Spellbinders Expandable Butterfly Easel Card


This workshop shows how to make an easel card using the Spellbinders expandable butterfly die as the main feature. This creates a quick card as the outer edge has been cut off save having the use a craft knife but it could easily be cut with a craft knife and a border if time allowed.


Here is a close up of the layered butterfly which is just made by cutting & cutting 2 more butterflies from the die. Flat back pearls have been used to embellish the butterfly body & antenna.


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Butterfly Easel Card Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Spellbinders Butterfly Magic Expandable Die : WIZS5-153

Coconut White 220 gsm A4 Card Stock : 40980

UMount Christmas Bauble Stamp Plate : UMCHRISBAUB

Cosmic Shimmer White PVA Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Tim Holtz Distress Inks Shabby Shutters : DPSHABBYSHUTT

 Distress Markers : Shabby Shutters :DMSHAB  Peeled Paint : DMPEEL

& Forest Moss : DMFOREST

 White Wrinkled Edge Ribbon : NK01

Cut Rite Wax Paper : WAXPAPER

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

 Eco Green Glass Glintz 12mm : GG30CLR

Self Adhesive Pearls : SAP5WHITE


Step by Step Instructions

1 Place a sheet of A4 coconut card onto a score board & score and fold in half at the A4 half score point. The Butterfly die is a bit taller than measurement but is near enough to be used in this manner.

1 1

2 Turn the scored & folded card around and cut the right hand side of the card away so it leaves a small border the same measurement all around the die shape.

2 2

3 Now open the card out and with the already scored line on the A4 half fold point score the card at the A4 gatefold point. Alternatively fold the card in half by eye to create the easel mechanism part to the card.


4  Crease the 2 folds in a mountain position to create the easel base effect needed.


5 Place the die over some white card to measure out a mat for the die to be placed onto. Leave a 3mm border around the edge & cut out. The measurement of this panel is (4 ½” x wide 6- ½”)


6  Before cutting the panel place a piece of the Tim Holtz frosted film over the card & then cut the card to size.

6 6

7 Place the frosted panel onto another sheet of white card to make the larger panel to fit the easel base. This is 4 ¾wide x 6 ¾”



8 Once the card is cut, turn the piece over and score a single line around the edge of the card. This will give a nice detail to the finish.


9 Add some double sided tape to the end flap only. This is very important when creating an easel card as the other area needs to remain free to work.


10 It is optional, but a nice touch to also score a line on the reverse of the panel to match the detail through the card.

10 10

11  Remove the tape backing and stick the white largest panel to the easel mechanism.

11 11

12  Place a piece of wax paper over some white card before cutting the Spellbinder expandable die out.

12 1213 Once it`s been cut through the Grand Calibur machine remove the die & lift the wax paper away from the card.


14 This piece of wax paper can be thrown away or kept for another project as it looks very delicate and pretty.

14 14

15 Poke out any inner pieces that didn`t fall out in the die. This piece was cut in just one pass but if you see it hasn`t cut just turn the die & cut the piece again.

15 15

16 Now for the quick part, place the edge of the design right up to the guillotine edge & cut round all 4 edges. This will remove all the attached pieces. Alternatively use a craft knife if you want a solid edge.


17 Place the butterfly piece on the ink blending mat or craft mat & gently add some shabby shutters ink to the piece using a piece of cut`n`dry foam.

17 17

18 Now add some Cosmic Shimmer dies clear or white glue to the reverse of the butterfly panel. Make sure to glue the small single poking out pieces of the design.

18 18

19  Place the butterfly design onto the frosted film panel pressing down until the glue is set. Maybe place under a book for 5 minutes. Add the panel to the base easel card using foam tape.


20 Cut 2 more panels so that the butterfly area is cut. Cut one full butterfly out & then go into the 2nd butterfly and trim away the bottom outer edges to allow the piece to be decoupaged up.


21  Add the 2 layers of butterfly to the card using either the Cosmic Shimmer glue or some 3d glue. Add some flat back pearls to the body & antenna making sure a small drop of glue is placed under the self adhesive pearls to ensure they stay in place on the frosted film.

21 21

22 Stamp a butterfly image onto a piece of white card by colouring the butterfly with the 3 tones of distress markers.


23 Place some clear glue over the image. Place the glass glintz over the stamped image and wiggle it to smooth the glue down and this in turn will pull out the ink & add a soft green back drop to the piece. Cut the excess card away from the edge of the glass glintz & allow to dry.

23 23

24 Ink the butterfly stamp up with the forest moss and shabby shutters & add at random over a piece of card. Stamp the image a 2nd time to get a faded design to the piece.

24 24

25 Cut this piece to size to fit the inside of the easel card. Distress the edges with some ink and the cut`n`dry foam.

25 25

26 Alternatively emboss the butterfly panel through the GC machine using the tan mat & the pink embossing mat plus base plate sandwich. Swipe the shabby shutters ink pad over the embossed are to pick up the design. Mat the panel onto some light green card.

26 26

27 Wrap a piece of the wrinkled ribbon around the bottom edge of the embossed panel & finish with a bow on the top. Add the panel into the middle of the card using foam tape. Add the glass glintz to the bow which will act as the easel stopper.

27 27

28 Stamp the `Best Wishes` sentiment using the shabby shutters ink pad on white card & mat onto some matching light green card. Finish the project by adding some flat back pearls in the flower head areas.

28 28


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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I can see this would be a quick card and it looks so gorgeous most people would never know! Love the subtle use of shabby shutters ink – (one of my all time favourites) and the glass glints, which I have almost forgotten about – I’m sure I’ve got a couple lurking about somewhere….Only thing I am missing is the die – I’ll just have to get it now! Thanks for sharing another wonderful tutorial Suzanne. X

  2. Paper Junkie says:

    Hello again Suzanne

    There doesn’t seem to be a link for the printable A4 worksheet. Is it possible you could send me one? X

  3. Suzanne says:

    So pleased you like it – would love nice in lots of different shades – have fun

  4. Suzanne says:

    Not sure what happened there as I did add it – and even checked it on the view post as always – I have a feeling I must of not hit save as I was leaving and it didn`t take the link – It`s all sorted and on the post now – have fun x

  5. Paper Junkie says:

    Hello Suzanne
    Still unable to click for the A4 printed sheets. Not to worry, I will keep the email and just print the whole thing off. I will now be able to make this card as my butterfly expandable die is ordered and winging its way to me as I write this! I will also be able to make the gorgeous butterfly trifold card too. Thanks again. X

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