Caught in Crystal UTEE Owl


This week`s workshop is a lot of fun to make & isn`t hard as it may look. Alcohol inks, distress ink pads & some UTEE are the main ingredients for this project.



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Caught on Crystal UTEE Owl Workshop


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Shopping List

Umount Wise Friends    : UMWISE   &

Art Flower (Sentiment) A5 Stamp Plate  UMARTFLORW

  Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Red Pepper : ALCIRED ~ Sunset Orange :ALCISUNSET, Lettuce :  ALCILETT & Sunshine Yellow : ALCISUNSHINE

Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes : Autumn Leaves : CSGFAUTUMN

 or Persian Dawn : CSGFPERSIAN

  Rub it Scrub it Pad : SCRUBIT

Heat Emboss Acetate : HEATEMBOS

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Varnish : CSVARNISH

Grime Boss : GB30

 Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powder Sunny Sparkle Gold & Christmas Green

from the Cosmic Shimmer Mica Section

White A4 Card  : 40001 or Coconut Card : 40980

Tim Holtz Walnut Stain : DPWALNUT, Fired Brick : DPFIREDRED, Peeled Paint :  DPPEELEDPAINT& Scattered Straw Distress Ink Pad :DPSCTSTRAW

 Ranger Coffee Archival Ink Pad : ARCHCOFFEE

 Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR

 Comic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals 200ml Clear :CSUTEECLEAR

 Melt Art Melting Pot : MELTPOT


Step by Step Instructions

First select the Red Pepper, Lettuce, Sunset Orange & Yellow Sunshine alcohol Inks, then choose some Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes, Heat Emboss Acetate, Cosmic Shimmer Clear Varnish, and Cosmic Shimmer Sunny Sparkle Gold & Christmas Green Mica Powder.

1 1

2 Scrunch the tissue paper up that comes behind each heat emboss sheet, here 2 sheets will be needed or just use a larger sheet of tissue paper. Maybe use a gold tissue paper for a different look.

2 2

3 Now open and smooth the tissue paper flat but still keep the scrunched effect. This is why 2 A4 sheets are needed as the tissue will shrink in the process.


4 Take the Cosmic Shimmer gilding flakes & place them on a sheet of copy paper. Swipe the rub it scrub it pad over the flakes to create a finer texture to the flakes.

4 4

5 For the pieces that aren`t picked up by the foam then place them onto the scrub it pad & rub them back and forth to achieve the finer flakes as before. Often you have these fine pieces left over from a project so why not make a pot up of just the small particles.

5 5

6 Place the heat emboss acetate onto a craft mat & squiggle the Cosmic Shimmer clear varnish over the acetate.

6 6

7 Remove the lids of the Red Pepper, Lettuce, Sunset Orange & Yellow Sunshine Alcohol Inks & the Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powder Sunny Sparkle Gold & Christmas Green.

7 7

8 Add drops of the lettuce alcohol ink at random areas over the varnish on the acetate.

8 8

9 Continue to build the Red Pepper, Sunset Orange & Yellow Sunshine alcohol inks over the varnish & then sprinkle some of the gold & green mica powder. Here just the tip of a paint brush has been used to tap the mica onto the film.

9 9

10 Pick up the piece of copy paper with the large & small pieces of mica flakes held in one hand.

10 10

11 Now sprinkle them over the acetate at random. Make sure some go in the gaps of the inks.

11 11

12  Decide how much ink you want on the acetate as the clear gaps will show up. Maybe use gold tissue paper instead of the white as this will add to the end result. Take a tissue & press the tissue paper onto the varnish piece.

12 12

13 If the 2 A4 pieces of tissue were used then line them up neatly so the join won`t be seen when dry. Repeat the process pressing the tissue into the varnish.

13 13

14 It will become clear which areas have no colour on the tissue but you can go back in a with the alcohol inks over the tissue side. Use different colours & add more ink to cover the gaps. Set aside the piece to dry. Make sure there is no varnish on the front of the acetate as this will stick to mat.

14 14

15 Here is the gilding flakes & Cosmic Shimmer mica powder encased in the varnish. With the caught in crystal technique, you can also use glitters as well.

15 16

16 Once the piece is dry (leave at least 8 hrs or overnight) cut around the edge of the acetate to reveal the finished piece ready for the next steps.

16 17

17 Cut out the owl, the branch, a maple leaf & regular leaf out of the Umount Wise Friends stamp plate & cut the `Dream in Colour` sentiment from the Art Flower A5 Stamp Plate. Either mount onto Umount foam or stick them to an acrylic block.

17 18

18 Cut the coloured piece of acetate to 7¾” x 7 ¾” so it will give a nice border around a piece of white cut to 4 ¼” x 5”. This will be where the owl is sat on later.

18 19

19 Now swipe the front of the coloured acetate with an anti static bag & ink up the branch stamp with the coffee archival ink pad. Stamp over the top edge, the top right corner & then the right hand side & add the clear embossing powder as you go. Use a darker brown embossing powder if a darker result is required.

19 20

20 Stamp a few owl images as well as some branches, & various leaves. Also stamp the sentiment all using in the coffee archival ink pad.

20 21

21 Select the Peeled Paint & Scattered Straw Distress Ink Pads.

21 22

22 Add some ink to a piece of cut`n`dry foam & add small amounts of each colour onto each stamped image. Now cut out the all pieces & on one owl just cut the leaf wings, eyes & beak.

22 23

23 Add some ink to a piece of cut`n`dry foam & add small amounts of each colour onto each stamped image. Now cut out the all pieces & on one owl just cut the leaf wings, eyes & beak.

23 24

24 Often a white core edge of the card will be seen so take the red ink & distress the edges further to remove the white areas.

24 25

25  Add some clear ultra thick embossing crystals to the Melt Art melting pot & melt the clear powder on the UTEE setting. Alternatively use triple embossing technique if you don`t have the melt pot.

25 26

26  Once the clear embossing powder has melted then add the leaves colour side down into the UTEE. Make sure you use a pair of long tweezers & lift the leaf out with a wooden pick so the metal doesn`t scratch the melt pot.

26 27

27 Continue to cover some of the leaves (leave some uncovered), the branches & the sentiment in the UTEE. Also do the decoupages owl’s wings & eyes piece & just the branch along the bottom of the large main owl piece.

27 28

28 Lay the branches onto the card to see where you want to place them.

28 29

29 Mat the coloured acetate onto a piece of gold mirri card & then onto a dark gold base card made joining 2 sheets of card. Mount the white panel on using foam tape.

29 30

30 Now arrange the leaves to the left hand corner of the card. Add the bottom owl to the white panel of the card using 3D glue & arrange the sentiment & branches onto the card.

30 31

31 Add a red bow to complete the piece. It`s a fun card which can get children involved in making as they will love the colour & helping. Make sure they are supervised with things like the varnish & inks!!!  I know my Daughter kept asking what I was doing. Happy Crafting.

31 32

32 Here a close up of the owl UTEE decoupage piece.

32 33


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