Creative Expressions Black Lace Bauble Card


This workshop shows how to create a lace effect bauble card using the Heirloom 2011 Ornaments die along with the new Stamps to Die For……leafy bauble stamp. They are designed to work with the heirloom die.


Here is a close up of the bauble. It shows the tones of the aqua ribbon & the Teresa Collins CE papers. The dazzle crystal snowflake is a perfect embellishment to compliment the card.


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Creative Expressions Black Lace Bauble Card


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinder Heirloom 2011 Ornaments Die : WIZS4-334

Imperial Gold Decorative Elements : WIZS5-159

Leafy Bauble Pre Cut Stamp : UMS525

Cosmic Shimmer Pearl Black PVA Glue : CSPEABLKGLU

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Creative Expressions Teresa Collins 8” x 8” Paper Pad : CRE8X8

 Heat Emboss Acetate : HEATEMBOS

Distress Stickles Dry Glitter Rock Candy : GLITROCKLG

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Creative Expressions Finishing Touches: Crystal Sparklers : DAZSNOW

or other Embellishments : Creative Expressions Embellishments Section

 Cosmic Shimmer Black Detail Embossing Powder : CSDEPBLK

 Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR or Crystal Embossing Powder : CSEPAURORA

Archival Black Ink Pad : ARCHBLKSM or Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Crushed Wrinkled Aqua Ribbon : UK1-5-04

Tim Holtz Peacock Feathers Distress Ink Pad : DPPEACOCK

Grime Boss : GB30 & Heat Tool  : BLUEHEAT

 Black String / Burlap : SM08

Coconut Card : 40980

Optional : Micro Beads : MICROBEAD & Self Adhesive Film : ADHA4

Red Pepper Alcohol Ink :  ALCIRED


Creative Expressions Solvent Blending Solution : CSGWBLEND &

Patina Gilding Wax : CSGWPAT


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the Spellbinder heirloom 2011 ornament die & imperial gold decorative element die along with the Creative Expressions Teresa Collins 8”x8” Paper Pad & the leafy bauble pre cut stamp. Aqua crushed ribbon & black burlap string is also needed.

1 1

2 This workshop will show a few different techniques, so you need to decide which you would rather use. First one is to take a piece of heat emboss acetate and swipe with an anti static bag, ink up the leafy stamp with the clear resist ink pad & stamp onto the acetate.

2 2

3 Tip the black detail embossing powder over the stamped image, tap off any excess powder by a quick flick of your finger to release any unwanted particles.

3 3

4 Now gently heat set the embossing powder using a heat tool. Although the acetate is one you can heat you still need to move the heat around so the acetate doesn`t buckle.

4 4

5 Now take the gilding wax and run the end of a paint brush around the edge of the wax. This will lift a small amount of wax up and leave the main area still smooth.

5 5

6 Place the lifted wax into the lid of the gilding wax pot or better still use a lid of an old ink pad.

6 6

7 Tip a little of the solution into the cap so the colour doesn`t contaminate the whole bottle & add some solution to the gilding wax in the ink pad lid. Mix together to achieve smooth paint.

7 7

8 Now paint on the reverse side of the embossed bauble so it will show through the acetate. Don`t paint over the embossing as the solvent with effect it.

8 8

9 Alternatively micro beads can be added to an adhesive film behind the acetate. To add colour the beads take an empty embossing powder pot.

9 9

10 Tip some of the micro beads into the empty pot. Just do a small amount at first.

10 10

11 Add 3 drops of the alcohol ink onto the small micro beads.

11 11

12 Place the lid back on the pot & shake the pot to distrust the colour throughout the pot & all over the beads.

12 12

13  Remove the lid to see the coloured micro beads. The colour will depend on the amount of ink added but once done leave the lid off to make sure the ink dries.

13 13

14  Place a piece of adhesive sheet on the reverse of the stamped bauble.

14 14

15 Place the heirloom 2011 die cut edge down over the embossed bauble design. Secure in place with some low tack tape.

15 15

16 Cut the bauble shape out & then add the micro beads so they are seen behind the acetate. Now for the third technique and the one used in the project.

16 16

17 Stamp in clear ink & emboss using the black detail embossing powder onto a sheet of the Teresa Collins newsletter design paper.

17 17

18 Use the same technique as in the previous step to cut and emboss the bauble out of the paper.

18 18

19 Stamp & cut out 2 lace baubles making sure you place one bauble above the other one so there is a nice piece of paper left for the project. Turn the paper over to reveal the bolder design.

19 19

20 Look & see the width needed for the 1st panel & tear towards you to reveal the torn edge. This measurement was 8cms or 3 ½” width & the full length of the paper.

20 20

21 Add some of the peacock feathers distress ink onto a piece of cut`n`dry foam. Add the ink to the torn edge of the paper to pull the colours into the project.

21 21

22 Select the colour combination of papers from the Teresa Collins paper pad. This project uses the black dots design, the aqua calligraphy & the reverse paper from the off cut.

22 22

23 To achieve a smaller matching border for the bauble add the same bauble die onto the aqua paper & emboss only through the GC.

23 23

24 Using this technique will mean the paper isn`t cut but the outer line can be used to cut out a thinner than the next size up bauble shape & used to edge the bauble.

24 24

25 Emboss 2 bauble shapes & cut around the outer embossed edge, this can only be done on less intricate die shapes as they are easier to cut out.

25 25

26 Add the lace bauble shape to the just cut out bauble shape using some foam tape for added dimension.

26 26

27 Either make a torn edge on the excess piece of aqua paper or place a piece of adhesive sheet nearly up to the edge of the paper & then tear the edge.

27 27

28 Remove the top backing of the sheet & add the distress dry glitter over the sticky sheet.

28 28

29 Distress the edge of the glittered piece using the same ink & lay the 3 pieces of paper as they will be needed on the finished piece.

29 29

30 The black paper will be the whole 8” piece & then stagger the other 2 pieces onto the black paper. Trim away a small edge as the glittered piece didn`t cover the full depth of the paper.

30 30

31 Make a base card in white measuring 8 ¼” x 8 ¼” before adding the black paper to that. Now add the aqua glitter paper using foam tape & then for the black patterned piece & add foam tape near the torn edge & then a double depth of foam tape on the other edge.

31 31

32This will allow for the different depth of the paper & give a nice layered look to the card. Add the baubles to the project again using foam tape before making 2 looped pieces from the burlap string.

32 32

33 Make a bow using the aqua crushed silk ribbon. Add to the corner of the card & add a snowflake dazzler to the centre of the bow. There are various CE embellishments that can be used.

33 33

34 Add a row of 3 pearl black pva glue dots to the top left hand corner & the bottom right hand corner of the card.

34 34

35 Stamp a `Merry Christmas` out of a sentiment set & cut it out using the Imperial Gold Decorative Elements smallest die. Distress the edges with some old paper ink.

35 35

36 Here is the completed project. The snowflake dazzler works well to compliment the lace bauble.

36 36

37 This card is a design that can be made quickly if you have a few special ones to make.

37 37


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    There are so many wonderful techniques in this project. My favourite has to be changing the microbeads colour – such a useful tip. Thanks again Suzanne for your easy to follow workshop. X

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