Melt Art Spellbinder Vase – Part 2


This workshop has been designed to show lots of different techniques using the `Melt Art` melting pot & to build on the embellishments made using the Melt Art` mold`n`pour in UTEE – Various Techniques Part 1.


Here is a close up of the ditty blossom flowers which have been coated with molten UTEE & then the Creative Expressions gilding wax has been used to highlight the edges of the flower.


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UTEE Workshop – Part 2


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Melt Art Melting Pot : MELTPOT

Mixed Media from Spellbinder – Oval Bronze Bezel One: MB1-001

Melt Art Mold `n` Pour : MELTMOLD

Melt Art Texture Tread – Scalloped Lace  – TTSCALL

Sam Poole – Art House A5 Stamp Plate : UMARTHOUSE

Spellbinders Bitty Blossom Die : WIZS5-086

Creative Expressions A4 Embossing Folder – Tapestry : EF-012

Spellbinders D-Lites – Filigree Vase : WIZS2-028

Engraving Art Gold Foil : GOLF-810

Creative Expressions Vintage Cameo Embellishments : CAMEO9

Studio 490 -Embellish your Art  – Yellow Flower : WV-124-51558

& Rose :WV-124-51559

Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS

Ranger Archival Ink Pad – Black : ARCHBLKSM

Crushed Wrinkled Aqua Ribbon : UK1-5-04

Teal Sky PVA Glue : CSGTEA

Tim Holtz Tumbled Glass Marker Pen : DMTUMB

Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax

Patina :CSGWPAT  & Enchanted Gold : CSGWENC

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Cosmic Shimmer Peacock Green Mister : CSMPEA

Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals –

200ml Clear :CSUTEECLEAR  , 100ml Bright Gold : CSUTLGGOLD

20ml Pots  Lapis Jade: CSUTJADE , Tropic Violet :CSUTVIO ,

Bronze Lustre : CSUTBRON , Black : CSUTLGBLK

Tim Holtz Sanding Block : TH92482

Grime Boss : GB30 & Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT  & Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

Three White Bead Pins : PINWHITE

Coconut A4 Card : 40980 & Heat Gun : BLUEHEAT

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1   Select the 2 small ditty flower dies & cut them out using some of the coconut card. Use the normal instructions given on the Spellbinder packaging to assemble them. Choose the UTEE colours for the project.

1 50Now cut and emboss the filigree & solid vase shape using the same coconut card. Make sure the glue is set on the flowers before they have the UTEE added.

2 513 Place some clear thick embossing crystals in the melt pot & then take a small amount of emerald green or Christmas sparkle mica powder on the end of the spatula.

3 524 Place the Cosmic Shimmer mica into the clear embossing crystals and stir the colour in.

4 535 Here some lilac apple aurora normal embossing powder has been added to enhance the colour. Using the normal powder in small amounts won`t use up to much powder but colour the UTEE.

5 546 Once the colour has all melted and the coloured stirred to the required look. Now take the filigree vase & using some pointed tweezers dip the vase face down into the molten UTEE.

6 557 Lift the vase up making sure the tweezers are used at all times & hold the piece over the melt pot, gently heat the UTEE using the heat tool. This will smooth the UTEE in the filigree areas & also leaves white patches if enough UTEE is removed.

7 568 Now repeat the process with one of the flowers to achieve the same colour flower. Continue to add different tones of UTEE or gold UTEE to the pot to change the colour of the UTEE.

8 579 Here old hard pieces of UTEE from past projects have been added to use them up. To speed up the melting process a heat tool is used over the UTEE to make a thinner UTEE mixture.

9 5810 Continue to play and make up different colour UTEE pieces but leave the vase solid base blank for later on. Not all pieces will be used in the project but they can be stored for another time. Add some pearl gilding wax to the edges of the flowers.

10 5911 You can also just poor the UTEE directly onto the tread texture mat. Holding the melt pot in one position will make the UTEE form a circle effect on the texture tread mat. This is a great way to use up unwanted molten UTEE before cleaning the pot out.

11 6012 Add the end of the pokey tool like in part 1 of this project to create a hole for a jump ring or a ribbon to be placed through the hole. This needs to be done whilst the UTEE is still molten.

12 6113 Another idea is to cover a piece of thick card with the molten UTEE & whilst the UTEE is hot sprinkle on some embossing powder (as it`s fine & will melt into the UTEE) or add some mica powder. Just play with colour options.

13 6214 To make the earlier prepared bezel into a necklace then tie a length of ribbon through the hole & knot the ends together.

14 6315 Trim the excess frayed pieces away from the secured knot & add a small amount of glossy accents to the knot.

15 6416 Once the knot is dry move this piece around the hole in the bezel. This will allow the necklace to be free of any joins or alternatively jewellery fastenings can be added depending on the required look. Use super glue to add a UTEE flower to cover the small knot.

16 6517 Link the smaller bezel to the larger one using a jump ring. Now with the bezel over a piece of waste paper add a small dot of sky teal pva glue to the hole. As the hole is small the glue will cover the space help to finish the piece off.

17 6618 To make the finished vase card then take a sheet of the engravers gold art foil & spritz some peacock green Cosmic Shimmer mister over the cut to size piece. Dab off some ink & gently dry the rest using a heat tool.

18 6719 Place the dry engravers foil into the Creative Expressions tapestry A4 folder with the black facing upwards. Run the folder through the Grand Calibur™ using the base plate & the Spellbinder™ raspberry plate.

196820 This is the results once the piece has been passed through the Grand Calibur ™ die
cutting machine.

20 6921 Take a sanding block & gentle rub the pad flatly across the top of the embossed area. This will remove the black layer of the engraving board to reveal the gold underneath. Silver & copper sheets are available.

21 7022 Wipe off any excess dust caused by the sanding using a dry paper towel. Now cut 3 Spellbinder foliage leaves out of some silver mirri card.

22 7123 Take the solid vase base that was retained earlier & ink or use an alcohol pen to add a contrast colour to the solid vase. This will add depth to the finished vase and tone in the different colours in the project.

23 7224 Add the engraved panel to a mirri base card & make a mat of pearl card to sit in the centre of the engraving panel. This will give a soft area to add the finished vase. Now arrange the flowers & foliage to the card.

24 7325 Create a double bow using the aqua crushed ribbon & attach it to the corner of the project before adding the UTEE flower (made earlier using the mold`n`pour).

25 7426 Here is the finished necklace complete with the small flowers, a small dot of the teal sky PVA glue has been added to the flower centre to continue the colour through.

26 7527 Pearl swirls are added behind the UTEE flowers and 2 pearl pins to the bow. Add 2 butterfly embellishments to complete the project.

27 7628 Here is a close up of the UTEE flowers. The project colours have been pulled together by using tones of greens & teals. The Cosmic Shimmer mists are a nice way of adding extra colour to the engraving foil along with the elegant tapestry embossed texture.

28 7729 Here are the other pieces made in the melt pot during the session. So lots more pieces to make up in different projects. Have fun with your Melting Pot & enjoy making up different moulds as they are so much.

29 78

UTEE – Various Techniques Part 1

Melt Art Vase Workshop


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