Spellbinders Expandable Butterfly Box ~ Part 1


This workshop shows how to make this useful butterfly box using the expandable butterfly die in 3 different ways. The box takes just one 12″ sheet & a couple of scraps of paper along with an A4 piece of card for the lid & mask.


Here is a close up of the butterfly made using the die & the box lid has a micro bead background for a delicate different feel to the project.


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Butterfly Box Workshop part 1

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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

 Heartfelt Creations  Antiquity Collection Paper Pad : HCDPI237

Spellbinder Shapeabilities Expandable Butterfly Magic Die  : WIZS5-153

Hitch Fastener : TH92731

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Texture Paste CSPASTCLEAR

Pink & Brown 2 Tone Ribbon : 148-153

Cosmic Shimmer Bronze Blush Shimmer Mist  : CSMBRON

 Self Adhesive Sticky Sheet  : ADHA4

 Micro Beads : MICROBEAD & Dry Distress Glitter : GLITROCK

or 210g Larger Pot :  GLITROCKLG

Blending Mat : INKBLENDMAT2

Tim Holtz Aged Mahogany  Distress Ink Pad : DPAGEDMAHOG

Glossy Accent : ACCENTGLOS

 Taffeta Silver Ribbon : HM31

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Grime Boss : GB30

 Wonder Tape , Grey Thick Board & Craft Knife


Step by Step Instructions

1 First select the Spellbinder shapeabilities expandable butterfly magic die set & any other expandable die along with the Heartfelt Creations antiquity collection paper pad. Also some grey board (often used in parcels or paper pads) or thick card to strengthen the box.



2 Take a piece of 12″ x 12″ paper from the Heartfelt Creations antiquity collection paper pad & score at 4″, 8″ & 12″ if the paper is not 12″ exactly (trim away the excess)  & then turn the paper & repeat the same measurements. This will give you nine equal 4″ squares.


3 Take a pair of scissors & cut from the bottom edge up to the 1st score line on the bottom right hand corner.


4 Now with the paper still in the same position cut from the left hand side edge on both of the 4″ & 8″ score lines up to the first score line.


5 Don`t cut anything along the top edge & just move down to the first 4″ score line on the top right hand corner & cut to the first score line.  The cutting is done in this fashion to make sure the box gets lined with the paper & it will save you paper later on.


6 Make a 2cm tab in the bottom left hand corner & cut the edges at a diagonal to create the tab effect. Crease all the lines downwards ready for folding. The tab must be made on this fold line.


7 Fold the flaps so that each side has a double layer & there will be just one panel with just one panel but that will be covered later on. Don`t stick anything at this stage it`s just to show you the shape.


8 Take a pen or pencil & mark a cross on the inner 2nd piece of paper. Leave the single square free of any crosses  BEST SEE THE TEMPLATE AT THE BOTTOM FOR EASY OPTION as the x`s need to be in the correct place.


9 Cut four  3~7/8″ squares in the grey card. Attach one to the reverse side which will be the middle top edge square if the paper is in the original place. See template at the end for the X


10 Continue & glue the other 3 squares in place using either the Cosmic Shimmer glue or double sided tape.



11 To build the box 1st glue the tab on the reverse of the single paper square so it starts the box off. Then making sure the grey board on the next 2 sides are stuck to the back of the paper & the final flap will be stuck in front of the grey board.


12 The key is to have the grey board sandwiched between the paper. One panel will be left to cover later. Now add some dries clear glue to make sure the edges are stuck down.


13 Use your thumb to burnish the paper together over the side edge & this will mould the sides nicely.


14 Now to cut the lid for the box. Cut & emboss 2 separate panels of the butterfly expandable die.


15 Once the piece of light brown card has been cut the edges will need to be cut as this die works as an expandable die but we just need one single shape for this project.


16 First cut 0.5cm down each side & along the bottom edge to create a solid border. Then cut & leave a 1.5cm border across the top edge of the card. Now go in & cut away the uncut lines of the die cut piece.


17 Once completed all the intricate die pieces will fall out & you`ll be left with a nice crisp panel ready to make into the lid.


18 Also cut a 2nd panel to use as a mask for the texture paste later.


19  To make the lid lay the panel onto the box with the top end laid right on the edge of the back of the box.


20 Score a line to create the tab which you then just cut the edges at a diagonal to make the tab effect.


21 This is how the flap will look of the back of the box. Later on this will be covered in matching paper to hide the piece.


22 The 2nd score line you can mark with pencil or an embossing tool where the panel falls on the other front end of the box.


23 Then score along this point making sure you don`t crease over this hanging piece of the flower (shown at the tip of the embossing tool). As the box is a set size this panel piece should be in the same place.


24 When creased this will create the front flap of the lid.


25 Take a small off cut of paper and cover the top of the tab area on the lid. This will camouflage it later on.



26 Cut a mm off a 4 inch square panel of paper. Glue the panel over the only piece of grey board left blank.


27 Now cut a piece of double sided adhesive with a white backing so it fits within the border of the butterfly panel. Don`t include the tab area in this part.


28 Remove the backing of the film & stick  it on the reverse side of the butterfly panel. MAKE SURE the panel is over a non stick mat & not a piece of paper !!!


29 Keep the other side of the backing on the film on so it doesn`t stick to anything ( this will stay like this and create the inside of the lid.)


30 Select either micro beads or distress dry glitter ~ clear rock candy.


31 With the panel in a box tip the beads over the sticky panel.


32 Press the micro beads into the film to make sure they all cover the sticky area. Alternatively use the rock candy glitter although the beads give a lovely weight to the lid.


Here is the template to show where the x`s need to go

template-001        Part 2 of the workshop will continue next week so check back as it`s a useful box to make & is something a bit different.



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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I love this expandable die (whoo hoo I have this one!) and this box is so pretty. Will have to wait patiently for part 2 next week. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Suzanne and here’s looking forward to more fabulous projects next year. My resolution is to make more use of my stash (after a huge tidy up first) to raise more funds for my favourite charities. I do wish you and your family Suzanne a very happy 2014! X

  2. Suzanne says:

    Part 2 all written and set for Friday ~ so pleased you like it.
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year too, thanks for all the lovely comments throughout the year ~ here`s to lots of new crafty ideas ~ Suzanne

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