UTEE Lily Gift Card Workshop ~ Part 1

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This workshop has been created to make a gift & showcase it on the card. The design has a hinged panel so the UTEE necklace can easily be removed from card with ease.


  Here is a close up of the UTEE necklace which is showcased on the cameo setting.


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UTEE Lily Necklace Gift Workshop Part 1

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UTEE Lily Necklace Gift Card Workshop Part 2


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Melt Art Melting Pot : MELTPOT

Comic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals 200ml Clear :CSUTEECLEAR

 Spellbinder Decorative Labels Twenty-Eight Die : WIZS5-191 

 Spellbinder M-Bossabilities Floral Labels Four 3D Embossing Folder : WIZE3D-009

Easter Lilies Pre Cut Stamp Set : HCPC3370

Ideaology Paper Collection Pad : Various Codes Available

Spellbinder Raspberry Adapter Plate  : WIZGC-012

 Creative Expressions Cameo Embellishment : CAMEO9 or Dazzler Setting :SETDAZZ

Creative Expressions Cameo Setting : SETCAMEO

Antique Gold Card :40984 , Dark Card

Coconut Card : 40980

 Adirondack Gold Dabber : DABGOLD

 Comic Shimmer True White Embossing Powder : CSDEPWHHITE

 Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick : DPWORNLIPS ,Spun Sugar : DPSPUN, Squeezed

Lemonade :DPLEMON Distress Ink Pad

 TH Dusty Concord Distress Stain : DSDUS

Tim Holtz Water Brush : WBF

 Copper Stickles : STKCOP

Pink & Brown 2 Tone Ribbon : 148-153

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD & Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Grime Boss : GB30

 Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the Heartfelt Creations Easter lilies pre cut stamp set along with the spun sugar & worn lipstick distress ink pad. Stamp the main single lily image onto a piece of coconut white card or watercolour card.


2 Take an acrylic block or a white ceramic plate / tile is great as the colour will show up better. Scribble some of the spun sugar & mustard seed distress ink onto the block. Alternatively add some ink from a distress ink pads.


3 Take the Tim Holtz water brush and prime it so some of the water is on the brush. This is just done by squeezing the tube end slightly. Pick up some of the mustard seed ink & colour in a single line down the centre of the lily.


4 Now add the spun sugar ink on the water brush. This ink is very pale but when added to the petal it will give a lovely subtle feel & also add a layer of water on the card.


5 Now add some worn lipstick ink onto the block.


6 Mix the ink with the spun sugar to give a lighter shade of pink. Work on 3 lilies all at once so  that you know which inks you are using.


7 Take the loaded brush & work from the edge of the petals fading into the lighter centre piece as the colour fades off the water brush.


8 The inks will blend better having the water laid on the card, just make sure you don`t overload the card with water as it can mush up the fibres of the card & ruin the look. A great idea is to stamp a couple of extra lilies & just practice on them 1st one.


So now you have the shaded lily with lots of depth in the colouring. It doesn`t matter if the ink goes over the stamped edge as this will be trimmed off later.


10 Turn the card over & dry the piece using a heat tool. This will prevent tearing when you cut the image out.


11 Cut the lily out using a pair of small scissors or decoupage snips. Make sure you leave the black inked edge of the lily.


12 Follow the edges of the lily & cut a small way into the flower as this will help when shaping the flower.


13 Now used the closed edge of the scissors & curve the edge of the petal over the blade as this will shape the petal.


14  Place the flower on a foam mat or here the reverse of a piece of cut`n`dry foam has been used. Gently smooth around the edge of the petal with a large ball tool.


15  Turn the flower over & run the ball tool around the centre of the lily as this will make the petal spring upwards.


16 Take the other 2 lilies & cut them both out as you did with the 1st lily. Cut away 3 of the alternate petals from the flower making sure you retain them for later. Now cut the other flower with 3 of the opposite petals left on it.


17 Add a good blob of silicone glue to the centre of the bottom 2 sets of petals. Make sure the top layer has no glue on it. Alternatively use a blob of blue tac to act as the centre.


18 Add some of the clear ultra thick embossing crystals to the melting pot & with place the setting to the max UTEE setting, place the melting pot lid over the pot & leave for a few minutes to melt.


19 Remove the melting pot lid to reveal the molten UTEE. Stir the clear UTEE to ensure all the crystals have melted. To make sure the UTEE isn`t too thick then use a heat tool over the top of the UTEE to make sure this is the required thinner UTEE consistency.

19 19

20 Pick the coloured lily up with a pair of long ended tweezers (make sure you don`t scratch in pan with the metal). Dip the coloured side of the petals into the molten UTEE. Cover half of the flower before turning the flower & doing the other half. Make sure the centre area if kept free of the UTEE.


21 As you are working with hot liquid & the melting pot ~ always be aware when handling the flowers & never pick up the flower by hand. Here the petal has a drop of UTEE on the end, this can be removed by cutting it off when it`s cooled slightly or ….


22 … pick the flower up with the tweezers & touch it on the entre of the melting pot where there is no UTEE. This will melt the droplets leaving a crisp edge to the flower.


23 Repeat the process until you have all the petals covered on the top. Make sure the single petals have no if little UTEE on the reverse so that you will be able to use a PVA glue to stick the lily together. If not Super glue will be needed to bond the UTEE pieces together.


24 Add some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue on top of the silicone glue blob. The silicone will act to give depth to the flower & as the PVA glue is strong this will adhere to the clear card on the back of the layer above.


25 Continue & build before adding the top UTEE lily layer and then go back in & add the 3 single petals. They have been made in this manner to give dimension to the finished flower & leaving the backs of the flower free of any UTEE means that the Cosmic Shimmer glue will hold the flower together perfectly.

25                        2526 Here is the completed card which will be completed next week in part 2 of the workshop. It will show how to make the necklace up & also show how to set it on a hinged card with a cameo holding the card closed. The gift is easily removed from the card & is a perfect gift idea for Mothers Day which is coming up shortly.

26collage_result 1

27   Here is a close up of the UTEE necklace which is showcased on the cameo setting.

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