Tim Holtz Frosted Film meets Cosmic Shimmer Mica`s


This project will show how to create a delicate background by stamping onto some Tim Holtz frosted film with some perfect medium ink & dusting on some Cosmic Shimmer mica powder. The self adhesive film can then be added to different colour card for different effects, here is backed with some cream card to tone in with the project.


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Stamped Tim Holtz Frosted Film Card Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

M-Bossibilities Dainy Dots Embossing Folder : WIZEG-002

Tim Holtz Frosted Film : TH93048

JustRite Elegance Fronds Background Stamp Plate : JRCL03695

Tim Holtz Distress Inks Victorian Velvet  :DPVICTORIAN

Spellbinders Dainty Dots M-Bossiblilites : WIZEG-002

UMount Christmas Bauble Stamp Plate : UMCHRISBAUB 

for Best Wishes Sentiment Stamp

 Cosmic Shimmer Glue: Pearl PVA Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Creative Expressions Metal Corners : CHARMVICCOR

Cosmic Shimmer Rose Sparkle Mica : CSSPSET1

Coconut White 220 gsm A4 Card Stock : 40980

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Perfect Medium Ink Pad : PERPADCL

 Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Wrinkled Ribbon: Champagne : NK02 & Rose : NK19

Creative Expressions `Ideally` Cream Pins PINCREAM


Step by Step Instructions

Take a width of frosted film wide enough to take the width of the JustRite background stamp. Secure the corners of the film to the ink blending mat with some cellotape or 2 heavy books if you would rather not make the mat sticky.


2 Take the JustRite elegance stamp and move the stamp right up to the top corner of the reference panel it comes on. Alternatively place the stamp onto a large acrylic block. Ink the stamp up with the Ranger Perfect Medium clear ink pad.


3 Press the stamp onto the left hand side of the frosted film making sure that it is firmly pressed down to ensure the whole design is transferred to the film.


4 Add more ink onto the stamp and move the image along so that the 2 images match up in there pattern. As a clear ink is used this is very difficult so don`t worry if the pattern doesn`t marry up as the design can be matched up later.


5 Take a soft brush & add some of the copper rose sparkle mica powder over the stamped image. Either opt for an even cover or use less mica in different areas to add light and shade to the piece.


6 Repeat the process on the 2nd image. This photo shows how the pattern didn`t match up 100% but the design will have a ribbon place over this area so no need to worry.


7 The mica can be sealed with a spritz of water or in this case it`s been left as is. Cut around both of the rectangles if the images need to be joined.


8 Choice the colour card as a base as the film gives a translucent look with this pattern. Here the film is placed on some cream card. Stick the top edge down & then gently peel the backing off as it`s pressed down onto the card.


9 Repeat the process & stick the 2nd panel below the other image so the edges touch each other. Both are in a landscape position.


10 Place a piece of cream card in the A4 dainty dot M-Bossiblilites embossing folder & place it through the GC machine using the raspberry plate with the base plate.


11 Take the Tim Holtz Victorian velvet ink pad & swipe it across the raised embossed dainty dots. This will pick up the design & give a crisp feel to the embossed area. Once the piece has been cut to size in the next step then distress the edges using the V.Velvet ink pad on some cut`n`dry foam for a softer feel.


12 Place the coloured frosted film piece onto an 8”x8” base card & cut the dainty dots panel to fit to the left hand side of the card.  DO NOT stick it down as yet. Tear down the right hand side edge to add detail to the piece. Make sure there is a good border around each edge.


13 Cut a piece of card to mat the film & dainty dot onto making sure it has a nice border around each edge.

13 13

14 Stick some of the wonder tape around each edge of the cream mat. Remove the backing off the tape & dust on the Cosmic Shimmer copper rose sparkle mica powder. Complete this around all the edges. This will create a matching tone to the project keeping all the pinks a similar colour & saving buying extra coloured card.


15 Cut out 4 large, 4 medium & 4 small Take 2 lengths of the champagne & rose wrinkled edge ribbon & secure it to the reverse of the card panel. Don`t tape the ribbon down if you want to change the side of the bow later.

15 15

16 Tie both ribbons into a knot & separate the 2 coloured ribbon ends out ready for the next step.

16 16

17 First tie the coloured ribbon that won`t be the main focus as it will be underneath the 2nd bow.

17 17

18 Then tie the 2nd bow & place the bow on whichever side of the card that suits you. Now tape the ribbon down on the back of the card. Attach some foam tape to the reverse of the panel & place this over the mica edged panel and then place onto the base card.


19 To make the ruffle ribbon rose, stick the pink ribbon onto the champagne ribbon making sure there is a small gap at the top edge of the ribbon.

19 19

20 Now add a length of the wonder tape to the rose ribbon. Then remove the backing off the tape and fold the ribbon onto the tape.

20 20

21 Now there will be 4 different heights of the wrinkled ribbon which will add to the effect of the rose. Place another length of wonder tape along the bottom edge of the ribbon & start to roll and ruffle the ribbon into a rose.

21 21

22 Add a little bit of 3D glue or a glue dot to the bottom of the rose & attach it to the centre of the ribbon.  Place 2 pins into the knot of the bow to make sure the points of the pins are covered.

22   22

23 Stamp a `Best Wishes` sentiment onto some white card & mount onto some cream card. Place the sentiment onto the card using some foam tape. Add 4 of the Creative Expressions metal corners to finish the project.


24 Here is the finished card. To send a more bulky card like this just wrap it with some tissue paper – maybe stamp a lovely swirl image onto the tissue paper & wrap with a lovely bow and place in a jiffy bag.



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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    Although I’m not generally a “pink person”, I do love this card. I’ve just invested in some frosted film too so this will be a good project to start using it. Thanks Suzanne. X

  2. Suzanne says:

    It would be nice in soft blues and greens – and white ribbon – it`s not the convential use for the film but it`s nice to have extra uses for a product – take care – Suzanne

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