Heartfelt Creations Blooming Dahlia Card ~ Part 1


This workshop has been designed to show how to make this dimensional flower card using the Heartfelt Creations dahlia stamp along with heat boss acetate & alcohol inks.


Here is a close up of the dimensional dahlia with the leaves made using some leftovers of the decorative new Creative Expressions Teresa Collins paper. The Heartfelt Creations open leaf stamp & die has been used to cut it out.


Click Below for a Printable A4 Worksheet

Heartfelt Creations Dimensional Dahlia Workshop – Part 1

Click Below for part 2 of the workshop

Heartfelt Creations Blooming Dahlia Workshop Part 2


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Shopping List

 Grand Calibur™ Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

 Spellbinder Decorative Labels Twenty-Eight Die : WIZS5-191 &

Heartfelt Creations Open Leaf Die :HCD736

 Heartfelt Creations Blooming Dahlia Pre Cut Stamp Set:  HCPC3549

& Open Leaf Pre Cut Set : HCPC3545

Non-Stick craft sheet: CRAFTSHEET

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads: Dried Marigold : DPDRDMARIGOLD

Creative Expressions Teresa Collins 8” x 8” Paper Pad : CRE8X8

 Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Red Pepper : ALCIRED ~ Sunset Orange :ALCISUNSET  

& Sunshine Yellow : ALCISUNSHINE

Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool : ALCAPPTOOL

Heat Emboss Acetate : HEATEMBOS

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Self Adhesive Pearl Swirl ~ Many Varieties Available 

in the Creative Expressions Embellishments Section

 Creative Expressions Finishing Touches: Crystal Sparklers : DAZSNOW

or other Embellishments : Creative Expressions Embellishments Section

 Cosmic Shimmer Black Detail Embossing Powder : CSDEPBLK

 Clear Embossing Powder : CSEPCLEAR or Crystal Embossing Powder : CSEPAURORA

Archival Black Ink Pad : ARCHBLKSM or Clear and Resist Ink Pad  : CRPAD

Grime Boss : GB30

 Black Faux Suede Ruffle Ribbon : NV510

 Cosmic Shimmer Drawing Ink ~ Rich Gold (Metallic Set) : CSDIMET

 Black String / Burlap : SM08

A4 Black Card :40071 & Foundations Old Pearl A4 Gold Paper : 40441 

Bronze : 40767 or Copper :40440


Step by Step Instructions

1 Gather the materials for the project, including some of the following listed. The Spellbinder Decorative Labels Twenty-Eight Die along with the Heartfelt Creations Open Leaf Die & Open Leaf Pre Cut Set. The flower is made using the Heartfelt Creations Blooming Dahlia & stamp and embossing onto the heat emboss acetate, the colour is made using the Red Pepper, Sunset Orange & Sunshine Yellow Adirondack Alcohol Inks.  The Creative Expressions Teresa Collins 8” x 8” Paper Pad is used for the backdrop of the project & the papers blend in so well with the colour palette.


2 Remove the lids of the red pepper, sunset orange & sunshine yellow Adirondack alcohol inks. It is fine to leave the lids off whilst you work on the project and just replace the lids at the end of the project. Add a clean piece of felt to the Adirondack applicator ink tool.


3 Add small dots of the sunset orange at random over the felt pad but make sure there are gaps left on the pad.



4 Then add small dots of the sunshine yellow along with just a few drops of the red pepper to build the colours up on the felt pad.

4 4

5 Take the piece of gold metallic paper & start to press the applicator tool over the surface. The colour will be intense at first & if you keep working the colour onto the paper the patterns will change. Work the whole piece & set aside.

5 5

6 Now take the heat emboss acetate & add some of the same colours onto the felt pad and keep adding the ink to the acetate. Sometimes if the ink is laid it can disperse out on the acetate but this gives a nice soft effect. Just play & get different effects you wish for.

6 6

7 By letting the ink dry in between reapplying the ink can also achieve some wonderful effects. Here more ink was added to the base layer & it made the ink form a lovely pattern.

7 7

8 Continue to work over the whole piece of acetate building up the colours in different areas as this will reflect in the final piece of the flower.

8 8

9 Now to stamp on the heat emboss acetate. Use either the Cosmic Shimmer black detail embossing powder & the clear & resist ink pad or use the clear or crystal embossing powder & the archival ink black ink pad. To start add the dahlia stamp to an acrylic block.

9 9

10 Swipe the top side of the acetate with an anti static bag (have the alcohol ink on the reverse side). This will help eliminate the stamp moving when add to the acetate.

10 10

11 Ink up the stamp with whichever ink and embossing combination you have chosen. Here the black archival ink pad has been used.

11 11

12 Stamp the dahlia image onto the prepared area on the acetate.

12 12

13 Once the image is stamped then add the embossing powder. In this case the clear embossing powder has been used. When using the archival ink pad with embossing powder you need to work fast when add the powder.

13 13

14 Carry on repeating the process. Here because the intense red colour was wanted for the centre piece the image was stamped just off the page to save the space & to get the required ink patterns.

14 14

15 Build the stamping up until the whole sheet has been stamped and the embossing powder has been added, or just stamp however many flower heads needed in your project.

15 15

16 Now heat set the embossing powder to reveal the finished embossed look.

16 16

17 Depending on what you want to use the heat emboss acetate for then why not clean off the ink from the left over piece using the Grime Boss wipes. Place the unwanted clear piece back in your craft box for use another time.

17 17

18 Cut around the outer edge of the dahlia making sure you do not cut to close to the embossed edge as the scissors might cut crack & chip the embossed line.

18 18

19 Once the first piece has been cut then go back in and cut down some of the petals as this will allow for movement later on.

19 19

20 Take the 2nd dahlia & miss out the outer petals & just cut the inner layer of the flower out. Continue to do this until you have at least 4 descending layer of the flower.

20 20

21 Take the dahlia and ease the acetate up in your fingers to roll the acetate & this will give a lovely curve to the petal edges.

21 21

22 Continue to do this on each layer of the flowers making sure each layer has the petals cut into, but only to the next row of petals.

22 22

23 Stamp 4 more dahlias onto the prepared gold paper using the archival ink pad. Just heat set to make sure the ink will not smudge.

23 23

24 This is the finished dimensional dahlia.

24 24

25 Here is the completed project which will be shown in part 2 of the workshop & produced next week. So please check back or just use the live link on part 1 of the project when it`s released.



 The project & Dahlia has lots of dimension and this close up shows off the different layers well.



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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I would never have thought of using a floral stamp to make a dimensional flower – so clever. Love the acetate and all the colours you have used. Simply stunning Suzanne – looking forward to part 2 next week. X

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