Heartfelt Creations Tube Box- Part 2


This workshop continues to show how to make a special box using one sheet of 12” x 12” card, it`s been decorated with the Heartfelt Creations vintage collection papers.


Part 1 of the workshop can be found on the Creative Expressions workshop site.


Here are a close up of the UTEE flowers which have been tinted with some pink embossing powder.



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  Heartfelt Creations Tube Box Part 2 Workshop

& allow part 1 of the workshop – published last week

Heartfelt Creations Tube Box Part 1 Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Heartfelt Creations Vintage Floret 12 x 12 Collection Papers :HCDPI227

Platinum 12″ x 12″ Card

JustRite Vintage Filigree Fancies Stamp Plate: JRAG-04020

Spellbinders Bitty Blossom Die : WIZS5-086

 Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals – Various Codes Available

 Tim Holtz Walnut Stain : DPWALNUT  & Forest Moss : DPFOREST Ink Pad

 Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS

Three White Bead Pins : PINWHITE

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

2 Tone Ribbon :KN16

Creative Expressions Teardrop Lace : LACETEARCREAM

Low Tack Tape : 3MTAPEMAG

Grime Boss : GB30

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1 When the grey board is put next to the score box base you might find that the final score line doesn`t quite match up, so score another line next to the one just made & this will relieve the problem. This is due to the thickness off the card.

1272 Crease the grey board up and apply tape or wet glue to the edges of the piece. Attach a piece of heartfelt creations paper to the piece.

2 283Once the glue is dry or if you have used tape then crease the folds. Ease the paper into the folds in the same place as the board below.

3 294 There may be a slight edge of paper that falls over the card, just trim this off flush with the edge of the grey board.

4 30Add a small square of matching paper to one of the whole box flaps as this will be seen in the base of the box once it`s made up. This way it will give a professional look to the inside of the box.

5 316Distress the top edges of the piece with some forest moss distress ink.

32Turn the card over to reveal the plain grey board and use the forest moss ink pad to colour the top section only of the board. Allow the piece to dry rather than using a heat tool as this might shrink the card or paper.

7 33Stick a piece of folded card in between the paper and grey board. This step can be done earlier if wet glue is used as you won`t be able to lift the paper up.

8 34Fold the tab down and place in between the top of the other open edge. This will allow the piece to be closed up and is made in this way so no bulky tab is used on the box.

9 3510 Use a piece of tape to secure the bottom half of the box closed.  This will not be seen and it is an easy option to close the piece up.

10 36

11 Add some Cosmic Shimmer glue to the upper inside section of the box.

11 3712  Place the just worked inner tube piece onto the glue and press in place.

12 3813 Continue to work along the box panels adding Cosmic Shimmer glue as you go.

13 3914 Add some glue to the outside and inside of the tab on the platinum card. Wrap the card around the box and place the tab down on the last section of the box panel before wrapping shut the final section of the box.

14 4015 Now the basic cylinder shape of the box is created. This photo shows how the green lip of the box is now a feature and will allow the box lid to rest on when it`s placed on the box base.

15 4116 Now close and glue the base flaps of the box up. Remember to close the covered flap first as this will be seem on the inside of the box and just follow the making the lid steps found on part 1 if you are not sure how it`s done.

16 4217  Here is a close up of the inside of the box. The Heartfelt Creations papers give a wonderful look to the piece or why not try using some papers from the Tim Holtz Paper Pads.

17 4318 The coloured lip area of the box makes a nice feature to the box. Using this technique allows you to make different size boxes. Why not try a rectangle shape box by just changing 2 panel sizes.

18 4419  Add the prepared panels made earlier to the box using a wet glue or wonder tape.

19 4520  Use foam tape to add the smaller lid panels to the lid for added dimension.

20 4621 These UTEE flowers were made using the Melting Pot workshop (found on the workshop page). As the colours aren`t quite right then some pink embossing powder has been sprinkled onto the flower & then heat set onto the flower. You may wish to melt the UTEE slightly before adding the powder as it will allow the powder to grab onto the warm UTEE. Then heat set the powder until it`s melted.

21 4722   Using this technique means the UTEE can be altered to suit the project. Try making up extra flowers when you have the melting pot is out and then you will have them handy for projects like these.

22 4823 make the bow wrap the ribbon 3 times around your hand before tying it with a knot. Add a bow to the lid of the box using some 3d glue. Place the pins into the glue.

23  4924 Add some more glue on top of the bow to set the UTEE flowers into next step.

24 5025 Arrange the flowers over the glue. Embellishments look best in odd numbers so here 3 have been used. Cut 3 teardrops out of the lace & glue them onto the lid.

25 5126  Here is the finished box ready to be filled with a gift or to store some crafty items maybe.

26 5227   Try wrapping some chocolates in cellophane and add inside the box for a lovely gift.

27 5328  Here is the finished box along with a close up of the decorated lid.

28 54 55


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3 Responses to Heartfelt Creations Tube Box- Part 2

  1. Paper Junkie says:

    Thanks Suzanne for part 2. My sister has a big birthday coming up next month and I’m going to try to make this to put her gift into. With your wonderful instructions I should have a fair chance that I end up with a box similar to yours! I’ll let you know how I get on….X

  2. Suzanne says:

    So pleased you liked it – a key thing is not to the grey board to thick for the lip area – it`s worth maybe using a 300gsm piece of card instead as that will still be strong enough I`m sure.
    I hope you have fun and I`m sure it will look the same as it`s just scoring , folding and matting shapes – would love to see any photos if you get a chance – Take care and I hope you are well ??

  3. Paper Junkie says:

    Thanks for the extra tip Suzanne. Yes I am very well thank you – need some more strength in my right hand – had some problems with the scar, but better now. Not quite back at work yet but on my allotment at last! Thankfully my singing has seen me through some dark days – doing a big solo on 22nd – ooh err….Take care
    Susan X

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