Peace Workshop


This workshop shows how to build a focal point from a single stamped image and bring in some colours to coordinate the whole project.


 Here is a close up of the little scene which has been coloured in using the Cosmic Shimmer drawing inks.


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Peace Workshop


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

 Spellbinder Decorative Labels Twenty-Eight Die : WIZS5-191 

Heartfelt Creations Peaceful Night Pre Cut Set : HCPC3553

Tim Holtz Victorian Velvet :  DPVICTORIAN or

Tim Holtz Scattered Straw Ink Pad : DPSCTSTRAW

Sherbet A4 Card :  41006Deep Apricot : 40099 & Coconut Card : 40980

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD or Perfect Medium Ink Pad : PERPADCL

Grime Boss : GB30

 Cosmic Shimmer Drawing Ink ~ Rich Gold (Metallic Set) : CSDIMET

Cosmic Shimmer Bright Gold Embossing Powder : CSEPBRGOLD

 Silky White Crushed Ribbon : UK01

Self Adhesive Pearls : SAP5CREAM

Fancy Pearl Embellishment  : PEARLSML

Pink String / Burlap : SM17 or Navy Burlap String : SM03

Drawing Inks ~ Cosmic Skin  : CSDIESS , Rich Gold &  Silver Shine from CSDIMET set & Midnight Blue  : CSDIGAR

 Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powders

Turquoise Sky, Amethyst Sparkle & Citrus Fizz are the colours used

Distress Stickles Dry Glitter Rock Candy : GLITROCKLG

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

Take the `Peace` stamp & remove the paper backing off the reverse of the stamp and place it on an acrylic block. Make sure you line the P is straight as the rest of the stamp rises up slightly.


2 Crease a piece of copy paper in half and have it ready to add the excess embossing powder too. Open the lid of the Cosmic Shimmer bright gold embossing powder.

2 2

3 Take the resist ink pad (or Perfect Medium) & tap the pad flatly over the stamp. Short taps all over will make sure the ink does catch the edges of the red rubber, which could result in excess marks around the design.

3 3

4 Press the inked stamp onto a piece of pearl white or plain white card. Press over the entire stamp area to make sure that a good impression is left on the card.

4 4

5 Sprinkle over the Cosmic Shimmer bight gold embossing powder. Don`t worry about adding too much powder as most of it will be going back in the pot.

5 5

6 Tip the powder off the image & onto the folded piece of paper. Often a quick flick of your fingers on the card will remove any unwanted flecks of powder still on the card.

6 6

7 Gather the excess powder down the fold of the paper & tip it back into the Cosmic Shimmer pot. Make sure you do this before embossing the image to save the powder flying around.

7 7

8 Now heat set the embossing powder until it turns a bright gold. Don`t over heat the image as the powder can dull.

8 8

9 Place the 2nd largest Spellbinder Decorative Labels Twenty-Eight over the `Peace` image & secure it in place with some low tack tape. Also cut a plain white card using the largest die. Cut these through the Grand Calibur machine.

9 9

10 Once cut keep the dies on the base plate & with the cut side still facing upwards and the card still in place in the die, place the tan mat & then pink embossing plate over the top. Pass the sandwich through the GC machine.

10 10

11 Take a small off cut of card & stamp and emboss just the `P` using the same gold embossing powder.

11 11

12 Place the peace panel onto a craft mat. Cut just inside the gold embossed edge of the `P` image area.

12 12

13 Take a gold pen, gilding wax or some ink & run it around the inner edge of the aperture just made. Often there is a white core to card & this will just tidy this area up.

13 13

14 Shake the drawing ink bottles up to mix all the mica into the liquid & then add some of the gold to the sandy area of the image.

14 14

15 Now start with the silver in the top right hand side of the sky & add to half way then use the pink until it fills the area. Then add a thin line of blue to the top corner.

15 15

16 Go in with the pink and pull the blue down into the other coloured area for a soft sky effect.

16 16

17 Select similar Cosmic Shimmer mica powders to coordinate with the colours just used in the image.  Turquoise Sky, Amethyst Sparkle & Citrus Fizz have been used. Add the smaller swirl stamp to the acrylic block.

17 17

18 Take a piece of card which has been measured to 7 ½” x 7”. Swipe an anti static bag over the card to prepare the card ready for stamping. Open the mica powders up.

18 18

19 Ink the stamp with the clear resist or Prefect Medium ink pad & stamp over the sides & edges of the card. Try & work in a system so that the clear ink doesn`t overlap each other as it`s hard to see where the image has been stamped.

19 19

20 Use either the end of some scissors or a small spoon & lay some of the mica over the card. Keep the colours in a line to reflect the colours used in the sky scene.

20 20

21 Take a soft brush & work the Cosmic Shimmer over the inked image. I like to brush in a diagonal sweep to add a uniformed look to the piece if the hue of mica is left on the card or remove all loose mica from the card with a tissue.

21 21

22 Mop up any excess mica powders off your non stick mat or alternatively spritzed with a little water & pick up the colour on a piece of copy paper. Dry & save for a background paper for another time.

22 22

23 Join 2 pieces of card together to make a base card of 8 ¾” x 8 ¼” Open the card up & score 2 lines around the edge to make an embossed border.

23 23

24 Cut a piece of pink card to 7 ¾” x 7 ½”. This will make a layer behind the stamped background. Select some wonder tape at least the 6mm one.

24 24

25 Stick the tape around edge of the pink card. Make sure the corners are not overlapping as this will affect the glittered results.

25 25

26 Stick the tape around edge of the pink card. Make sure the corners are not overlapping as this will affect the glittered results.

26 26

27 With a sheet of copy paper underneath, remove the red backing from the tape & tip the dry glitter rock candy over the sticky tape. Press the glitter into the tape. Add the excess glitter back into the pot.

27 27

28  Add some Victorian Velvet or Scattered Straw ink to some cut`n`dry foam & distress the edges of the 2die cut shapes. Cut another piece of white card measuring 6” x 5” & also distress those edges.

28 28

29 Add each layer of card to the base card using some foam tape for added dimension. Also add the white panel & the largest die shape.

29 29

30 Apply some Cosmic Shimmer glue to the back of the coloured P section & add some foam tape to the reverse of the Peace Panel.

30 30

31 Now add the P section to the largest die in roughly the position it should be under the cut out aperture.

31 31

32 Line the `Peace` panel up so you know it will be added in the correct position with equal space around the die shape& push the sky scene so it will be seen directly under the `P` area.

32 32

33 Leave the image to dry once it is in the correct place behind the capital `P`. The dimension of the panel just draws the eye to the letter & image.


34 Make a double bow out of the white silky crush ribbon & also the pink burlap string. Secure them to the corner of the card using some Cosmic Shimmer glue.

34 34

35 To complete the project add 3 self adhesive pearls to the corner of the card,
maybe add using some glue so they don`t get knocked off & finish with a
pearl embellishment on the bow.


36 This project shows how to add a little colour to a project.

36 36


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    Thank you again Suzanne for an inspirational and easy to follow workshop

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