Gold Spellbinders Garden Lattice Gift Bag

This workshop shows how to make a lovely gift bag using the Spellbinders grand labels 4 die and the garden lattice M-Bossabilities folder. The project has been tailor made so there are no join lines inside or out.

Here is a close up of garden lattice pattern which has been used on the front panel & also used on the depth of the bag to create a lovely feature to the bag.


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Gold Garden Lattice Bag Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

M-Bossibilities Garden Lattice Embossing Folder : WIZEG-003

Spellbinders Grand Labels 4 Die  : WIZLF-190

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

A4 Metallic Vintage Gold Card : 40984

Tim Holtz Fired BrickDistress Ink Pad : DPFIREDRED

Umount: Beaded Elements A5 Stamp Plate : UMBEADED

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available

Cosmic Shimmer Gold Embossing Powder : CSEPBRGOLD

Vintage Seam Ribbon – Basque Red : VRBAS

Ribbon Crochet Lace- Cream : NP09


Step by Step Instructions

1  Cut & emboss 2 pieces of the vintage antique gold A4 card using the largest grand labels 4 die. Place the die up to the side edge so that the off cut can be used for the depth piece needed when joining the front & back of the bag together.


2 Cut the remaining off cut to 5cm wide and keep the length of the A4 card. Score 1cm
in from each edge to leave a centre measurement of 3cms. Now make small cuts up
to the scored line approximately 1cm apart. Repeat on both edges of the long strip.


3 Fold both cut labels 4 shapes in half. This will be where the pointed area is on the side.


4 Place the 2 panels into each other & poke holes into the fold line to create even markings for the ribbon to be placed through later on. Make sure the holes are evenly spaced out.


5 Place a line of wonder tape on the flat surface just above the holes.


6 Poke the crochet ribbon into the hole using the pokey tool & pull through the other side to start the handle off.


7 Poke the ribbon down the other hole & ease the ribbon until it`s the same length as the other panel, this will create the perfect handles for the bag.


8 Once the lace is the correct length stick it down onto the wonder tape. Apply another length of the tape over the piece to cover up the sticky edge.


9 Place the prepared long length of card into the garden lattice embossing folder & emboss the piece through the Grand Calibur die cutting machine using the raspberry mat & the base plate.


10 Place small pieces of the wonder tape around the edge of the first gift bag panel.


11 Starting from the folded area, pleat the red seam ribbon onto the tape. It is easier to have the shape of the bag facing you & pleat on the reverse using the edge as a guide. This will give an even edge to the pleat.


12 This is the reverse of the pleat & will be covered up shortly by the die shape.


13 Place some more of the wonder tape over the red vintage seam ribbon. Cutting the tape into small pieces will allow the tape to go around the shape more evenly.


14 Remove the backing off the wonder tape. Starting 0.5cms down from the folded centre section of the bag; start to place the bag depth panel around the curve of the piece.


15 Apply either Cosmic Shimmer glue or some more of the wonder tape onto the cut slit edges that have just been fixed in place.


16 Also remove the backing off the ribbon handle & close the section flap onto itself. There will be a small amount of the edge that will need to be moulded into the depth of the bag or alternatively this could have been cut off before sticking down.


17 Take the 2nd panel with the ribbon handle and trim the excess off the edge of the die shape. The bottom edge just needs to rounded off. Place some of the wonder tape around edge on the inside of the bag. This is the area which has the lace on the inside.


18 With the piece open guide the sticky area behind the tabs on the already prepared piece. Place your hand into the bag & press the tabs onto the card for a neat finish. As it`s a Spellbinders shape that is being used then the tops of the bag will line up perfectly.


19 Add some more wonder tape to the tab edges & remove the backing of the tape.


20 Close the panel down to complete the base design of the bag. This will give a very neat seamless design to the bag.


21 This picture shows the neat into finish to the bag. It makes a feature of the embossed depth panel and all the tabs are fixed securely under the folded die shape.


22 Cut a white piece of card using the next size down die shape & then using the 3rd size down shape cut a panel out of the gold card. Emboss the gold card using the garden lattice folder. Cut both shapes in half & ink the edges of the white card using the fired brick distress ink pad. Attach each piece to the bag on the back & front using foam tape for added dimension.


23 Stamp the beaded panel onto a strip of white card using the archival black ink & add emboss with the cosmic shimmer embossing powder. Distress the card with the fired brick ink & add the panel to the front of the gift bag.


24 Make a shabby chic ribbon bow out of the vintage seam ribbon & place an embellishment over the knot of the bow to complete the gift bag.


25 Here is a side view of the bag with the matching lattice effect. Fill the bag with chocolates or use the bag give some craft goodies or maybe an item of jewellery.



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  1. Paper Junkie says:

    What a very elegant bag. Such a clever design and I’ve got all the necessary bits to do it. (soon). Thanks Suzanne for giving me something to look forward to. I can now touch my thumb to my forth finger! Hope to be using whole hand again in about two weeks – albeit very gently.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comments – so sorry on just seen this – i`m pleased you have movement in your fingers and hope you are fully mended very soon – you take care – Suzanne x

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