A Variation on a Circle Pop Up Card

This workshop will show how to create a variation of a circle pop up card using a Spellbinder Grand labels 1 Die.  A decorative circle die or any other symmetrical die can be used to create different shapes to the project.

Here is the closed front cover of the project which has been decorated using Creative Expressions zipper roses & wooden spools.


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Pop Up Card Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

Sewing Elements Stamp Plate  : UMSEWEL

Spellbinders Grand Labels 1 Die : WIZLF-161

Creative Expressions Zipper Embellishment : ZR-004

Creative Expressions Wooden Spools : SPOOLWHOLE

 Archival Ink Pad –  Sepia : ARCHSEPIA

Reversible Satin Ribbon : 148-153

Pearl Swirl Embellishment : SASP1RF

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick Distress Ink Pad : DPWORNLIPS

Tim Holtz Kraft Resist Paper Pad : TH92918

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1   Select a sheet of the dressing making patterned kraft resist paper by Tim Holtz & place the Grand die over the area needed to cut. Use whichever size die you want depending on the finished size project. Here the 3rd largest die has been used so it`s possible to get 4 squares from the one 12” sheet of kraft paper.


2 Now cut & emboss 4 of the 2nd largest labels 1 die shapes in the antique gold card. Place the cut pieces onto a score board & down the centre of shape & turn the card 90 degrees & score again down the centre. In the bottom left hand corner score a diagonal line from the corner into the central point of the shape. Now either score or mark in pencil a tab on the lower right hand panel.


3 Cut around the tab & trim away the excess in the lower right hand section. Crease all the score lines into a valley fold & the diagonal one into a mountain fold. Place some wonder tape onto the top of the tab & stick the tab to the underneath of the diagonally scored panel.


4 Repeat this process on all 4 gold card bases. This will be the foundation of the pop up card. Now hold the piece up & ease the bottom folded area upwards.


5 This will allow the mountain fold to be lifted up and form part of the fold.


6 Continue to do this until the fold is tucked right up into the folded piece.


7 Now crease / burnish the folded edges of the piece. This card will work with a circle, square or other symmetrical die shapes. So why not have a play about with different styles. Repeat this process on the other gold pieces.


8 Now do the same on the smaller inner pieces. It is optional whether you cut the panels to mat into each section so there is a border around the folded parts but I have to say with the kraft paper this technique it worked keeping the shapes whole & is quicker.


9 Now all the base & inner pieces are they should look like this. Next the liners need to be secured into the base card pieces.


10  Use a wet glue as it makes it easie to move the pieces into place. Apply the glue to all the outer areas of the patterned paper & slide them into place on the gold card. Press the paper down & allow to dry. Do this on all 4 pieces. If the liner doesn`t fit on some of the pieces then make a small cut along one edge to take the pressure off the fold.


11 Cut a length of the reversible ribbon & tape it to one of the folded panels. Make sure the folded area is at the bottom of the piece to ensure it is the right way up. Cut a piece of the vintage shabby paper to bring in some pink to the piece.


12 Now add the 2nd folded panel over the ribbon making sure there is some glue or tape around the edges of the panel. Repeat this until all 4 panels are stuck together.


13 Wrap the ribbon tail over the spine of the piece & tape the ribbon onto the top of the card. Now add another panel of pink paper to complete the basic shape of the project.


14 The 4 sections are all stuck together & when opened the piece will look like this.


15 To keep the theme going pink cord was needed to wrap around the spool and as there wasn`t a pink twine to hand the worn lipstick ink pad was swiped over the twine to colour it.


16 Wrap the cord around the small spools to make the cotton reel embellishments. Cut a pearl swirl into smaller sections so they can be used on the different areas of the card.


17 Stamp the decorative scissors, the tape measure & the some buttons onto white card using the sepia archival ink pad & colour using the spun sugar distress pens. Cut the all pieces out.


18 Arrange the zipper roses & the other embellishments onto the front cover of the pop up card & add a pearl swirl to the back pink page.


19 Continue to decorate the inside of the card using the cut out pieces & pearl swirls. As the paper has the sewing theme be careful not to cover it up to much so the pattern is seen.


20 Tie the ribbon in a loose bow to allow the depth of the embellishments to be seen & not crushed. Alternatively add flat embellishments so the card can be tie closed completely. Leaving it open allows a wave effect in the folds which adds to the overall effect.


21 Here is the project front all folded up & with the ribbon secure the piece closed.


22 Here is the front view. Why not make little pockets of torn paper & add needles or sewing items to add to the project.


23 Opening the ribbon will make the project spring open & give that wow factor to whoever receives it.



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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    I love this sort of paper engineering Suzanne and as I love to sew, this is a winner. Disappointed that your gorgeous creations were not featured in the Creative Expressions Project Book – perhaps volume 2??? X

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