Melt Art Spellbinder Vase – Part 1


This workshop has been designed to show lots of different techniques using the `Melt Art` melting pot & how to make embellishments using the Melt Art` mold`n`pour.


As this is the biggest ever workshop it has been made into 2 parts with the 2nd part featuring this finished project. So don`t forget to look out for it.


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UTEE – Various Techniques Part 1


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Melt Art Melting Pot : MELTPOT

Mixed Media from Spellbinder – Oval Bronze Bezel One: MB1-001

Melt Art Mold `n` Pour : MELTMOLD

Melt Art Texture Tread – Scalloped Lace  – TTSCALL

Sam Poole – Art House A5 Stamp Plate : UMARTHOUSE

Spellbinders Bitty Blossom Die : WIZS5-086

Creative Expressions A4 Embossing Folder – Tapestry : EF-012

Spellbinders D-Lites – Filigree Vase : WIZS2-028

Engraving Art Gold Foil : GOLF-810

Creative Expressions Vintage Cameo Embellishments : CAMEO9

Studio 490 -Embellish your Art  – Yellow Flower : WV-124-51558

& Rose :WV-124-51559

Glossy Accents : ACCENTGLOS

Ranger Archival Ink Pad – Black : ARCHBLKSM

Crushed Wrinkled Aqua Ribbon : UK1-5-04

Teal Sky PVA Glue : CSGTEA

Tim Holtz Tumbled Glass Marker Pen : DMTUMB

Creative Expressions Metallic Gilding Wax

Patina :CSGWPAT  & Enchanted Gold : CSGWENC

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Cosmic Shimmer Peacock Green Mister : CSMPEA

Cosmic Shimmer Ultra Thick Embossing Crystals –

200ml Clear :CSUTEECLEAR  , 100ml Bright Gold : CSUTLGGOLD

20ml Pots  Lapis JadeCSUTJADE , Tropic Violet :CSUTVIO ,

Bronze Lustre : CSUTBRON , Black : CSUTLGBLK

Tim Holtz Sanding Block : TH92482

Grime Boss : GB30

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

Coconut A4 Card : 40980


Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

Select the embellishments that have great texture on the surface as the mold`n`pour will pick up the detail and it will make a great mould when the Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) is added.

1 1

Take the mold`n`pour out of each pot and keep them separate. Roll each piece into a long wide even sausage shape.


3 Start to work quickly and slice off the end of the 2 sections of the mold`n`pour. A craft scrapper or a butter knife is great for this.

3 3

4 Replace the putty (which the mold`n`pour will be referred to)back into the separate pots of which they came & make sure the lid is replaced tightly to stop any air getting in.

4 4

5 Flatten the 2 pieces together and then start to work the pieces. This will need to be completed quickly as putty will go off once mixed.

5 5

6 Fold and work the putty back and forth to make sure there is an even mixture of the 2 elements of the putty.

6 6

7 The mixture will lighten as the mold`n`pour is just about ready.

7 7

Here the putty has been cut in half to make 2 smaller moulds, but you will need to work quickly to get them both made.

8 8

Roll the putty into a ball and press down on the ball to achieve a flat top and bottom to the ball. The depth and size of the ball will need to be determined on the size of the item being used.

9 9

10  Press the cameo firmly into the putty & don`t wriggle the cameo as the detail will get lost. Make sure the sides remain thick on the putty to make a lip to allow the UTEE to sit within the mould once poured.

10 1011  Remove the cameo to reveal a detailed imprint of the design. The black and white cameo embellishment is ideal for various projects but making the mould will just give a different look when using it with UTEE. Set the mould aside to allow the mould to go off within 10 minutes.

11 11

12  Use the other small piece of mold`n`pour quickly to create another small mould. Now prepare another piece using the first steps again. This time prepare a larger piece & press the Studio 490 Embellish Your Art – Yellow Flower into the putty.

12 12

13  The detail on the flower head makes this an ideal embellishment to give a great imprint. Rummage around your craft items or small items around the house and see what different moulds can be made to compliment your projects. Again allow the piece to dry.

13 13

14  Select the oval bezel and a small stamp. Here the Art Houses stamp plate by Sam Poole has been chosen to get the small flower that forms part of the house. Try looking at parts of a stamp as there are often different elements that can be used.

14 14

15   Stamp using archival black ink onto a piece of coconut card.

15 15

16 Now cut out different elements & colour them in using the Tim Holtz distress markers.

16 1617 Curve the edges of the butterflies to give dimension to the piece.

17 17

18  Add some of the Patina gilding wax onto the tip of your finger and apply it to the cut stamped pieces.

18 18

19 Gather the Melt Art melting pot, any ultra thick embossing crystals (which are the same as UTEE), the just made moulds & and metal cookie cutters.

19 19

20  Turn the melting pot onto the UTEE setting & add some clear Cosmic Shimmer embossing crystals. Then add a smaller amount of the lapis jade thick crystals & place the lid on the melting pot & allow powders to melt for a few minutes.

20 2021  Select the texture tread mat & metal cutter. Also needed is a smooth end of a pokey tool as this can be used to make a hole in the top heart once the UTEE has been added.

21 2122 Lift the lid on the melting pot & stir the UTEE with the silicone tool provided with the melting pot. Add a small amount of black embossing powder.

22 2223 Don`t mix the black in but gently move the silicone tool in a swirling motion to add a marbled effect.

23 2324 Now right at the end add a very small amount of the bronze lustre thick crystals and again swirl for the desired effect.

24 2425 Rock the melting pot gently back and forth to allow the UTEE to get close to the pouring end of the pot & then pour the UTEE onto the texture tread mat. Work quickly as the UTEE will harden quickly.

25 2526 Place the metal cutter over the UTEE at press firmly down onto the tread mat.

26 2627 At this stage place a smooth end of say a pokey tool towards the top centre of the heart to create a hole for a jump ring or piece of ribbon to be threaded through. Leave the tool in the UTEE for a minute or so.

27 2728 Remove the cutter away once the UTEE has set (this is often within 5 minutes) & the excess will easily come away from the cutter. The great thing about working with the UTEE & the texture treads means one side of the shape is smooth.

28 2829 The tread side has the wonderful pattern & the UTEE seems to fall differently within the patterns.

29 2930 Retain the small off cuts that formed around the edge of the cutter as these can be melted again later.

30 3031 Scoop away any excess UTEE that remains in the melting pot by pouring it onto another texture tread or just place on the non stick craft mat. Wipe the pan clean ready for the clear to be added to the pan.

31 3132 Here are the excess pieces that were scrapped out of the pan onto the mat and left to harden. Using this technique means that same colour tones will follow through the project.

32 3233 Melt some Cosmic Shimmer clear embossing crystals. Add the small stamped flower head through a pokey tool & dip it into the molten UTEE.

33 3334 As the flower is removed gently press the flower on its side to allow the piece to stay curved once the UTEE hardens.

343435 Repeat this process with the other pieces.

35 3536 Now add some bronze lustre UTEE to the remaining clear molten UTEE.

36 3637 Then add the left over jade pieces of UTEE & gently press them into the molten UTEE. Maybe add some gold UTEE but this depends on your colour choice.

37 3738 Swipe the tool back and forth to create the marble effect to the UTEE.

38 3839 Again rock the pan careful back and forth before pouring the molten UTEE into the mixed media bezel. Don`t worry if your first attempt doesn`t go right as the hardened UTEE can be re melted. Once poured catch the molten UTEE with the spatula tool & move the bezel off the spot it was poured to release some of the heat under the bezel.

39 3940  Now go in and add some gold UTEE and some more lapis jade UTEE. Using this technique makes different tones of colour that will complement each other. Melt the UTEE fully.

40 4041  Now tip the pot forward and pour the molten UTEE into the prepared moulds that were made earlier. You may want to use the heat tool to melt the top of the UTEE further before pouring it into the moulds.

41 4142  Once the UTEE is set (don`t be tempted to poke it with your finger into any hot UTEE) the flower embellishment will come away from the mould. Now add some patina gilding wax to enhance the detail on the piece.

42 DSC0330343 Here is the wonderful pattern effect in the bezel piece & the other great thing is the bezel can act as a shape mould as the hardened UTEE will fall out of the bezel.

43 4344 So just tap the bezel to release the UTEE from the piece.

44 4445 The oval can now be used for a craft project or it can be secured back in place and used in the bezel itself.

45 4546  Once removed add a strong gel glue or super glue to the bezel.

46 4647 Place the UTEE piece back into the bezel. A hot glue gun may work but be sure to press the UTEE down firmly to secure it to the glue.

47 4748 Here are the worked pieces ready for the next stage of the workshop. Using the melt
pot in this way allows different coloured pieces and uses the UTEE sparingly.

48 48

49 Here is a photo of the finished piece made in part 2. Lots more tips to follow.




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