Let Your Spirit Fly


This workshop shows how to create a different look using the Cosmic Shimmer clear texture paste, a mask, mica to tint the paste & some micro beads.


Here is a close up of the tinted texture paste with micro beads added. Use another mica colour with lighter card for different look altogether.


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Let Your Spirit Fly


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Enchanted Labels 28 : WIZS6-003

Spellbinders Labels 28 : WIZS5-127

UMount Wise Friend A5 Stamp Plate : UMWISE

Tulips Mask – That Special Touch : MASKTULIP

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Kraft Resist Paper Stash : TH92918

Creative Expressions Clear Texture Paste : CSPASTCLEAR

Tim Holtz Victorian Velvet Ink Pad : DPVICTORIAN &

 Cosmic Shimmer Copper Rose Sparkle Mica Powder

 Lots of Codes Available ~ : Spray Mica Pigments

Clear Micro Beads : MICROBEAD

Tim Holtz Glassine Paper : TH92916

 Rose Wrinkled Edge Ribbon : NK-5-19

 Adirondack Gold Dabber : DABGOLD

Distress Crackle Rock Candy : DCPROCK

Ranger Clear & Resist Ink Pad :CRPAD or Perfect Medium : PERPADCL

A4 Card : MILK 40109 & IVORY  : 40981

Coconut A4 Card : 40980

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Grime Boss : GB30

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1 For the project you`ll need a mask and in this case the tulip `that special touch` mask has been picked. Also gather the Cosmic Shimmer clear texture paste, the clear micro beads & some mica powder plus the dies.

1 1

2 Cut & emboss the largest enchanted labels 28 die in cream card & the coordinating labels 28 die in the glassine paper.

2 2

3 Use some low tack tape to stick the glassine piece to the ink blending mat (or a non stick craft mat can be used)

3 3

4 Place the tulip mask over the glassine shape making sure the flowers are placed exactly where they are wanted to show on the glassine paper. Lift the low tack tape & now place on the mask.


5 Add a small amount of the Cosmic Shimmer clear texture paste onto the corner of the blending mat.

5 5

6 Scoop a small amount of the chosen mica powder & place onto the texture paste.

6 6

7 Start to mix by folding the mica into the texture paste.

7 7

8 Continue until all the mica is evenly mixed and you are left with a smooth paste.

8 8

9 Scoop the coloured paste up onto a flat surface tool.

9 9

10 Now place the paste onto the mask & drag the paste over the mask. Remove any excess paste once it`s all smooth over the mask.

10 10

11  Lift the mask off the glassine paper being careful not to disturb the just worked texture paste.

11 11

12 This is how the design will look with the coloured texture paste; alternatively use an already coloured paste.

12 12

13 Use a grime boss sheet to remove any excess paste left on the mask and on the blending mat. As there is some left over paste then it`s worth using it up on a 2nd or 3rd panel & use another time.

13 13

14 Lay the panel on a piece of card as the glassine paper is likely to curve with the weight of the texture paste. Open the micro beads & have a lid ready underneath.

14 14

15 Tip the micro beads over the texture paste. Make sure there is a good covering & lightly sprinkle them over the paste so it`s not distorted in any way.

15 15

16 Tip the panel up to remove any excess beads. Gently press the beads into the paste for a good all round cover. Set aside to dry.

16 16

17 Take the enchanted labels die shape & add some perfect medium or resist clear ink pad just around the edges of the shape.

17 17

18 Take the same colour mica that was used to colour the texture paste & add it over the perfect medium using a paint brush.

18 18

19 Select the bird in flight piece of paper from the kraft resist stash pad & cut it to 7.5 inch square.

19 19

20 As the texture paste dries so will the look of the finished piece. It gives a soft texture to the glassine paper.

20 20

21 Dab some of the gold paint to create a distressed edging to the bird panel.

21 21

22 Add some dried clear Cosmic Shimmer glue to the long edge of some glassine paper. Then stick it to a 2nd piece of paper.

22 22

23 Cut the glassine paper to 8 inch square. Now add some distress crackle rock candy around the 4 edges of the paper. Either allow the rock candy to dry or use a heat tool to speed up the process. Heating the candy can cause it to bubble but if done slowly it will prevent this.

23 23

24 Crunch the edges up for a more distressed look & add some Victorian velvet ink to the edges

24 24

25 Mat the glassine paper onto a cream base card or a single layer of card before adding the bird panel at an angle. Mount the enchanted shape using foam tape for added dimension.

25 25 26 Now place the micro bead textured paste panel to the die shape again using foam tape. Add a small amount of cosmic shimmer glue to the foam tape to make sure it will adhere to the glassine paper.

26 26

27 Add 2 holes to the corner of the card & add some of the wrinkled ribbon through the holes & tie off in a bow.

27 27

28 Stamp the `Let your Spirit Fly` sentiment onto the reverse side of kraft paper using some archival ink & then add some clear embossing powder over the top. Heat set the powder.

28 28

29 Tear around the sentiment & tint the edges with some of the Victorian velvet ink. Make a 2nd panel using the spirit writing & again distress the torn edges. Add the sentiment overlapping the worked panel using either Cosmic Shimmer glue and or foam pads as well.

29 29

30 Place a UTEE flower (or another embellishment) in the corner of the piece to complete the project. Try using mica flakes or different products into the paste for interesting effects ~ most of all just have fun playing.

30 30


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    This is right up my street! I love the resist and kraft papers and haven’t used them all yet and glassine is in a league of it’s own. Thank you Suzanne for some wonderful ideas of how to use them.X

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