place the crystal cut perfume bottle onto an acrylic block as it`s already mounted onto a foam backing. Ink the stamp using the clear and resist ink pad ( or Perfect Medium)


Step 4. Swipe the film with an anti static bag and then I have found it`s best to stand the block upright and on the end of the frosted film as this will hold one end of the film flat & then use the other hand to hold down either edge of the film end.


Step 5. Make sure you place the stamp straight down without moving the stamp as this this will result in a ghost stamped image.


Step 6. Tip the Cosmic Shimmer viola black aurora embossing powder over the stamped image. As the film will curve round this makes a prefect shute to pour the embossing powder directly back into the pot or just tip it onto a piece of copy paper and transfer back into the pot.


Step 7. Even with the anti static bag you will find the powder does seem to stick to the film. Don`t worry give the film a quick flick with your finger on the reverse of the film & the powder will all fall off. I have to say I was worried first time but did this process 3 times to check it worked perfectly every time.

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Step 8. Now heat set the embossing powder using a heat tool. I didn`t get any issues embossing the film but just treat it like you would embossing vellum or parchment and use quick motions with the heat tool so it doesn`t hang about for any length of time on one piece. This would cause scorching on parchment.


Step 9. Once this is completed and the embossing powder is all done you`ll find the film will still curl up but this is fine so don`t worry. Cut around the outside of the perfume bottle being careful not to clip off any of the embossed lines.


Step 10. Remove the backing from the film & place the stamped bottle onto a piece of silver mirri card or a piece of the Foundations silver shadow card.


Step 11. Trim around the edge of the perfume bottle and if a small amount of the embossed area does come away from the film then take a permanent black marker & draw over the area. You could try leaving more of the film uncut around the edge if you are not comfortable cutting so close to the edge but this is up to you. It handles nicely either way.


Step 12. Take a pair of decoupage snips or the blades of a small pair of scissors & just gently tease the card downwards on both edges of the perfume bottle. This will give depth & dimension to the piece once it is attached the final card.


Step 13. With the card behind the film it shows how it helps hold the shape of the bottle being curved & the frosty film shows up lovely on the reflecting background. Depending on the look you may want to make 2 of the perfumes bottles so that one can be decoupaged later on.


Step 14. The bottle I thought would like nice with a tassel but the already made ones were to big, so I’ll show you how to make one using the black burlap / string. Wrap the burlap around you 2 fingers, hold them a bit further apart if you which the tassel to be a big bigger than 2 finger width but smaller than 3 finger width. Wrap maybe 6 or 7 times around your fingers starting from the bottom of the 2nd finger.


Step 15. Finish the string off at the bottom as this will form 1 whole tassel length. Take another piece of string and loop it through the open circle of the string & tie it off in a knot so that another loop is formed at the end of the tassel ~ this is just to make it`s own loop which might be useful when adding a tassel to your project.



Step 16. Snip the string close to the knot on just one of the pieces and leave the other one long. Now turn the knot so it falls under the loops of string you made with your fingers. You could also have used 2 pegs such as a bow maker instead of your fingers it`s up to you which you use.


Step 17. Wrap the ribbon around and around to achieve the top fastening of the tassel & leave a small piece of the string out to be secured next.


Step 18. Add a small dot of Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue onto the end of the string and stick the end down. Don`t add to much glue as although it`s clear it will act like it would on felt and be seem if over loaded.


Step 19. Place your scissors into the loops of string and when you are exactly at the halfway point cut the ends. Make a 2nd tassel using the method.


Step 20. Here you can see you can make the loop on the tassels different heights. Once you have made one tassel you can use this technique and use it with the bakers twine or even the thin Cosmic Shimmer 2 tone ribbon to make some tassels to embellish your projects.


Step 21. To join the tassels together pass one loop through the other loop of the tassel & flip the tassel body through the loop to attach the 2 tassels together. This is just a neat way of attaching the tassels to a card with no excess string to play with.


Step 22. Select one of the black vintage buttons to place over the end of the tassels. This will be placed on the neck of the perfume bottle in part 2 of the workshop, so just set aside for later on.


Step 23. Here is the 2nd perfume bottle which has been decoupaged on the top lid area and the main body of the bottle. Curve the pieces to marry the shape of the whole bottle later on.


     Here is the completed Black Lace & Coral Card.

Part 2 to follow next week and this will give you some useful tips when enlarging the biggest die & also show how to emboss the outer rim of the parchment so it tones the project altogether.



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