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This week’s workshop shows how to make a noodle box in different sizes & finishes using the free PDF template provided. It`s been designed in 2 sizes to fit onto A4 card. A great basic shape to decorate for different looks.



Click Below for a Printable A4 Worksheet

Noodle Box Template Full Workshop


Click Here for the Printable A4 PDF  – Large and Holes Noodle Box  Template

large and holes

Click Here for the Printable A4 PDF -Small with Holes Noodle Box Template

small with holes


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles Die: WIZS5-1

JustRite Vintage Filigree Fancies Stamp Plate: JRAG-04020

Spellbinders Gold Labels Four Die : WIZS5-159

Heartfelt Creations Vintage Floret 12 x 12 Collection Papers :HCDPI227

Tim Holtz Dusty Concord :DPDUSTYCON & Shaded Lilac Ink Pad : DPLILAC

Creative Expressions A4 Embossing Folder – Tapestry : EF-012

Coconut A4 Card : 40980- Cream Card : 40006

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

2 Tone Ribbon : KN07

Crochet Ribbon : NP09   & Vintage Ribbon – Green Moss : VRMOSS

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Grime Boss : GB30

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1 The small template can be printed onto a piece of copy paper, 160gsm paper or card depending on what your printer takes. Simply open up the PDF link & print it out.

1 1

2 Or if you want the larger noodle box print 2 sheets of the large PDF noodle box.


3 Trim around the edges of the template & place the shape onto your card or design papers before tracing around the outline. Then trim your shape out.

3 3

4 Alternatively and the best way I have found & used is to print the template directly onto a piece of card.

4 4

5 Trim around the outer edges of the template. Place the piece onto a score board with the lines facing upwards & score along each line (or it can be scored with a ball tool & a ruler)

5 5

6 Crease & fold the lines backwards so the score lines are only seem on the inside of the noodle box.

6 6

7 Repeat this on the 2nd large piece of card. Punch through the hole if you require a handle or leave in place if not.

7 7

8 Select the Tim Holtz Dusty Concord & Shaded Lilac Ink Pads. Add the small rose stamp from the JustRite vintage filigree set onto an acrylic block. First stamp at random using the dusty concord ink.


9 Now use the same stamp with the shaded lilac ink pad. Stamp at random & also don`t re ink the stamp each time so you get a faded image over the worked piece. Fold the flaps over & distress the edges with some ink on the cut`n`dry foam.

9 9

10 Fold the flap the other way to repeat the process & to make sure all the edges are distressed. Don`t forget to work the small rectangle shape which is the noodle box base.

10 10

11 Once completed you will have all 3 pieces ready to assemble.

11 11

12 Take a piece of purple 2 tone ribbon & pass it through the hole in the side of the box. Tie the ribbon with a knot & leave the length of the ribbon ready for a later step.

12 12

13 Add some wonder tape to all of the tabs on the right side or Cosmic Shimmer glue can be used as it`s an excellent strong glue.

13 13

14 Remove the backing off the side tab & join the side edge of the 2nd panel over the tab. Make sure the top & bottom points match up perfectly for a neat finish to the box later.

14 14

15 Now remove all the other red backing from the remaining tabs.

15 15

16 Crease the side tab down before pulling the box around. This will give a flat look to the box shape.

16 16

17 Stick the box edge onto the tab. It`s a good idea to practise with the backing still on the tape for the first time.

17 17

18 Crease & lay the top flaps of the noodle box down so you can see them in place. This will help to make sure the box is straight when working on the base.

18 18

19 Turn the box over so the base flaps are showing. Make sure the flaps are all creased & laying inwards.

19 19

20 Stick the side edge of the base panel onto the side tab. Make sure everything is straight.

20 20

21 Before pulling the base over the tape & pressing down into place. You may need to place your hand inside the box to press down firmly.

21 21

22 Now wrap the ribbon over until you have the required length for the handle. Poke the ribbon through the hole on the stamped side of the box & tie the ribbon in a knot on the inside to complete the handle. Alternatively wire can be used with beads for a firm handle.

22 22

23 Here some of the Spellbinder Radiant Rectangles & Gold Label Four Dies have been used to cut and emboss some cream card. The buckles & shapes will be used to act as a closure part to the box.

23 23

24 First take a length of the purple ribbon & wrap it around the box so the ends of the ribbon fall down the front of the box.

24 24

25 Add some wonder tape or glue to just half of the small radiant rectangle as the other half with hang over the lid.

25 25

26 Stick the panel to the noodle box lid so that the ribbon lies underneath it. Distress the oval die shape & small radiant shape with the dusty concord ink before stamping the `Warm Wishes` sentiment. Stack the shapes on the lid.

26 26

27 Thread the ribbon through the buckle.

27 27

28 Tie the ribbon off into a bow & place another die shape behind the buckle to complete the noodle box.

28 28

29 Here is a close up of the layered Spellbinder die which creates a lovely decorative lid feature.

29 29

30 This tip is to help when making the small box. To achieve a neat finish when cutting the topper to size, then cut your 1st angle off to size.

30 30

31 Flip the off cut over to the other corner, you may wish to add some glue or tape under the piece.

31 31

32 Now trim away the piece to create a matching angle. Often when doing things by eye we can cut at a different angle so this tip will help with this issue.

32 32

33 Make a small box using the heartfelt papers & wrap a piece of lace around the box, place the topper over the ends to make a removable wrap. Why not try making a large box by printing onto white card and then emboss the card through an A4 tapestry folder before following the normal steps. Here the box has been decorated with some UTEE glazed flowers.



34 Here is a close up of the noodle boxes. Just have some fun with different Spellbinder die shapes embellish the boxes as you wish. The templates can be easily resized when selecting the printer size, so just have fun.




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