Spellbinder Radiant Rectangle Double Easel Workshop – Part 1


This workshop shows how to create the double easel framed card using the Spellbinder radiant rectangle die as the back drop to the stamped bells.


The card has been designed to fit the frames & the easel panels will then lay flat when the card is in an envelope.


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Double Easel Part 1Workshop

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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles Die: WIZS5-161

& Spellbinders Labels Four Die : WIZS4-190

UMount Christmas Swirl : UMCHRISSWIRL

Teal Card : 40985 , Antique Gold Card :40984  A4 Card : MILK 40109

& IVORY  : 40981

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads ~  Peeled Paint :  DPPEELEDPAINT &

Peacock Feathers : DPPEACOCK or Distress Stain : DSPEACOCK

Ranger Dabber Gold  :  DABGOLD

Silky Crush Ribbon ~ Champagne : UK1-5-02 or  Silky Crush Ribbon ~ Teal : UK04

Glass Glintz : GG12CLR or Teal Dazzlers : DAZTEAL

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Grime Boss : GB30 & Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER


Step by Step Instructions

1 Place the piece of teal card in a portrait position onto a score board or this step can be completed by using a ruler & ball tool. Mark or score down at the A5 half fold point (6) or measure 4-1/8” or 10.5cms.


2 Cut down the line to make 2 long pieces of card. Use either an A3 guillotine or a ruler & craft knife.

2 2

3 Place the card back onto the score board but this time in a landscape position. Score again at the A5 half fold score point or the measurements above & repeat on the 2nd piece.

3 3

4 Crease the score lines in place before laying the 2 pieces together. Doing this before the glue is added will make sure you have the card in the correct place & you can see how the edges of the card fold inwards to create the gatefold effect.

4 4

5 Place some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue onto the reverse of one of the pieces of card. Make sure no glue is added to the 2cm gap that will be seen when the card is joined together. Place the card back down into place working quickly before the glue sets.

5 5

6 Make sure the card closes in the centre before the glue dies.

6 6

7 Take another piece of teal card & lay it across the inner part of the card, snip where the card needs to be cut.

7 7

8 Cut the card to size. Glue the just cut piece of card into place so it covers the small gap left by joining the 2 pieces of card together.

8 8

9 To gain an idea of how a double easel card works, bend the card down to make sure you know which way the card scoring needs to be in the next step.

9 9

10 Place the card onto a score board or use a ruler and ball tool to score from the top right hand side of the left hand panel down to the bottom left hand side of the piece.

10 10

11 Repeat the process on the other panel but make sure you score the card from the top left hand side down to the bottom right hand side of the right hand panel.

11 11

12 Now the basic easel shape has been done place the radiant rectangle 2 outer dies onto a piece of vintage gold card. Add the oval in the centre of the piece & secure the dies using some low tack tape. Also place the other decorative frame onto the gold card to be cut at the same time.

12 12

13 Cut & emboss the 2 pieces through the Grand Calibur machine. Make sure the first cut has gone completely through the card before embossing as this is an intricate design. If it hasn`t cut fully place the frames back through the machine & cut again.

13 13

14 Take the oval out of the larger decorative frame & secure it in the centre of the just cut smaller frame. Secure in place with some more low tack tape. Now run the smaller piece back through the Grand Calibur machine.

14 14

15  Now repeat the process and make another set of 2 frames. Use the other frame to make sure the oval is placed in the same area of the frame for a nice uniformed look to the project.

15 15

16 Once the frames have been cut there will be 2 cut frames with ovals in the centre & 2 smaller aperture frames. Keep the inner ovals to add the sentiment onto later.

16 16

17 This project can now be made in 2 ways. The first option is how to make an aperture easel card. Place the large frame onto the folded easel section & tape the oval onto the teal card using the frame as a template to see where it should be placed.

17 17

18 Gently lift the low tack tape off the gold frame and keep the tape on the teal card. Secure the tape back down so that the die is in the exactly the same place.

18 18

19 Place the card and die through the Grand Calibur machine so it cuts the oval shape out. As the doubled piece of card falls on the fold of the card it won`t matter if it passes all the way through the GC machine.

19 19

20 Measure with width from the curve of the oval on the folded edge to the tip of the card. Here it is 2- 1/8”

20 20

21 Take the off cut & flip it over to the other easel folded section so that it is used as a guide to show where the other oval will be placed.

21 21

22 Lay the template piece & also lay a ruler down to make sure the oval is placed in actually the same place as the other easel side.

22 22

23 Repeat & cut the 2nd piece through the GC machine. Now you will have matching shapes cut out of the easel mechanism.

23 23

24 Add some peacock feathers distress ink to a piece of cut`n`dry foam to distress the edges of the frames or alternatively use the peacock feathers distress ink dabber directly onto the edges of the frames. This will just bring in the colour of the teal card to the antique gold card.

24 24

25 Take the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue and add dots of the glue to the small frame before adding it to the larger frame.

25 25

26 Add the frame with glue to just on the bottom section of the easel card, leaving the top of the frame free to move as the easel section moves up and down. Dangle an embellishment in the aperture to finish off this new style easel card.

26 26

27 The second option is how to make a double framed easel card. Don`t cut an oval into the folded easel mechanism if just a standard easel card is required. Line a piece of teal card up against the open folded mechanism edge of the card & make a snip.

27 27

28 Then snip at the top of the card making sure the teal card is the same width all around the card. The workshop has been designed around the radiant rectangle die but there are a few other rectangle die shapes this will fit so have a play about.

28 28

29Here is the finished project with part 2 to follow next week. So please subscribe to the e-mail link on the Creative Expressions weekly workshop so you make sure you have it as soon as it`s released.




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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I love these set of dies – just used them to make a golden wedding card (used the custard card and rubbed edges with enchanted gold gilding wax – fab) and this project certainly makes the most of them. Thanks Suzanne for another brilliant tutorial. X

  2. Suzanne says:

    Sounds like a wonderful card ~ any change you belong to Facebook and could post a photo on the Creative Expressions page as I would love to see it as would others too. Thanks for the lovely comments you regularly post ~ they mean a lot ~ Suzanne x

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