La D`ore Gold Leaf Bauble Card

This workshop will show how to create a coordinating card using the beaded elements & bauble stamp plates. The new Tim Holtz metallic dabber is used to colour the ribbon & border of the project.

A close up of the crochet metallic ribbon bow with the new coloured dazzler. The copper theme runs through the card bringing the different elements together.


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Golden Bauble Card Workshop


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Shopping List

Grand Calibur Die Cutting Machine : WIZCAL

M-Bossibilities Garden Lattice Embossing Folder : WIZEG-003

La D`ore Variegated Blue Gold Leaf : GLBLU

La D`ore Designasize Gold Leaf Adhesive : GLADH

Cosmic Shimmer Mica Flakes – Bronze : CSVMBRO

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Glue : CSPEAWHGLU

Black Archival Ink Pad : ARCHBLK

Cosmic Shimmer Clear Embossing Powder :  CSEPCLEAR

Tim Holtz Antique Bronze Distress Stain : DSANTBRO

Cosmic Shimmer Pearl Glue – Berry Red : CSGBER

Creative Expressions Non Stick Craft Sheet CRAFTSHEET

Cut `n` Dry Foam : FOAMCUT

Creative Expressions Metal Corners : CHARMVICCOR

A4 Metallic Vintage Gold Card : 40984

Coconut White 220 gsm A4 Card Stock : 40980

Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink Pad : DPVINTAGEPHO

A5 Bauble Stamp Plate  for Best Wishes Stamp : UMCHRISBAUB

Umount: Beaded Elements A5 Stamp Plate : UMBEADED

Crochet  Metallic Ribbon : HP32

Dazzlers Light Brown : DAZBRWN

Wonder Tape  WH2, WH4, WH8 or WH10 are available


Step by Step Instructions

1  For this project start by selecting 1 sheet vintage antique gold card & 1 piece of the A4 coconut card, the M-Bossabilities garden lattice embossing folder, some mica flakes, a copper distress stain & a coloured dazzler.


2 Place the white coconut card into the garden lattice embossing folder; place the folder onto the Grand Calibur base plate. Add the raspberry embossing mat over the top of the folder to complete the sandwich before running it through the G/machine. Cut the card to 8” square.


3 Place the embossed piece onto the non stick craft mat. Add some of the Tim Holtz vintage photo ink to the cut`n`dry foam. Start with the foam pad on the craft mat & moving inwards onto the card in a circular motion to distress the edges. Also skim across the pattern to highlight the embossed area.


4 Mount the bauble stamp onto U-Mount and place on an acrylic block. Brush a thin layer of Designasize adhesive over the bauble stamp. IMPORTANT: once the stamp has been used them clean off the glue straight away to avoid damage to the stamp. Clean soapy water is suitable.


5 Stamp onto white thick card and wait until the size dries to a clear light tacky feel, this will usually take about 15 minutes depending on the weather.


6 Pull a whole sheet of the gold leaf out of the packet. This will give a wonderful effect as the blue variegated design will show through.


7 When the adhesive is tacky place the variegated leaf over the size and pat it down. With your finger or a soft brush push the leaf into the size and work around the edges to remove the excess leaf.


8 Swipe away the excess gold leaf from the edges of the bauble into a pot to use for another project.


9 Take the Scrub it Rub it pad and making sure it is rubbed flatly & not at an angle, go over the gold leaf & remove any excess to achieve the finer detail of the stamped image.


10 Cut the bauble image out leaving a small white border around the edge. Now distress the bauble using the vintage photo ink pad. Now take a scrap piece of card & attach a piece of double sided adhesive film to it. Now lay a piece of the variegated leaf over the film.


11 Take the beaded elements stamp & ink with the archival ink pad. Stamp 2 of the bauble images onto the gold leaf & quickly add the clear embossing powder over the ink. Now heat set the powder by gently heating the embossed area as it is on a delicate surface. Once done cut out the baubles leaving a slight border.


12 Cut the vintage gold card to 5.25” square & also cut a white piece of card to 6” square. Stamp the beaded swirl across the top of the card using the archival ink & emboss using the clear embossing powder. Mount the garden lattice piece onto the antique gold card.


13 Place the 8mm wonder tape around the edge of the white card. Remove the red backing & place the mica flakes over the tape. Press the flakes right into the tape to ensure they are stuck down well.


14 Lay the gold swirl card on the craft mat & dab some of the copper stain onto the mat. Pick the stain up on the cut`n`dry foam & start to distress the edges of the panel. This will start to bring the copper colour into the project.


15 Now wrap 2 large loops of the metallic crochet ribbon leaving the 2 tail ends slightly longer than the wrapped areas.


16 Make sure the tails are placed in a straight line with the other layers of ribbon. Hold the ribbon just off centre in one hand.


17 Now tie a knot in the centre of the ribbon.


18 Ease the bow areas out to form the double bow effect & trim the ends of the ribbon to finish the bow off.


19 Take a length of thin white ribbon & swipe with the copper distress stain. Either heat set the stain to dry the ribbon or allow the ribbon to dry naturally.


20 Mount the beaded panel onto the mica flake panel using foam tape for added dimension.


21 Place the panel onto the garden lattice base card before adding the 3 baubles across the card. Curve the baubles and use foam tape to fix them in place.


22 Add faux pearls by placing dots of glue to the top of the baubles using the Cosmic Shimmer berry red glue. This will make the baubles look like they are attached to the swirls.


23 It`s optional to stamp the tops of the  bauble stamp onto gold card & to the place on baubles before adding small bows made from the copper ribbon. Now add the metal corners to the card before finishing the card with the copper bow & coloured dazzler.


24 Here is a close up of the bow & dazzler.



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