Blue Vellum Lace Box


This week’s workshop shows how to use the new `Stamps to Die For …..` Stamp with the Spellbinder marvellous square dies for a delicate lid & base to the box.



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Blue Vellum Lace Box Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Marvellous Squares : WIZS4-383

Spellbinders Raspberry Plate : WIZGC-003

 Creative Expressions – Stamps to Die For …..

Kaleidoscope Pre Cut Stamp : UMS506

Organza Ribbon Roses : RR009

Parchment : 40024

 Tim Holtz Broken China :DPBRKNCHINA & Peeled Paint : DPPEELEDPAINT

Creative Expressions A4 Embossing Folder – Tapestry : EF-012

Perfect Medium : PERPADCL

Cosmic Shimmer True White Detail Embossing Powder : CSDEPWHITE

Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax Patina :CSGWPAT

Coconut A4 Card : 40980

& Light Blue Card or Foundations Pearl Card : 40444

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Grime Boss : GB30

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Just Rite Vintage Filigree Stamp Plate : JRAG-04020 :

Tissue Paper &

 Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


I thought you might find this article useful about

Cutting and Embossing Sandwich Information

Click Here for the link  to find sandwich information for using the embossing folders and masks that Creative Expressions distribute, including information for all major die-cutting and embossing systems.

Please note: Under NO circumstances force a sandwich through your machine as this may cause damage to your machine



Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the kaleidoscope stamp from the `Stamps to die For…` range along with the Spellbinders marvellous squares die set as these co-ordinates with the stamp plate.

11 2 Swipe an anti static bag across a piece of card & ink the lace stamp up with some perfect medium ink. Stamp the image before……

2 2 3 Tipping over the Cosmic Shimmer white detail embossing powder. Pour the excess back into the pot or onto a scrap piece of paper.

3 3 4 Use the heat tool set the embossing powder.

4 4 5 Stamp on different types of card or vellum to gain alternative looks to the stamped image. Here the vellum & blue card show up best so these are what will be used for the project. If the lace doesn`t show up so much on the white it`s worth picking up the colour with some distress ink.

5 5 6 Now cut the lace design out using the Spellbinders labels 22 die large & smaller die as this set co-ordinates with the stamps. Secure the die in place with some low tack tape.

6 6 7 Cut the die & lace pieces through the Grand Calibur machine using the cut & base plate. Then emboss the piece using the base plate, the die and card, then the tan mat & pink embossing plate.

7 7 8 Here is the largest die shape cut in the blue, as you`ll see the lace design is framed beautifully with an intricate cut shape, then the vellum lace has a wonderful cut edge, now stamp & cut another smaller inner lace piece.

8 8 9  Cut another blue piece of card using the same smaller die shape, but this time turn the die shape 45 degrees.

9 910 Stick the vellum to the die shape using some dries clear Cosmic Shimmer glue.

10 10 11  Cut the very small die shape & back the cut centre using the same technique as in the previous thread.

11 11 12 To make the base & top of the boxes nice and firm then cut another large and medium size die shape in the pale blue card & stick it to the back of the panels. Make sure the right side faces outwards.

12 12 13  Emboss 2 pieces of coconut card using the tapestry embossing folder using the Spellbinder Raspberry plate with the folder.

13 13 14  Trim to the exact edge of the tapestry folder embossed pattern. Place the card on a score board and score at 3cm & 6cm`s on top, bottom & 1 side edge.

14 14 15  This will create a 7.5cms inner space, so turn the card to a landscape position & mark 7.5cms & score.

15 15 16  Then move the just scored line along to 10cms and score at 13cms & 16cms.

16 16 17  Trim the excess card away from the right hand side of the card. Remember if you want a different size box just adjust the measurements accordingly.

17 17 18 Trim up from the bottom on the 2nd scored line until you reach the corner of the main square. Repeat this on all 4 corners sections of the box.

18 18 19  Now cut another line moving out towards the outer side of the card & trim to the same point as made in the last step. This will create a notch effect.

19 1920 Cut away all 3 outer small  boxes of the corner to leave the inner tab.

20 2021 Repeat this on all the other edges of the box base to make the complete piece ready for the folding & sticking in place later on.

21 21 22  Take the 2nd piece of embossed card & repeat the process of scoring the card but this time use 2cms and 4cms on the side & bottom edge only. Then score the middle sections at 7.5cms in from the both inner score lines. Now score a further 2cms & 4cms from both 7.5cm points. Cut away the excess card before trimming the card corners in the same way as with the base.

22 22 23 Add some broken china ink to a piece of the cut`n`dry foam & swipe the pad over the embossed area to pick up the detail.

23 2324 Crease all the score lines in place. Add some wonder tape or some Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue to the top of the corner tabs

24 24 25 Stick the tabs to the inside of the box so the outer flaps stand straight.

25 25 26 Once the tabs are dry (if the wet glue was used) then glue or tape the inside of the flaps before folding them down & over the just glued tabs.

26 26 27  Repeat these steps on the box lid to create box base & the box lid basic shape.

27 27 28  Take the smaller lace panel & add some dries clear Cosmic Shimmer glue to the inner section only of the shape as the might over hang the box.

28 28 29 Press firmly down in the piece whilst the glue starts to take or place a small weight on the inside of the box.

29 29 30  Repeat the process on the lid, but this time the overhang will be greater so remember not to glue those die shape edges.

30 30 31  Add the smaller mount lace piece to the top of the box using foam tape or 3d glue for added dimension. To match the cream organza rose to the project then add some patina gilding wax to tint the embellishment.

31 31 32  Add the rose in the centre of the small die panel to finish the simple box design.

32 32 33 To enhance the gift box, why not use the rose from the vintage filigree stamp plate. Stamp using peeled paint & broken china ink to tone with the box.

33 33 34  Add the tissue to the box to complete the project. Something a bit delicate and perfect to add some earrings and a necklace too for a gift.

34 34

35  Here is a close up of the box showing how the embossed sides of the box are part of the feature on the box as well as the STUNNING Spellbinder die shapes & the lace stamp.

35 DSC03765


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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I do love this box Suzanne – it’s gorgeous and thanks to your brilliant tutorial, so achievable. Haven’t done any papercrafting for ages but I am having a crafty day all to myself next week. Been so busy with garden and choir rehearsals there just hasn’t been time. Big concert tomorrow – big solo – do think of me. Hope you are having a good week-end too. love X

  2. Suzanne says:

    So pleased you liked it – enjoy your crafty day next week as I`m sure you will
    Best of luck for the concert – you`ll be great I`m sure and of course I will be thinking of you
    Take care
    Suzanne x

  3. Paper Junkie says:

    Looking forward to my “fast and craft” day tomorrow (I have been doing the 2 day fasting since October – feel fab). Thank you for thinking of me on Saturday – I nailed my solo – twice. Two concerts in one day – the second one filmed and we raised over £1.000 for our community – so a very happy bunny indeed. Can relax now and enjoy getting to grips with the tall gift box from your workshop from a couple of weeks ago. love X

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