Melt Art UTEE Bead – Part 1

44This workshop has been designed to show how to make this threading bead using paper
and clear ultra thick embossing crystals (with will be referred to as UTEE
throughout the workshop) using the melting pot


Here is a close up of the glazed bead. It has been added to a bezel with the main body of the necklace being the aqua wrinkled ribbon.

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UTEE Bead Workshop – Part 1


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Melt Art Melting Pot : MELTPOT

Mixed Media from Spellbinder – Silver Heart Bezel One  : MB1-005S

or Bronze Heart Bezel One  : MB1-005

Art Nouveau Peacock A5 Stamp Plate : UMPEACOC

Crushed Wrinkled Aqua Ribbon : UK1-5-04

Tim Holtz Peacock Feathers Distress Ink Pad : DPPEACOCK

Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax


Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes ~ Silver Moon : CSGFSILVMOON

or Silver Leaf : GLSILV

 Flake & Glitter Glue : CSFLAKEGLUE

Tim Holtz Jump Rings : TH92726

Perfect Medium Ink Pad : PERPADCL

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals –

200ml Clear :CSUTEECLEAR  , 100ml Bright Gold : CSUTLGGOLD

 20ml Pots  Lapis JadeCSUTJADE & Silver Shine : CSUTSILSH

 Tim Holtz Distress Stain Dabber: Pewter : DABSILVER

Grime Boss : GB30

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Coconut A4 Card : 40980


Creative Expressions  Pearl Pins : PINCREAM

 Clamps or Large Paper Clips

& Matchsticks

*** CAUTION ***

Make sure the Lighting Tip of the Match is Removed

as it will be going near very hot / molten Ultra Thick Embossing Liquid


Step by Step Instructions

When preparing to work with the melting pot, place a non stick mat under the pot to protect the table or work surface from the heat that will radiate from the base of the melting pot. Turn the melting pot on at the mains & onto the UTEE high setting. Get the clear, lapis jade & silver shine ultra thick embossing crystals ready for the project.

1 1

2 Cut some strips of paper (160gsm) either at an angle towards the tip or straight depending on the look of the bead you are after. Here a pointed strip has been used as this will give a great shape to the bead. Cover the paper in the peacock feathers ink and then go in & stamp the feather design in the same ink.

2 2

3 Take some matchsticks and remove the brown lighting tip from the matchstick. It`s ESSENTIAL to make sure this is done as the wooden sticks are going into the molten hot UTEE liquid & would ignite with the heat.

3 3

4 Take the prepared coloured and stamped pieces of paper & roll them around the matchstick tightly. Secure the thin tip of the paper onto the rest of the bead. Keep the wooden stick through the bead.

4 4

5 Either add a clamp or a long handle grippy tool on the end of the wooden stick. If not try opening up a paper clip so that you are left with 2 hooks at either end, they can then be hooked around the wooden stick.

5 5

6 Add a small amount of the flake and glitter glue onto patches of the rolled bead. If not use a light cover of dries clear before adding some silver flakes or silver leaf.

6 6

7 Now add the clear Cosmic Shimmer ultra thick embossing crystals to the melting post making sure the UTEE doesn`t go over the maximum mark on the melting pot. Place the lid on & allow the UTEE to melt.

7 7

8 Take a Creative Expressions 3 pearl pin & snip the pointed sharp tip off the pin. This will give a great finish to the tip of the bead & also to the finish of the necklace. Practise & make the end into a closed circle eye or wait until a later step once the bead is added.

8 8

9 Lift the lid off the melting pot & make sure all the UTEE has melted. If there are bubbles in the molten UTEE then take the heat tool & just heat the UTEE up on the surface until it appears smooth on the UTEE. Don`t add the clear UTEE to early as it can turn a yellow if left in the pan to long.


10 Make sure you have a firm hold of the clamp & the bead. Remember if the bead falls at all just let it go into the UTEE & don`t think to pick it up with your fingers as the UTEE is HOT & will burn. For best results drizzle the UTEE from the spatula onto the bead so that the ends are not covered.

10 10

11 Depending on how hot the UTEE is will show different results (often when using the heat tool over the UTEE makes for runnier UTEE & a thinner layer will be added to the bead)


12 If the rougher UTEE effect is left then place the bead back onto the clamp & hold the bead over the melting pot & gently heat the UTEE until it`s smooth enough. Try make sure it doesn`t run near the hole end.

12 12

13 If there are any stray UTEE ends where the UTEE has hardened as it cools down, then make sure you remove pieces with a pair of scissors or the jewellery pliers whilst the UTEE is warm but not HOT.

13  14

14 Work as many beads as you need for the project. Here 5 have been made & used. Add the glazed bead onto the prepared 3 pearl pin. Alternatively use a jewellery straight pin & make sure you have a stopper on the end of the pin.


15 Now the bead is added onto the 3 pearl pin an optional silver bead has been added to covered and embellish the top of the bead. Holding the bead in one hand, bend the pin to the left so that the group of pins are all nice and tight together.

15 15

16 Curve the pin back & around the pliers to create the circle closed eye to the bead.

16 16

17 Leave the remaining clear UTEE in the melting pot & add a line of the silver shine & the gold UTEE either side of the lapis jade UTEE. Add the lid to the melting pot & leave for 3/5 minutes.


18 Take the spatula and carefully stir the UTEE in a sideward motion to mix the UTEE in a marbled effect. It`s best to focus on one colour and in this case it`s the lapis jade UTEE that has been picked out as it`s the centre UTEE liquid.

18 18

19 Now move the spatula up and down or in a swirl pattern to give the UTEE its final mix. Be sure not to over work the UTEE as it will lose its marble effect. With your hands firmly holding on the black sides of the melting pot, gently rock the UTEE back & forth to get the UTEE to the front of the pan.

19 19

20 Now pour the molten UTEE into the medium heart bezel. If you don`t manage to get a perfect level to the bezel then once it`s cooled remove the UTEE from the bezel & add more start again.

20 20

21 Move the bezel along the craft mat so that the heat doesn`t stay under the bezel as this will help cool the UTEE quicker. Please don`t be tempted to touch the UTEE whilst it`s still hot as it will burn you. Take the 3 wooden sticks you prepared earlier & add some clear perfect medium around the end of the sticks.

21 21

22 Preferably add the ink before you pour the UTEE into the bezel. Now add the wooden sticks into the molten UTEE at the areas where jump rings will be added later. A tip for the heart is the hole needs to be fairly close to the edge to make sure a jump ring will fit around.

22 22



Here is a close up of the UTEE bead added to the UTEE heart using a jump ring. This project comes in 2 parts as it has a lot of useful steps. So please check out the weekly workshop site next week or click on the link for part 2 once it`s live.


The pretty box has been used to give the gift away in. Click here for the workshop.

You`ll see the UTEE beads have been added to the jump rings but a neat idea has been used to add the ribbon. More next week.


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    I know I don’t use my melt pot nearly enough and this project is just what is needed to get it dusted off! Love the colours of the bezel – very Toulouse Lautrec. Looking forward to part two next week Suzanne. X

  2. Steffens says:

    Yes love it , anymore 😃just got new melt pot !!!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the kind words – if you go to the top of the workshop page there is a headed section just for the UTEE so everything will be found there
    Kind Regards

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