Creative Expressions Square Flower Panel Bag ~ Part 2


This workshop shows a gift bag using the Creative Expressions singles square stamps in with the base shape made.



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Inspirational Workshop Template Flower Bag ~ part 2


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Shopping List

Creative Expressions Singles Stamp Range : Garden Frame Pre Cut Stamp :UMS152

Phill Martin Damask Border & Icons Stamp Plate : SYDBIC

  Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Coconut Card :40980 Foundations A4 Card

Teresa Collins Creative Expressions Paper Collection Pad : CRE8X8

                        Tim Holtz Tattered Rose : DPTATTROSE ,Forest Moss DPFOREST  , Peeled Paint : DPPEELEDPAINT &  Crushed Olive : DPOLIVE Distress Ink Pads

Tim Holtz Distress Markers Mustard Seed  : DMMUST  , Victorian Velvet  : DMVICT

 Crushed Olive : DMOLIVE  & Peeled Paint : DMPEEL  , Forest Moss :  DMFOREST, Shabby Shutters :DMSHAB ,  Tattered Rose : DMTAT  ,Victorian Velvet  : DMVICT      & Spun Sugar : DMSPUN

Water Brush : WBF

 Cosmic Shimmer Olive Green Ribbon : KN16

 Micro Beads : MICROBEAD

Grime Boss : GB30 & Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR

Creative Expressions Pink Dazzlers : DAZPINK


Step by Step Instructions

1 Continue on from part 1 of the flower bag workshop. Colour with as little water as possible on the brush so that the water doesn`t warp the card as this will effect the shape of the box. Mustard seed, crushed olive , peeled paint, forest moss , shabby shutters , tattered rose, spun sugar & Victorian velvet distress marker pens or ink pads have been used to build up colouring the design. Work from your cello bag palette & occasionally go in with the distress marker direct to the piece to add a bolder shading to the design.


2 Once the frame panels have all been coloured in, take a piece of cut`n`dry foam & distress each edge of the box / bag using the peeled paint ink.


3 Now all the elements of the bag base and the ribbon are complete the making up of the bag can be done.


4 Lay the ribbon over the flap side of the bag base piece till you get the size of the loop required. Remember to allow some excess to fall under the fall as this will be secured in between the layers of the bag. The next few steps with the ribbon will be working from the coloured panel sides, this will form the inside of the box later on.


5 Trim 2 pieces of ribbon the same length as this will help give you the correct sizing for the handles.


6 The hole is made very fine to pass the ribbon through but it is done in this manner so that the ribbon holds it`s position once it`s added. Make the hole slightly bigger if the ribbon won`t past through as different ribbons might not go through the hole but the Cosmic Shimmer with micro beads on went through ok. Use the pokey tool on the Spellbinder all in one tool to poke the ribbon through the already made hole.


7 Ease the tool & the tip of the ribbon through the card. Once the ribbon tip is through the hole then gently ease and pull the ribbon through.


8 Repeat the process through the other hole & lay the ribbon so that the handle effect is achieved.


9 Now you`ll have the 2 ends on the plain white card side of the bag pieces. The tab is scored so that it will be secured over the ribbon & this will hide the ribbon and gives the bag a completely smooth interior with no ribbon tails seen.


10 Use some double sided tape to tape the ends of the ribbon down before adding a row of Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue underneath the flap. Press the flap down and allow it to dry. Remove any ribbon so it doesn`t leave a bulky piece on the bag.


11 Repeat the process in the other bag panel. Make sure the handles are the same lengths before sticking and gluing the flap down again.


12 Take the bag panel which has the 3 coloured squares on it and the centre white piece. Add Cosmic Shimmer glue over all the white centre square panel. Make sure you go close to the edges but not right on the edge as the glue will seep out when the other piece of card is stuck on top.


13 Place the small worked panel over the middle square so it forms the basic shape with a centre square and 1 square going off each edge. Please make sure the square is stuck so that the edges all line up neatly with the square below as this is crucial to the design and how it will fold up over the next few steps.


14 Here is a picture of the completed bag base inside. This has been designed so the stamp acts as a pattern for the shape and size of the bag but also lines the inside of the bag without any additional lining in the bag and there will also be no tabs on the inside of the bag either. Dividing the original card in 3 makes for a perfect measurement for ease of use when making this project.


15 Add some Cosmic Shimmer glue to 4 tabs on the bag base. Fold up the sides with the ribbon on it & stick the tab to the outside of this white card. Repeat this on all 4 tabs so that the normal box / bag shape is achieved.


16 Here is the results of the bag shape with the tabs fixed to the outside of the piece allowing the square pattern of the stamp to be seen in full on the inside.


17 Now to cover the ribbon handles. Take a piece of Creative Expression Teresa Collins calligraphy coral paper & stamp the garden frame in one corner of the paper using a black archival ink pad & quickly cover with some Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing powder.


18 Once it`s covered in embossing powder heat set the piece or stamp another frame and cover with more embossing until you have 4 stamped pieces. It helps to emboss in between each piece so you don`t knock any embossing powder off the different panels. But this is up to you on how best you like to stamp & emboss. As long as the ink is covered in the embossing powder you have time before it need embossing.


19 The paper pad is excellent for getting the most out of one sheet as the garden stamps allows 4 stamped images on one sheet. Once you have 4 squares completed you can move onto the next step.


20  Start to colour and build up the image using the distress ink markers that were used on the inside of the bag. The paper allows the colour to be laid easily from the pen as it doesn`t absorb as much as the plain white card did on the inner bag sections.


21  Colour and highlight as much or as little as you wish on the 4 panels. Cut the 4 pieces out so there is just a fraction of border around the edge of the design. Here you can see how the piece will sit on the edge of the bag.


22 Add some tattered rose distress ink around the edges of the bag outside to remove the white corners that would be seen underneath. Allow the ink to dry. Be careful if you use a heat tool as this could take out some of the moisture in the card & crinkle the sharpness of the bag shape. It`s best to let the piece to dry naturally.


23   Now stick the 4 panels onto the bag using the Cosmic Shimmer glue. Press down firmly on the edges as you will need to make sure the folded over section where the ribbon is added is nice and smooth.


24  If any of the panels don`t stick down then add a small amount of glue underneath the section from the fine nozzle of the Cosmic Shimmer bottle & press down firmly to make sure the paper is stuck in place.


25 Add a pink Creative Expressions dazzler to the bottom of the ribbon sections. This is just for decoration as the handle is neatly attached inside the card and paper on the bag.


26  Stamp & emboss 4 small inner squares using the same stamp. Again use the black archival & clear embossing powder. Colour in the panels & add to the box using some foam tape for added dimension. This is an optional piece but it will really pull the design out.


27 To give your gift or if you are selling the bags the it`s nice to decorate a piece of tissue paper. Select the small damask stamp from the Phill Martin stamp plate & add it to a small acrylic block. Ink the stamp with some forest moss ink & stamp randomly over a piece of tissue paper. Stamp & then stamp again for a ghost stamp effect as this will add shade to the piece.


28 Add the gift inside the tissue paper ( once the ink has dried ) and add to the bag. Tie the 2 handles with another piece of moss ribbon to add a bow to the handle.


29 Here is the completed project. Previously the other butterfly square box has been made with a Spellbinder expandable die for the lid section. Why not combine this workshop & make the square frame design & the go ahead and add the lid to this piece for create a lidded box. Have a play with the 2 ideas as they make a nice size gift box with the lid or a gift bag with the ribbon & tissue paper~ Happy Crafting



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