Pink Sparkle & Handbag Workshop~ Part 1


This workshop shows how to use the rectangle stamp to make elegant corners & tone with the handbag stamp. By cutting the rectangle into 4 corners & using the soft colour tones allows a fresh & different feel to the piece. The handles of the handbag are made using the pearl spray embellishment.



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Pink Sparkle Handbag Card part 1


Pink Sparkle Handbag ~ Part 2 to Follow


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Sue Wilson Granada Spanish Collection Die Set : CED1207

Creative Expressions Damask Mask : MASKDAMASK

Creative Expressions Singles Stamp Set~ Rose Blossom Purse Pre Cut Stamp : UMS073

Stamps to Die For .. Floral Cartouche Pre Cut Stamp  : UMS553

Cosmic Shimmer Aurora Sparkle Texture Paste : CSPASTSPAUR

Copper Rose Sparkle Mica Powder : Various Micas Available

Grime Boss : GB30 & Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Tim Holtz Distress Markers ~  Peeled Paint : DMPEEL , Walnut StainDMWALNUT   , Crushed Olive  : DMOLIVE,   & Victorian Velvet  : DMVICT

Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels Iced Snow : CSGJICSNOW

Foundations A4 Milk : 40109 ~ Black Gloss Card : GLOSCARDB

Creative Expressions Vintage Black Buttons : VINTBUTBLK & Pearl Sprays : PEARLSPRAY

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Tim Holtz Water Brush : WBF

Pink / Brown 2 Tone Ribbon : BM993


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the damask mask, the Granada Spanish die, the floral cartouche stamp, the rose blossom stamp along with the pearl spray, aurora sparkle texture paste & the Cosmic Shimmer copper rose mica powder.


2 Lay the non craft mat or blending mat on a flat surface. Cut the milk card to 6½” x 6½” or 16.5cms x16.5cms & use low tack tape to secure the mask to the card. Make sure the tape overhangs the mat too, as this will also cover the card border edge too.


3 Take a small amount of the aurora sparkle texture paste (or use any of the other pale texture pastes) & add it to the non stick mat using a small spatula.


4 Add a small amount of the rose copper mica powder to the texture paint. For this just use the tip of the spatula & add varying amounts depending on the colour wanted. Remember you can always add more.


5 Start to mix the mica into the texture paste, chopping the paste & folding as you go.

5 5

6 Once the texture paste has all the mica powder mixed in and you are happy with the colour tone then scoop up the paste & keep it in one pile ( this will help stop it drying out) .


7 Add the paste over the masked card & spread the texture paste back & forth over the mask. Make sure the intricate areas are covered.


8 Raise the spatula up on its side & starting from 1 corner scrape the paste across the mask. This will remove any extra paste & also give a neat level of paste under the mask. Keeping the mask flat is key so none of the paste seeps underneath.


9 Place any excess paste back onto the craft mat as this can be saved for another project.


10 Always keep an empty embossing powder tub when it has finished as these come in handy for times like these. Add the excess paste to the embossing pot & store for another time.


11 As you can see there is some paste on the low tack tape around the edges of the mask. Carefully remove the tape and dispose of it.


12 Now you`ll be left with a raised softly coloured sparkle damask panel with a lovely plain border. This could be pierced or PVA glue dots added around the edge. Set aside the piece to dry or use a heat tool to gently dry the paste, this may make the paste bubble if overheated to be very careful when doing so.


13 Once the mask has been remove either place it into a washing up bowl with some warm soapy water or use a grime boss to remove the excess paste before it sets hard. Also wipe the mat clean too.


14 Stamp the floral cartouche stamp using the clear resist or Perfect Medium ink pad. Stamp onto a piece of milk or cream card & add the Arctic black aurora embossing powder over the top.


15 Heat set the embossing powder & then repeat the process when stamping 2 of the blossom handbag images.


16 Take the plastic shelve that the stamp has come in & add a piece of white card inside. Now scribble some peeled paint, crushed olive , Victorian velvet & walnut stain distress marker ink onto the plastic.


17 Scribbling on the cellophane with white underneath rather than using a non stick craft mat makes it easier to see the true colour. Use a water brush & pick up some of the Victorian velvet ink.


18 Add the pink to the rose petals & then add another layer down one side to shade the piece. Wait for the ink to dry & add some more colour as this will intensify the colours.


19 Use the peeled paint green to colour the leaves in the design. To add some soft tones to the piece take some of the crushed olive ink & some of the Victorian velvet ink & blend the 2 colours together in a new separate area of the cellophane. This will make a lovely peach colour to use on the main area of the bag.


20 Build the colours until you are happy with the piece. If you go over the line slightly then take a clean water brush & add some water to the mistake area & then lift the water from the card using a tissue. The mark will then be removed.


21Below is a photo of the embellished handbag which will be shown in part 2 of the workshop.

21  41


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