Heartfelt Creations Cupcake Holder


This workshop is a helpful one for that time when you need a quick gift for a friend or someone to say thanks but don`t want to spend a fortune.


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Heartfelt Creations Cupcake Holder Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Heartfelt Creations Vintage Floret Collection Paper Pad : HCDPI227

Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles Die : WIZS5-161

Spellbinders Large Scallop Circle Die : WIZS4-124

But many of the Decorative Circle Dies can be used

Umount Classic Sentiment Stamp Plate : UMCLASSIC

Tim Holtz Distress Inks Victorian Velvet  :DPVICTORIAN

Ranger Archival Ink Pad  : ARCHBLK

 Rose Wrinkled Edge Ribbon : NK-5-19

 Platinum 12” x 12” Card available through Creative Expressions

 Pink Card : 40449

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Grime Boss : GB30 & Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT  &

Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1 First select the papers, here the Heartfelt Creations floret collection papers have been used along with the platinum 12” x 12” card. This project will hold 4 cupcakes but the base could hold a gift rather than cupcakes.


Take the scallop circle die or any other later decorative circle die & measure it under the cupcake case. Lay the 12” card on the Grand Calibur cutting plate so the edges over hang the plate & lay the die in place.

2 2

3 Score the depth of the box that you require and this will also make sure the card when folded inwards will pass through the Grand Calibur machine. Add some low tack tape to the die.

3 3

Having had the 2 cupcakes side by side and then the score line added, measure that line which in this case is 2 ¼”

4 4

5 Turn the card around & score the bottom edge to 2 ¼” and score again on the right hand side of the card. Move the circle if it was not 100% in the correct place as you know how the score lines as a guide.

5 5

Crease the 2 side edges inwards to allow the card to fit through the Grand Calibur machine. DON`T fold downwards as they will get cut.

6 6

Cut the piece through the GC machine & once complete move the die sideward & stick in place.

7 7

Cut the piece & continue this process until all 4 scallop circles are cut out of the card.

8 8

9 Measure the same distance from the circle to the first score line on the already cut & scored end. Repeat the measurement on the other end so the gap & the 2 ¼” is made. Score & then trim away the excess card.

9 9

10 Once this has been completed then the piece will look like this. There will be embossed markings from the die on the folded area but this will face the inside of the box so don`t worry at this stage.

10 10

11 Cut up to the scored line on the corner square & then cut again but at an angle to the same point. Do this on all the 4 corners working from the top & bottom rather than the sides.

11 11

12  Depending on the depth needed for the box you can easily go in & measure a new set of score lines. Here 1 ¼” has been measured all around.

12 12

13 Trim away the unwanted excess card to make the new 1 ¼” depth.  Crease all the score lines down to create the box shape.

13 13

14  Take some Cosmic Shimmer glue & add to the right side of the corner tabs. Then glue the tabs to the inside of the box so the right side of the card is showing facing you.

14 14

15 Add the cupcakes to the circle to see how well they fit. This insert will make sure the cupcakes stay in place when they are transported. Please note this project is for hand delivery only & not for posting.

15 15

16 Take another piece of platinum card & lay the upturned cupcake piece onto the card. Score a 2 ¼” border down the side and bottom of the card, measure the cupcake piece & then score again the 2 ¼” from the edge of the box mark.

16 16

17 Cut away any excess card & make the box up in the same way as the cupcake liner.

17 17

18 Add the liner to the inside of the box.

18 18

19 Here is the cupcake in place but this will be removed before the next step.

19 19

20 Take 2 pieces of the Heartfelt Creations Paper & lay them across the width of the box. Make a snip where the paper needs to be cut. Cut the side edge off on both sheets of paper off.

20 20

21 Crease just one of the sheets at 2” along the bottom edge of the paper. This is how it will look once it`s added under the box (later).

21 21

22 Now crease the top & bottom edge of paper on the 2nd piece of paper. This will create a flap to add under the box & the other flap will fold over the top of the holder to add the ribbon through.

22 22

23 Add red line tape or Cosmic Shimmer glue to the inside tabs of the paper. Also add some to the side of the box to hold the paper in place.

23 23

24 Stick the paper that has just the one folded edge to the bottom of the box.

24 24

25 Remove the backing from the side of the box & place the paper onto the tape (or glue).

25 25

26 Take the 2nd sheet & place the large rectangle die from the radiant rectangle die set. Secure it in place using low tack tape. Be sure to add the die far enough up the paper so it seem above the edge of the box.

26 26

27 Cut the prepared piece through the GC machine & then stick the bottom tab underneath the other end of the box.

27 27

28  It will depend on how you want the bag to fastened, here the folded top edge of the bag has been secured in place & then 2 holes made to pass the ribbon through later.

28 28

29 Stamp a `Thanks you so much` sentiment onto a piece of white card & cut it out using the oval dotted die from the radiant rectangles set. Keep the die in place once it`s been embossed & distress the edges with the Victorian velvet ink pad before using the rose stamp to catch the edged of the die with the small image. Cut the radiant rectangle out of pink card stock.

29 29

30 Add the die shape & the sentiment to the card using foam tape for both layers of the card. Place the wrinkled ribbon through the holes to fastener the holder together. Finish the box by adding the finished cupcakes or by adding a gift of your choice.

30 30


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    That is such a clever box and it just happens that I love making and giving cupcakes. Nice to see some of the “basic” dies used too. Thanks Suzanne! X

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