Spellbinder Enchanted Frame Gift Box with Cellophane Wrap Workshop

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This workshop shows how to create a large box using 2 sheets of A4 card. Often a
large gift needs to be wrapped & displayed and this would be perfect for a
pot plant or a soft toy. Once the basic shape is made then it`s up to you what
colour scheme or contents are used.


Here is a close up of the box base. Each side is 5 ¾” wide & 5” in depth and this is a perfect area to use the enchanted labels 28 frame & the gold labels 4 die. Each side has a Creative Expressions vintage cameo to complete the design.


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Decorative Spellbinder Box Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Gold Labels Four Die : WIZS5-159

Spellbinders Enchanted Labels 28 Die : WIZS6-003

JustRite Vintage Filigree Fancies : JRAG-04020

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSGLUE

Tim Holtz Black Soot Ink Pad : DPBLACKSOOT

 Grime Boss : GB30

Ink Blending Mat : INKBLENDMATA3

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Creative Expressions Vintage Cameo Embellishments : CAMEO9

Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

Ranger Archival Ink Pad  : ARCHBLK

Cool Blue Card :40325  & Ebony Card  40323

Vintage Ribbon Limogoes : VRLIM & Black : VRBLK

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available & Cellophane


Step by Step Instructions

1 Take a piece of A4 card and lay the card in a landscape position, measure & score down the card at the 14.5cms point. Using this method ensures the die will fit in the box panel area.

1 1

2 Now score down the card at the 29cms point. This will leave a small tab which will be used to join the card together later.

2 2

3 Turn the card to a portrait position & score at the 12.5cms point. This measurement creates the depth of the box. Repeat the last 3 steps on a 2nd piece of the same colour card.

3 3

4 Crease all the score lines in a mountain fold including the small tab areas of the card.

4 4

5 Add a thin double sided tape down the small tab area. Complete this on the top side of the card.


6 Remove the tape backing & match up the 2nd piece of card making sure the score lines meet up with each other.


7 Place another length of tape on the 2nd tab area of the card which has just added.


8 Crease the tab so it folds back on itself & fold the box in half. Do this with the tape backing still on so you are happy where the box needs to be before removing the tape backing & sticking the box together.


9 Now stand the box up to show the basic shape of the box that has been created.

9 9

10 Cut up from the bottom edge to the first score line. Repeat this on all 4 bottom sections to create the box base flaps. Make sure the 5” depth is uncut and the smaller depth area is the one cut.


11 Place a line of red tape or use Cosmic Shimmer clear glue along the inside edge of a flap, fold the opposite flap in and making sure the box sides are all aligned then close the flap onto the other opposite flap.


12 Now working on the last 2 flaps apply tape or glue around all 3 edges of the flap, repeat this on the other flap. Once completed close the flap onto the already closed base & then close the 2nd flap.


13 Use your hand to steady the box inside when completing the previous step. Now you`ll have a sturdy box base ready to be decorated.

13 13

14 Take the smaller of the Enchanted Labels 28 die & place it on piece of black card with a layer of wax paper in between. Cut using the normal sandwich through your die cutting machine.

14 14

15 Once the die has been cut the piece will come out of the die very easily and with all the intricate pieces already out of the shape. This is helped by the wax paper.

15 15

16 Emboss the die shape using the base plate, the tan mat & pink embossing plate in the Grand Calibur machine. Remove the wax paper & discard or use in another project. Repeat this process until you have 4 shapes.

16 16

17 Cut 4 panels of 5 ¼” x 3 ½” in the matching box colour card. Mount each panel onto the black card & trim leaving a small border.


18 Mount the enchanted shapes onto the matted card using foam tape for added dimension.


19 Now cut 4 smallest gold labels 4 die shapes in black & 4 2nd from smallest shapes in light blue.

19 19

20 Take the Tim Holtz black soot distress ink & add the ink to a piece of cut`n`dry
foam. Gently swipe the ink over the light blue panels so that the debossed area
of the shapes doesn`t collect any ink. This will highlight the area leaving the
blue to be seen through.

20 20

21 Now add the light blue & black die shapes onto the black enchanted panels again using foam tape for added dimension. Add a Creative Expressions vintage cameo to the centre of each piece.

21 21

22 Take a length of cellophane. This can be bought in a stationery shop or ask in a florists as they are often happy to give you a piece. Gently wrap the cellophane so it fits in the box and trim away any excess. Make sure there is a little overlap.


23 Take the rose stamp & ink up using the Ranger archival black ink pad. PLEASE NOTE: this ink will need at least 2 -3 hours to dry before handling. Don`t be tempted to try and see if it`s dry as it will smudge & remember if you are adding something like a babies clothing as a gift then wrap the gift in tissue paper to avoid any issues. Stazon is a more instant permanent ink.

23 23

24 Stamp the rose design at random over the cellophane & set aside to dry. Do not use a heat tool to speed up the process as it will shrivel up.

24 24

25 Now add the 4 panels to each side of the box base. Again using foam tape for added dimension but this is optional.

25 25

26 Once the cellophane is dry then add a thin layer of double sided tape or a line of Cosmic Shimmer dries clear glue around the top & bottom edge inside the box.

26 26

27 Fold the cellophane into a rough square so it doesn`t stick straight away to the tape & ease the cellophane onto the tape by pressing down with your hand from inside the cellophane square.

27 27

28 Add your chosen gift before adding a couple of bows using the vintage Limoges & black ribbon. Complete the project by adding a cameo to cover the knot of the bow.

2828 (1)

29 Here is a close up of the box & the printed cellophane. If adding a plant to the box as a gift then add a plastic container base inside so it holds any water & punch a few holes in the cellophane to allow the flower to breathe. Have fun using different colours & choosing your gift idea.

29 29


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