Heartfelt Creations Key to my Heart


This workshop shows how to make a more masculine card which could be suitable for Valentine’s Day or just change the colour tones for pink shades.


The black , beige & white with just a few hints of red make sure the card isn`t too much. The Creative Expressions key charm embellishment just finishes the card off nicely.


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Key to my Heart Workshop


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Shopping List

 Heartfelt Creations Burnished Key Hole PreCut Set : HCPC3573

Heartfelt Creations  Antiquity Collection Paper Pad : HCDPI237

UMount Masquerade A5 Stamp Plate : UMMASQ

Black & Silver Reversible Ribbon : BM810

Pink String :SM17 or Red String : SM14

Creative Expressions Key Embellishments : CHARMFAN

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Grime Boss : GB30

Tim Holtz Old Paper : DPOLDPAPER

 Clear & Resist Ink Pad : CRPAD or Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR

or Viola Black Embossing Powder : CSEPVIOBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

 Deep Red Gilding Wax : CSGWRED

Tim Holtz Sketchbook Tissue Paper  : TH92911

Adirondack Snow Cap Ink Pad : ADPIGSNOW

Snow Cap Dabber : DABSNOW, Pearl Dabber : ABPEARL

or Adirondack Gold Dabber : DABGOLD

Craft Nibs : NIBCUT

Wonder Tape & Hearts


Step by Step Instructions

1 First select the Heartfelt Creations burnished key hole stamp along with the antiquity collection paper pad. Choose some 2 tone black / silver ribbon & some pink or  red burlap / string.

1 1

2 The stamping of the main key hole image can be done in 2 ways. Either stamp with a clear resist ink & use a black Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder or use black archival ink & emboss with a Cosmic Shimmer clear powder.

2 2I`ve opted to use the clear ink pad as this gives you a lot longer time to add the embossing powder as the area stays tacky rather than the archival ink pad which is a quicker drying ink pad. So ink the stamp clear resist ink, making lots of tapping over the area.

33Add the stamp to an acrylic block & press firmly down on the back of the acrylic block to give a nice impression onto the white card.

445 Tip the aurora black embossing powder over the clear ink.

556 Tap the excess gentle off the card. Don`t flick the card to hard as it can remove too much of the embossing powder.

667 Now heat set the embossing powder using a heat tool. This will give you a lovely glossy feel to the piece & really show the image to a great effect.

7 78 Stamp & emboss a 2nd key hole image before stamping just the top edge of the image onto another piece of the white card.

8 89 Cut the small heart shapes which are going to be used as corner pieces later on. On 1 key hole image cut it out  leaving a white border all around the outer edge & then cut the key hole area out. The 2nd  key panel cut close around the outer edge & leave the key hole solid.

9 910 Take a craft nib & add some of the black archival ink to the end of the nib.

10 1011 Run the nib around the inside of the key hole. This will cover up the white core of the card & just add to the detail of the finished piece. Alternately use a marker pen.

11 1112 Pick the black 6″ panel from the antiquity collection paper pad. This has a wonderful franked marking on the piece. Also select the beige backing paper for the base layer of the card.

12 1213 Start to build up the design by placing the different papers & the embossed stamped image all together.

13 13

14 To pull out the design but keep to a piece of A4 black card , cut the base layer to fit with a border top & bottom so it shows from underneath the beige paper.


15 Take either a white stamp pad or dabber or even a white distress paint & apply the ink or paint to the small swirl stamp.

15 1516 Once the image has been stamped or you have done a few images then clean away the paint from the stamp using a grime boss.

16 1617 The card can been seen in a slightly different way by having the black card seen from just the side and bottom edge of the design.

17 1718 So for another technique use the gold dabber (or white ink) & ink the stamp up and stamp the image down the side & bottom edge of the black card. Also distress the edge of the card with the gold.

18 1819 Take the top key hole piece and distress the edges of the piece using the old paper ink pad. Leaving the white area means it will pick up some of the ink now.


20 Once done go back in & just ink the bottom area of the key hole as this will add depth to the finished piece.


2021 Use the old paper distress ink pad directly on the beige paper as this will bring the design together.

21 2122 Take the 6″ black panel & rough up the edges of the paper using the blade of an open pair of scissors. Just go carefully depending on the sharpness of the scissors. The white of the core of the paper will been seen so go in & ink it using the old paper ink pad.


23 Place 2 holes in the beige panel  of paper & thread the 2 tone ribbon through the holes & tie off in a bow at the front.


24 Add the layers of paper & card to the base card using foam tape for added dimension.

24 24

25 For another small detail roll the edges of the black panel up in between your fingers & thumb. Repeat this on all of the corners. Add the stamped corners underneath the rolled edges for extra detail.

25 25

26 Now make 2 faux flowers using the tissue tape. Pleat a piece of tissue tape in a circle rufferling it as you go round the design. Make the design into a rose head shape & add to the centre of the bow.

26 26

27 Stick the base key panel to the middle of the black panel before adding the top key cut out over the top. Add a blob of 3d glue or clear Cosmic Shimmer glue in the key hole & add the key charm embellishment at an angle. Make & add a bow out of the pink or red string.

27 2728 Stamp the `Especially for You` stamp onto an off cut of white card.

28 2829 Ink up the square stamp with the old paper ink pad & stamp over the sentiment for a subtle feel to the piece.

29 2930 Add the sentiment to the corner of the key hole stamped piece.

30 3031 Take 3 heart embellishments, colour then in red & add some deep red gilding wax to tone down the colour or make some hearts using the `Mold`n`pour` & use UTEE.

31 3132 Add the hearts to the top of the card to complete the project.

32 3233 So maybe have a go at this style of card & add them to a craft stand ready for the valentine’s day trade.

33 3334 Here`s a close up of the key charm embellishment.

34 34


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