Green / Blue Necklace and Chocolate Box ~ Part 1


This workshop shows how to make a divided box with the lid being created using the botanical Shapeabilities expandable die. The measurements have all been worked out for you with the lid & the base being made using the self lined technique for a professional finish.


Part 2 of the workshop will feature how to make the dividing panel. The Melt Art project pan will used to melt the chocolate for the lollipops which make a fun addition to the project along with the UTEE necklace gift.



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Green & Blue Necklace and Chocolate Box Workshop   Part 1

Green & Blue Necklace and Chocolate Box Workshop  Part 2


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Melt Art Melting Pot : MELTPOT & Melt Art Project Pan : MELTPROJECT

Spellbinder Shapeabilities Expandable Botanical Swirls Die :WIZS5-154

Ideaology Paper Collection Pad : Various Codes Available

 Open Leaf Stamp : HCPC3545

 White A4 Card  : 40001 or Coconut Card : 40980

Tim Holtz Distress Dabber : Crushed Olive : DPOLIVE

& Peacock Feathers : DPPEACOCK

Guipure Teardrop Lace : LACETEARCREAM

 Cosmic Shimmer Olive Green Ribbon : KN16

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG &3 Pearl Hat Pins PINWHITE

 Green Vintage Seam Ribbon : VRMOSS

 Piercing Ruler : RULER & Blending Mat : INKBLENDMAT2

  Self Adhesive Sticky Sheet  : ADHA4 &  Micro Beads : MICROBEAD

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Grime Boss : GB30

 Food Safe Mould , Cake Pop Sticks & Craft Knife


There is a necklace featured in this workshop as is given as part of the contents of the gift box so please

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for the workshop and useful tips on how to make the UTEE beads


Step by Step Instructions

1 Either use a measured score board or use your piercing ruler to measure & score lengthways down a piece of A4 white card at 2cms & then 4cms.


2 Turn the card to the landscape position and score from the left hand edge again at 2cms & 4cms.


3 Turn the card so the 2nd long edge is on the score board & score again at 2cms & 4cms. Place the expandable die so that you have a border with an equal distance to each score line. Secure with some low tack tape.


4 Turn the card again & leave the same distance from the die to the first score line & then score on the 2cms & 4cms line.


5 Trim the excess off using the last (4cm) score line made. Now place a piece of cheap copy paper on the cutting plate & add the card & die which is face down into the cut mat before adding the base plate on top.


6 Place the sandwich of plates & card / die through the Grand Calibur machine.


7 Remove the copy paper from the die before removing the A4 card from the die. The extra shim of paper meant the die cut crisply through the delicate design as it`s not possible to turn the die with this shape card. This piece cut 1st time with no issues.


8 Now go in & cut away the uncut lines of the die cut piece to release the edges that would have been cut if the design had been used as an expandable die.


9 Once completed, all the intricate die pieces will fall out & you`ll be left with a nice crisp panel ready to make the lid of the box up.


10 Cut a piece of double sided adhesive with a white backing so it fits within the border of the botanical die panel. Don`t go further than the next score line.


11 Press the intricate pieces of the botanical die onto the self adhesive sheet so that when the micro beads are added they do stick behind any un stuck pieces of card.


12 With the panel in a box tip the small clear micro beads over the sticky panel.


13 Press the micro beads into the film to make sure they all cover the sticky area. Alternatively use the rock candy glitter although the beads give a lovely weight to the lid.


14 Add some peacock feathers distress ink to a piece of cut`n`dry foam and lightly go in & add some colour to random areas of the lid.


15 Now add some more of the peacock feathers distress ink but this time use a ink applicator & be a bit more heavier with the ink. Leave some white areas.


16 Also distress the edges of the card. The whole outer section will need the peacock feathers ink around the first 2cm panel.


17 Then fold the 2cm edge down & distress this edge as this will be the one that is seen on the side of the box.


18 Now take the crushed olive distress ink and add that to the white card working some areas more than others to get different tones. Make sure to colour the edge of the card too.


19 Add the open leaf stamp to an acrylic block. This has already been mounted onto a cushion mount so will stick to the block.


20 Stamp at random over the outer borders using the peacock feathers & crushed olives distress ink pad. Be sure to stamp in the opposite ink to whatever colour is on the card.


21 Now with the lid panel flat cut up to the 2nd scored line on the top left hand corner of the 4 squares & then cut on the diagonal meeting at the same point.


22 Now trim away all the outer 3 boxes that surround the corner area. Repeat this on all the other corners of the lid. This technique will create a self lined box lid.


23 Make sure the outer edge is ink up completely as this will be the lining on the inside of the box lid.


24 Crease all the score lines up ready for the box to be made up.


25 Take some either dries clear or white Cosmic Shimmer glue and dab a bit on the inked side corner tab area.


26 Make sure you don`t have too much glue, if so just use your finger to spread the glue over all the tab.

26                         26

27 Raise the end panel up & attach the glued tab to the 2nd row of the scored panel. The outer panel will form the lining of the side of the box & will also cover up the corner tabs too.

272728 Repeat on the other end of the box before adding glue to the inside of the side tabs & then closing the down over the corner tabs.

282829 This has now created the lid of the box. Something very pretty seeing as it was just one sheet of white card. The expandable die works so well with so many different projects.


Why not take a look at the weekly workshops reference page as there are some more ideas on how to use the die or for ease click the links below for the workshops on different fold ideas. Part 2 next week will show how to make the lollipops to go inside the box as well as how to make the base.

Expandable Tri Fold Card


Expandable Recess Card


Expandable Easel Card


Expandable Botanical Acetate Card



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