Spellbinders Gold Labels 4 Gift Bag Workshop


This workshop shows how to make these  small gift bags with different style ribbon handles. Great for a Christmas table or to hang on the tree.


Here the handle has been made using the two tone ribbon & finished off with a Creative Expressions embellishment for an elegant feel to the piece.


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Christmas Bag Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Gold Labels Four Die : WIZS5-1 59

Spellbinders Marvellous Squares : WIZS4-383

Grime Boss : GB30 & Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Black & Silver Reversible Ribbon : BM810

Peach Two Tone Ribbon : KN28

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads: Dried Marigold : DPDRDMARIGOLD

Creative Expressions Teresa Collins 8” x 8” Paper Pad : CRE8X8

Old Gold 250gsm Card  : 40466

Creative Expressions Brad Pack : BRADAG

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE


Step by Step Instructions

First select the Spellbinder dies along with the Creative Expressions Teresa Collins Paper Pad. Choose some ribbon & embellishments to compliment the colours used in the project.

1 1

2  For this project  black & white and coral tones are going to be used. Also a plain card is used to compliment the gift bags too. Use two tone ribbon to achieve a lovely effect on the handles.

2 2

3 Place the black & white paper along with the gold card onto the Grand Calibur cutting plate. Attach the gold labels 4 die cut side down onto card and finish with the base plate on top. Pass through the GC machine.

3 3

4 Then emboss the piece using the pink plate & the tan mat. Place the cut shape onto a score board with the centre notch lined up with the score line on the board (DL point) & emboss down the close by line (Half A5 score line).



5 Turn the card around & place the centre notch up against the same embossing line as in previous step & emboss on the nearby line. This will give an even space either side of the centre piece measuring 14mm. Alternatively use a ruler & score tool.


6 Crease the score lines in place to create the basic shape of the outer bag.


7 Burnish the folds so that the bag forms the bag shape. This will give the depth to the bottom edge of the bag & hold the chocolates once they are added later.


8 Repeat the process with the same shaped paper piece or the next size down die can be used if  you want a contrast edge. When using card it is scored separately as the card & paper together is to thick to score or if just paper is used then score together to get an exact fold line.


9 Choose which side of the paper you want to line with the gold card & then pick the colour ribbon too. Here the coral & two tone peach ribbon is used.


10 Add a piece of red liner tape (wonder tape) to the outer bottom making sure the tape doesn`t touch the ends of the decorative edging.


11 Cut a length of the 2 tone ribbon to at least 18 inches & stick the end of the ribbon on the base of the bag.


12 Place the card on a craft mat & pierce a hole through the ribbon and the card (towards the top of the piece).


13 Place a brad through the ribbon & the card.

13  13

14 Now loop the ribbon around to form a handle shape. Lay the ribbon back down the right  hand side of the card & secure in place with another brad matching level of the other brad.


15 Repeat the process by running the ribbon up the full length of the flattened bag & secure the ribbon in place with the brads again at the other end.


16 After curving the ribbon for the 2nd handle then finish the ribbon off on the bag base. Cut a strip of matching card to place over the ribbon to finish of the piece nicely.


17 Adding the card will make sure the end of the ribbon is hidden and just give a neat finish to the end result as well as strengthening it.


18 Make sure the brads are facing the correct way  & add a line of Cosmic Shimmer glue along the inside base of the bag. Place the paper onto the glued area.


19 Now glue the inside area of the bag to stick the paper die shape onto it.


20 Have the bag closed & press down well to make sure the paper die matches up with the same shape of the card die. This is essential as gluing whilst the bag is flat will cause the paper to buckle once the bag is closed.


21 Add a matching bow to finish the front of the gift bag off. Add 3 chocolates into a cello bag ready to be put in the bag. The depth you add to the bag will depend on what type of chocolates are added.


22 Stick the chocolates to the back of the bag using a glue dot so they can be easily removed. This is a neat idea for a place setting & add a name to the front or use Christmas colours & add to a Christmas tree.


23 Take other Spellbinder dies & place folded pieces of paper onto the dies. Make sure the folded edge doesn`t fall on the bottom cut edge of the die as this will give you a larger die shape once cut.


24 Secure the dies onto the paper using low tack tape so that the die stays in place on the folded edge for a perfect cut.


25 This time for a different look staple or glue a single loop in the 2 tone ribbon. Repeat this at the other end of the ribbon too. Score the depth of the bag either side of the centre folded line.


26 Add a line of glue along the centre of the paper. This will be used rather than the brads as in the previous bags.


27 Place a piece of black card over the outer base of the bag and this will strengthen & cover up the score lines on the base. Add the chocolates to finish the bag.


28 For a 3rd look glue a piece of ribbon with the end cut off on the diagonal.


29 Wrap the ribbon around to form a loop & glue the ribbon on the crossover. Cut the other end of the ribbon to match the other end.


30 Place a Creative Expressions crystal embellishment over the ribbon & maybe bring out the embossed edges with some dried marigold distress ink on some cut`n`dry foam.


31 Lay 4 chocolates flat in a cello bag & use a glue dot to fix them to the back of the gift bag.


32 So here are the 3 slightly different ways of making
some small gift bags.


33 The 2 tone ribbon along with the Creative Expressions
embellishments make a perfect finish to the pretty
papers used.



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