Sue Wilson Spanish Collection Background Box ~ Part 1


This workshop shows how versatile Sue Wilson`s new dies are. The Spanish Collection background die has been used 6 times to make this useful large gift box.



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Sue Wilson Spanish Collection Background Box ~ Part 1


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Sue Wilson Spanish Collection Background Die : CED1201

Sue Wilson Quilted Flowers A4 Embossing Folder : EF-017

Grime Boss : GB30 & Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Foundations A4 Milk : 40109

Aqua Silky Crush Ribbon : UK1-5-04

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Cosmic Shimmer Golden Meadow Blaze  : CSEPGOLMEA

& Blue Watercress Blaze : CSEPBLUWA Embossing Powder

Creative Expressions Cameo Setting : SETDAZZ Embellishment

Clear Sparkle Embellishment  : SPARKCLEAR &

Cosmic Shimmer Patina Gilding Wax  : CSGWPAT

Tim Holtz Crushed Olive : DPOLIVE  &

Peacock Feathers Distress : DPPEACOCK Ink Pad

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD


Step by Step Instructions

1  Take one of the 4 pieces of A4 milk card stock & measure it to 6¼” x 9½” & place the die ¾” above the 9½” line. This will create the tab along the bottom with is needed when making the box.


2 Secure the die in place and run it through the Grand Calibur die cutting machine. As the die was facing into the card & cutting mat then place the base plate on the top of the plate combination. Once cut emboss the piece using the pink embossing plate & tan mat.


3 You can also work this card this way & cut the card into shape afterwards. This die is perfect for a project like this as you get the wonderful embossing but no outer cut line.


4 So trim along the bottom pencil marking which was ¾” below the die & along the side edge to make the panel shape. Emboss a straight line following the dotted lines. Leave a ¼” either side of the dots. Remember to do this on all 4 panels of the box so you will have a perfect fit later on.


5 Turn the panel around & repeat scoring the line across the bottom edge just below the dotted area. This will leave the tab to help when making the box up.

5 5

6 Take the Sue Wilson quilted flowers A4 embossing folder & place just the plain area of the panel onto the folder. Secure in place with some low tack tape. Make sure the card lands on the edge of the embossing folder.


7 Close the embossing folder up & run through the Grand Calibur using the white embossing plate and the tan mat. One rule when embossing or die cutting is to make sure you never force the plate sandwich through the machine. If it won`t go just change and reduce the plate combination or add a shim of card to thicken the sandwich.

7 7

8 Place the embossing plate right up to the edge of the embossing mat & run through the Grand Calibur machine. Leave the die cut card overhanging so it isn`t flattened in the machine. This will keep the detail in the die cut embossing.


9 Place the die in the same place on a 2nd piece of card (use the just done piece as a guide) & secure in place using the low tack tape. Repeat the process and cut & emboss a 2nd piece in the same as way as before.


10 Now you will have 2 matching side panels for the box. The embossed areas will act as the flap for the box. These could have been stencilled with some textured paste & left to dry for a different look.


11 Make sure you put the embossed lines either side of the die cut panel.


12 This paper just shows how the box was designed. Often cutting a die out will evoke different ideas so just have a play around & you have only wasted a few pieces of paper if you don`t like the idea !!!


13 Now for the 2nd type of panels, these will have tabs down each side to join the box together later on. The finished size of the panel will be 7″ x 10½”. So place the die onto the milk card leaving a 1″ piece along the top & a small amount down the side.


14 Cut & emboss the panel. Then remove any small pieces left in the die before adding the die below the just cut panel. Leave just a small gap between the impress of the die. Secure in place with some low tack tap.


15 Now cut the 2nd piece out making sure the mat is just placed over the die area and not the already cut piece. Add the tan mat & pink embossing plate over the die & again just pass the die area though so the previous cut area is not flattened.


16 Cut the panel to the 7″ x 10½”making sure the top 1″ measurement is left. Repeat the process with the 2nd sheet of card & use the just cut panel as a guide to have the die shape in the same place. This will lead to an even shaped box.


17 Again repeat the process making sure the plates don`t go over the just cut & embossed panels. This will keep the detail of the die shapes crisp.


18 Now they have been cut to the correct size you`ll have 2 matching side panels for the front & back of the box. The top die shape will be the 2 joining pieces of the lid.


19 Go in and make a score line along the edge just above the dotted area on the 1″ border piece.


20 Now make a line all around the top , bottom & sides on the reverse of this 1″ area. Repeat on the 2nd panel. This will give interest to the top tab which will have the ribbon threaded through later on.


21 Emboss a line down each side of the panel and an embossed line along the bottom , just below the dotted lines.


22 Add an embossed line across the middle of the 2 cut out die shapes.


23 Trim away the right hand side tab area down to the middle section ONLY that was just scored. Repeat on the opposite edge.


24 Now you will have 2 , 2 die cut panels & 2 die cut & embossed panels ready to make to make the box up.


25 Crease the embossed lines to make the tab areas of the box. Cut the side tab with 2 little `V` shapes. The small bottom corner tab can be cut of now or later as it won`t be needed. This was found out later on when making up the box !!!


26 Crushed Olive distress ink has been used on a piece of cut`n`dry foam & also directly on the panels to start to build the colours up.

26            26


Here is the finished box which will be continued in part 2 of the workshop


Here is a close up of the filigree lidded area which allows the cameo detail to show through.



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  1. Paperjunkie says:

    I adore this box Suzanne – so clever and somewhere in all my boxes of “stuff” I have the die! Still in a bit of a state but hope to finish the painting today or tomorrow at latest, then it’s a case of putting it all back (or not). Must have a ruthless cull while I’ve got the chance. All good fun. So please things are a bit better for you. Thank you so much for your very kind reply – things not good but we have to cope. Thank goodness I have lovely friends and my music, which keeps me sane……….sort of! HugsX

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