Spellbinder Radiant Rectangle Box Frame Workshop – Part 1


This workshop has been designed to show how to make a box frame using the Spellbinder radiant rectangles die as the focal point and the basic shape of the frame. The JustRite poinsettia stamps are cut with precision using the Spellbinder layered poinsettias dies.


Here is the back view of the box frame. A decorative rectangle has been used as a frame stand along with a strip of matching card to hold the stand in place. Using this technique means that different depth frame boxes can be made either in a landscape or portrait position.


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Poinsettia Box Card Workshop – Part 1

Poinsettia Box Card Workshop – Part 2


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Shopping List


Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles Die: WIZS5-161

Spellbinder Layered Poinsettia Die : WIZS5-055

Just Rite Poinsettia Clear Stamp Set : JRCR04635

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads ~  Peeled Paint :  DPPEELEDPAINT 

~  Fired Brick : DPFIREDRED   &  Festive Berries : DPBERRIES

Ranger Stickles Gold : STKGOLD

Vintage Ribbon ~ Moss : VRMOSS

Coconut Card : 40980 & Green Card : 41009

Creative Expressions Piercing Ruler  : RULER

Creative Expressions Dazzler : DAZMEDSQUARE

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE & Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Grime Boss : GB30 & Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT & Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

 Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Optional ~ If embossing the Poinsettia then the following will be needed

 Cosmic Shimmer Solvent Blending Solution : CSGWBLEND

 Gilding Wax : Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax Various Codes Available

Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powders ~ Christmas Red Sparkle EP : CSEPREDSPA

Perfect Medium Ink Pad : PERPADCL


Step by Step Instructions

1 This workshop along with part 2 will share how to make the basic box frame using a Spellbinder frame with the thought of adding a dimensional flower or decoupage in the frame recess. The flowers can be coloured in using the distress inks or embossing the stamped image and mixing the solvent blending solution with the gilding wax to make a paintable medium with the wax.


2 Please the large detailed frame stamp with the outer thin border from the radiant rectangles die & place it on a piece of green card stock. Add a small rectangle die in the centre making sure it leaves enough space around the inside to create a tab for the box frame later. This inner shape will make the frame stand for the back as well.

2 2

3 Place the prepared card and plates through the Grand Calibur machine.

3 3

4 Once the card & die have been passed through the die cutting machine, make sure all the intricate areas have been cut. As you can see in this case not all the pieces have been fully cut, so turn the piece on the base plate & pass through the machine again.


5 On the 2nd pass all of the design is clearly cut so now the piece can be embossed using the tan mat & the pink embossing mat.

5 5

6 Remember to remove all the little pieces of card in the  intricate areas of the die as this will help the card cut perfectly next time you use it

6 6

7 Starting with the smaller side of the frame measure 2 ½ “ across the frame middle of the die shape so that there are 2 small areas left for the tabs. These need to be least ¼” on either side of the measurements. Just make sure the tabs are never wider than the depth of the box.

7 7

8 Turn the frame to the landscape position & measure 4 ½” again leaving the same area around the edge of the frame to create the solid frame shape.

8 8

9 Place the frame on a score board & join the 4 outer corners measurements together with a score line. Then go back in and create another score line to make a cut line and the tab width of the box frame.

9 9

10 Cut around this inner score line to create the tabs for the box to be joined to later. Cut up to the next score line at an angle on all 4 corners to make the tabs fold back perfectly.

10 10

11 Crease each of the score lines down & into place. Once completed this will form the basic frame shape. This technique can be used on many of the standard square or rectangle dies as well as the Grand Calibur dies.

11 11

12  Different depths of the backing boxes can be made but for this project a ½” box will be made. Place the excess piece of the A4 green card onto a score board. Score at ½” ~ 5” & 5 ½” turn the card & score at ½” ~ 3” & 3 ½”. Trim away the excess card on the 5 ½” & 3 ½” score lines.

12 12

13 With the box frame basic shape made trim up to each 1st score line on each corner & then cut up on a diagonal to the same point. As long as the same inner measurements of the inner frame are used on the box base then the depth of the box can be changed.

13 13

14 Crease each of the box score lines up along with the tabs. Use the Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to stick the corner tabs in place to make the box base.

14 14

15 Once the box is dry then lay the box over the tabs made on the frame. This will give you a guide to how the box fits before gluing it in place.

15 15

16 With the front of the frame facing down & tabs folded in place add some dries clear Cosmic Shimmer glue tabs.

16 16

17 Now place the box over the tabs & press the tabs firmly to the inside of the box. The Cosmic Shimmer with not take long to take hold so make sure everything is in the correct place.

17 17

18 This stage is optional. Cut thin strips of green card to cover the tabs that now fall on the inside of the frame. Add the strips around the box frame so they just cover the tabs on the inside of the frame before gluing in place.

18 18

19 Here are the finished results of the covered tabs. It does give a nice finish to the frame.

19 19

20 Now fold the top edge of the inner rectangle back to make the top of the stand & glue it to the back of the frame once it is standing upright & at the correct angle you require for the project.

20 20

21 Depending on the depth of the box will determine if the frame will stand up on its own but this can be easily fixed if not by adding a thin piece of card which has been folded at each end. Then add a small dot of glue on the back of the rectangle stand & the centre bottom reverse of the frame.

21 21

22 Hold the glued piece in place until the glue takes hold. Once dry the frame will be very secure & solid when stood up.

22 22

23 Here is a close up of a 1 inch box frame and as you can see the angle of the frame will be different so the stand would just need adjusting to suit the depth of the piece. This is very easily done just by making the strip of card longer or shorter on the stand.

23 23

24 Here is the finished piece which will all be shown in part 2 of the workshop. So please check back next week or look on the Creative Expressions weekly workshop site for the project. Why not sign up for an e-mail subscription to receive the link directly & as soon as it`s released.



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    Hi Suzanne I love the color you have chosen it is stunning and as always a fantastic step by step.

  3. Paper Junkie says:

    I LOVE this Suzanne – and I have everything except the poinsettia stamps. I will get around this by highlighting embossed flowers with a glue pen and finish with embossing powders. Looking forward to part 2! X

  4. Suzanne says:

    Thank you all for the kind words ~ I read all the comments and value them all
    Kind Regards
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