Flower & Gold Leaf Flake Card


This workshop features a few ideas using the Cosmic Shimmer gilding flakes and also
the flake and glitter glue.


The Flower created by stamping onto Tim Holtz frosted film.


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Flower & Gold Leaf Flake Workshop.


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Enchanted Labels 28 Die : WIZS6-003 

  & Labels 28 Die : WIZS5-127

Parchment :40024

  Sam Poole – Art Flowers A5 Stamp Plate : UMARTFLORW

Creative Expressions Stamps to Die For …….

Flower to Co-ordinates with S5-161 : UMS508

Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue : CSFLAKEGLUE

Tim Holtz Game Spinners : TH92717 , Frosted Film : TH93048

& Sketchbook Tissue Tape : TH92911

Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax

Deep Red : CSGWRED & Cast Bronze : CSGWBRO

or Optional Vintage Plum : CSGWPLUM

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

 Cosmic Shimmer Persian Dawn – Gilding Flakes  : CSGFPERSIAN

A4 Card : MILK 40109 & IVORY  : 40981

Coconut A4 Card : 40980 & Red Hammered Card : A4TEXTRED

Coffee Archival Ink Pad : ARCHCOFFEE

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder : CSDEPCLR

Adirondack Gold Dabber : DABGOLD

Grime Boss : GB30 & Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT  & Cut `n`Dry Felt : FELTCUT

Rub It Scrub It : SCRUBIT

Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

Coconut A4 Card : 40980 & Heat Gun : BLUEHEAT

A4 Metallic Vintage Gold Card : 40984

Self Adhesive Pearl Swirl : SASP1LF or Black Pearl Swirls :  SASB1RF

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1 Select the Sam Poole `art flowers` stamp plate & the flower frame from the `stamps to die for…` range along with the Tim Holtz frosted film, a self adhesive sheet and parchment. The clearly art product is optional.

1 12 Cut a piece of the frosted film and make sure it is lying flat and with no crease marks on the film.

2 23 Ink the stamp by tapping the coffee archival ink pad over the stamp to build up the ink.

3 34 Stamp the image directly onto the frosted film & cover with clear Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder.

4 45 Heat set the embossing powder making sure the heat tool is moved about on the film so it doesn`t scorch. The embossing powder will turn quickly so there should be no issue but it was just worth mentioning to be careful.

5 56 Roughly cut around the design & place the flower onto a piece of parchment.

6 67 Repeat the process and stamp & emboss 3 more heads of the flower before added them to the parchment.

7 78 Cut out the main flower and stem using a small pair of scissors or decoupage snips. Leave a small area of parchment around the image so the embossing powder does not chip. Cut out one full flower head & then just one with 3 petals & the other is just the clock face.

8 89 Select the stamps to die for… flower frame, the flake & glitter glue, the Cosmic Shimmer Persian Dawn gilding flakes, a scrapper & and piece of cut`n`dry foam.

9 910 Add a layer of the Cosmic Shimmer flake & glitter glue to the piece of cut`n`dry foam to start to create your own glue pad.

10 1011 Take a scrapper tool or even a flat ice lolly stick and work the glue into the top of the cut`n`dry foam.

11 1112 Once completed the foam will look like this. If you don`t feel there is enough glue on the pad, add another layer but don`t overload the foam.

12 1213 Add the frame stamp onto an acrylic block and gently tap the loaded glue foam onto the stamp. PLEASE HAVE A BOWL OF WATER READY TO PLACE THE STAMP INTO AS SOON AS IT IS USED. IF THIS IS NOT DONE IT WILL RUIN YOUR STAMP.

13 1314 Stamp the image onto a piece of the antique gold card. Make sure the image is just kissed onto the card & removed quickly else the glue will stick the stamp & the card together.

14 1415 Open the jar of gilding flakes & with the stamped image in a container ease some of the flakes out.

15 1516 Add a layer of the flakes onto the tacky image making sure there is a nice amount of flakes as any excess will be returned to the pot.

16 1617 Rub the flakes into the image making sure more flakes are added into any area that has been missed.

17 1718 Take a piece of the rub it scrub foam & work this flat across the surface of the card, this will bring up the detail of the stamped image leaving it smooth and it will remove any unwanted flakes.

18 1819 Return the excess pieces of gilding flakes back into the pot or alternatively leave the flakes in a lidded container so they will be ready to use on another project.

19 1920 Attach to a piece of white card to a piece of adhesive film leaving the top side with the film backing on, and then add a piece of wax paper in between the die and adhesive sheet. Secure the pieces with some low tack tape.

20 2021 Add other frames which you want in your project onto the large Grand Calibur™ plate. Make sure the smaller enchanted frame is cut in the antique gold card.

21 2122 Pass the base plate, the dies and cutting plate sandwich through the Grand Calibur ™ die cutting machine.

22 2223 A good tip when using adhesive sheets and flakes or micro beads is to cut away any card that will be covered with a die cut shape as you`ll use less product which wouldn`t be seen any way & they`ll be a cut shape for another project. So cut the largest labels 28 die in a pearl white card & place the next size down die in the centre of the frame & cut these two shapes out.

23 2324 Remove the backing from the frame.

24 2425  Then place the frame in a plastic box and tip the Cosmic Shimmer gilding flakes over the adhesive sheet.

25 2526 Press the gilding flakes into the sticky sheet.

26 2627 Now remove the frame from the box and place it on a piece of copy or scrap paper. Use the rub it scrub it foam to burnish the flakes into the frame.

27 2728 Lay the prepared elements of the project to gain an idea of how they will be arranged later on.

28 2829 With the smaller enchanted frame on mat, dab some of the Adirondack gold paint around the edges of the frame.

29 2930 So now the layers are building up, fold an A4 sheet of hammered red card in half. Attach the tissue tape around the 4 edges of the card leaving a 2mm gap of red card.

30 3031 Either add some of the Creative Expressions cast bronze gilding wax to the tip of your finger or add it to a piece of felt foam. Add the wax at random over the tape making sure you press into the tape to pick up the hammered card effect.

31 3132 Now go in with the deep red gilding wax to bring the colours from the gilding flakes in the frame.

32 3233 Add foam tape to the back of the frame. Use the solid areas & add 3d glue on the corners if you want them secured down.

33 3334 Place the frame onto the prepared base card. Add the pearl white labels 28 shape to frame again using foam tape for added dimension.

34 3435 Select a Tim Holtz game spinner as these are ideal to join the clock face & flower heads together.

35 3536  Piece a pin, scissors or a small pokey tool through the centre of the flowers heads.

36 3637    Use the brads to secure the game spinners through all 4 layers of the flower. Once in place curve the petals upward to add dimension to the piece.

37 3738 Stamp a `Follow your Dreams` sentiment on a piece of card using the coffee ink pad. Cut the sentiment out & add it to the corner of the card once it`s assembled.

38 3839  Layer the small enchanted frame onto the card with foam tape & the attach the stamped with gilded flake panel onto the card with double foam tape pieces added to the top and bottom of the panel to take into account of the depth of the horizontal frame.

39 3940 Add the flower & sentiment onto the card using 3d glue or some Cosmic Shimmer glue to complete the project.

40 40


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